7 Specific Things Weekenders Do Better Than Full-Timers

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When the clock strikes 5:00 pm on Friday, you might be racing out of the door. The workweek is over, and the weekend is here!

You’ve packed the camper, and you’re raring to go. You drive down the road to your favorite local spot to meet a group of friends. Then you throw your phone in a drawer, grab a drink, and start a corn hole game. You might not sleep all weekend.

Does this sound like you? If so, you’re a weekend warrior. You embrace the outdoor life of the weekend camping experience until you have to clock in to work on Monday morning.

Let’s look at a few things weekenders have down, from knowing how to party to disconnecting from the world. Let’s dive in!

What’s the Difference Between a Weekender and a Full-Timer?

A weekender is a casual camper or someone who goes out a few times a year to enjoy the outdoors. A full-timer travels and lives in an RV. Sometimes full-timers are stationary and live in one spot in their RV.

Generally, weekenders will stick close to home because they don’t want to spend hours driving on a Friday after work. They may take a week-long trip to the beach or the mountains every year.

By contrast, full-timers who aren’t stationary travel all over and explore from the west coast to the east coast.

Things Weekenders Do Better Than Full-Timers

Often RVers talk about how full-timers do things better than weekenders. They have more experience, of course, since they travel full-time and live in their rigs.

However, weekenders have full-timers beat in a few areas. Let’s explore!

1. Enjoy Every Minute Of The Camping Experience 

Because full-timers are living the camping experience, it can become routine. On the other hand, weekenders bring a unique vibe to the camping experience.

They’ve worked all week, and they’re ready to let loose and enjoy the weekend. They know their time is short, so they don’t take it for granted.

Weekenders enjoy every minute of their camping experience.

Girls eating marshmallows around a campfire with an RV in the background

2. They Know How To Party 

Because weekenders fully embrace the weekend, they know how to party. As soon as they arrive, the radio is playing music, the campfire is burning, and a cold beverage is in their hands.

