Reviewed: These Are the Best Camper Leveling Blocks

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Three camper leveling blocks

Whether you’re new to RV life or have been RVing for years, leveling an RV can be extremely challenging. If you’re traveling with a spouse or partner, leveling your rig can test your relationship. However, a set of camper leveling blocks can make the task more manageable.

Today, we’re sharing the best camper leveling blocks to level your rig. We’ll also give a few tips on what to look for while shopping. Let’s dive in!

Are RV Leveling Blocks Necessary?

Even if you have a fancy auto-leveling system on your RV, you’re likely to want two or three sets of camper leveling blocks.

Unless you’re only parking your rig at campsites with flat concrete pads, campsite surfaces can be unpredictable.

Some sites can be unlevel, and you may need to raise one side of your rig several inches.

RV leveling blocks can help reduce the amount of space between your RV’s leveling and stabilizer jacks and the ground.

The less you have to extend these jacks, and the more stable your RV will be.

This can reduce the movement you feel when people move around inside your rig.

You may start with a single set, but you may want to carry two or three sets.

What to Look for When Buying Camper Leveling Blocks

You want to look for a few factors when buying camper leveling blocks.

You’re wasting your money if you purchase camper leveling blocks that don’t get the job done.

So let’s look at a few things you need to consider. Let’s get started!


While some RVs are heavier than others, even small RVs are weighty. If you’re investing in a set of leveling blocks, you want to purchase a capable set.

Some of the best options have a weight limit of 40,000 lbs.

You may not find many RVs near that weight limit.

However, no matter how large your RV is, you want to ensure your leveling blocks can handle it.


Your camper leveling jacks will take quite a beating during your adventures.

You’re likely going to toss them around when setting up or tearing down your campsite.

You want to make sure they can withstand the natural abuse when using camping gear.

Read reviews from others and see if they have issues with them breaking.

Your leveling blocks should last several years, primarily if you only use them seasonally or on weekends.


Storage for RVing gear is always something you must consider.

You don’t want to waste storage space, especially if you’re already struggling to find places to store items.

You want leveling blocks that are lightweight and even stackable.

This can allow you to save space and weight, which is music to almost every RVers ears.

Keep in Mind: We’ve become pros at saving space in our RV! Try these RV storage ideas to organize everything you can think of.

The Best Camper Leveling Blocks

Now that you’re ready to start shopping, we have a handful of excellent options for you to consider.

Add these to your shopping cart to have them in time for your next RV adventure!

Once you are comfortable using them, you can spend more time doing what you love most and less time leveling your rig. Let’s take a look!

Our Choice: Lynx Levelers

Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers - 10 Pack , Orange
  • Lynx Recreational Vehicle Leveling Kit, 10/Pack
  • Modular designed levelers not only configure to fit any leveling function, but they also withstand tremendous weight

Our favorite camper leveling blocks are the Lynx Levelers.

Whether you need to raise one side of your RV or stack them under your landing gear, these leveling blocks are up for the challenge.

Stack them in a pyramid and drive on them to get your rig to the desired height. 

With a 40,000 lb limit, you’ll have no problem leveling even the largest rigs.

They also come with a 10-year warranty, so they should withstand any camping adventure you throw at them. We’ve used the warranty to replace three sets after four years of abuse and the process was quick and easy.

This 10-pack of levelers comes in a nylon carrying bag, and the entire package weighs less than 10 pounds.

Runner Up: Camco Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks

Camco RV Leveling Blocks - Features Interlocking Nested Design & Includes Zippered Bag for RV Storage - Each Camper Leveling Block Measures 8.5" x 8.5" x 1" - 10-Pack, Design May Vary (44510)
  • SAFE, EASY CUSTOMIZABLE RV LEVELING: The interlocking design of Camco’s RV stabilizer blocks lets you stack them to...
  • VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: These heavy-duty blocks are designed to work with single wheels, double wheels, hydraulic...

Finishing in a close second are the Camco heavy-duty leveling blocks. Camco has a reputation for making a massive amount of RVing accessories.

These bright yellow blocks stack and are easy to drive on and off to raise the low side of your rig. 

They come in a convenient carrying bag that can fit ten blocks.

They’re incredibly durable and will last seasons.

Weighing in at 6.5 lbs, you can carry several sets and not worry about adding too much weight to your rig.

Pro Tip: If you have a dually, check out the Camco 4 x 2 Leveling Blocks Review!

Runner Up: Beech Lane Camper Leveler 2 Pack

Beech Lane Camper Leveler 2 Pack - Precise Camper Leveling, includes Two Curved Levelers, Two Chocks, and Two Rubber Grip Mats, Heavy Duty Leveler Works for Campers Up to 35,000 LBs, Patented
  • Patent D949746- Includes Two Levelers, Two Chocks, And Two Grip Mats (Does Not Include A Bag) - Precise, Frustration...
  • Patented Ultra Strong Levelers Are Built With Highest Quality Nylon Polymer Construction To Last A Lifetime - Unlike...

The Beech Lane Camper Leveling is a two-pack of levelers and chocks.

You’ll get everything you need to raise one side of your rig 0.5” or 4.”

Place the levelers in front of your tires and pull up until you reach the desired height.

If you’re tired of playing the game of trial and error when leveling your RV, you’ll love the simplicity of these levelers. You can balance your rig in less than five minutes. 

These levelers can hold up to 35,000 lbs, so you won’t have to worry about them snapping under the weight of your rig.

Their lifetime warranty ensures that if you do have an issue, Beach Lane will provide a free replacement or a complete refund. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Runner Up: Kohree 2 Packs Camper Leveler

Kohree Camper Leveler, Up to 35,000 lbs, Upgrade 2 Packs Sturdy RV Curved Levelers with 2 Blue Chocks, 2 Non-Slip Mats, 1 Carrying Bag, Rv Accessories for Travel Trailers, 4" Max Leveling Height
  • 🚘 [35000 LBS Maximum Load Weighs]: Kohree RV leveler for travel trailer made of strong FIBER and a very...
  • 🚘 [Sturdy & Non-slip] Built with a high-performance polymer, Kohree Camper Levelers are made to last a lifetime. The...

The Kohree camper leveler two-pack is another set of levelers with solid construction.

It has a non-slip design that makes it easy to place the camper leveling blocks under your tires and drive onto them. Place the chock, and your RV isn’t going anywhere.

The nylon polymer construction ensures they’re strong enough to handle the weight and exposure to the sun.

They can hold RVs up to 35,000 lbs and are easy enough to use that you’ll level your rig the first time.

No more hitching up after you realize you didn’t get level.

Runner Up: Hopkins Endurance RV Leveling System

Hopkins 08200 Endurance RV Leveling System with Wheel Chock
  • A complete RV leveling system that forms a solid structure to keep your RV level
  • Combines both wood and reinforced plastics for durable construction

The Hopkins Endurance RV Leveling System combines the strength and durability of wood blocks with lightweight plastic.

The non-skid traction mat helps keep the leveling system in place as you drive onto it.

You’ll have the added security of knowing your RV isn’t going anywhere and that both tires are secure.

You need to add the 2x8x8 lumber, and you’ll be ready to start leveling your RV.

This kit has a wheel chock, wheel docks, ramps, and a non-skid traction mat.

It only takes watching their instructional video once before you’ll feel like an expert.

You’ll be leveling your RV in minutes and no longer stressing when you get to your campsite.

Pro Tip: Level your RV the right way the first time. Let’s go over the art of leveling your RV properly.

How High Can You Stack RV Leveling Blocks?

You should avoid stacking camper leveling blocks more than 4” high. Each leveling block is typically an inch, so do not stack more than four leveling blocks high.

If you need to adjust more than four inches, it may be best to reposition your RV to find a better position.

Using too many leveling blocks can cause instability, which is never good when dealing with several tons of weight.

Close up of camper leveling blocks being used on an RV

Camper Leveling Blocks Can Make Or Break Your Trip

If you’re tired of stressing about leveling your RV or have spent too many nights trying to sleep in an unlevel RV, camper leveling blocks can change that.

Don’t wait any longer! Grab a set or two and end the stressful RV leveling issues. You can cut down the time to level your RV and enjoy your campsite.

How many leveling blocks do you use with your RV?

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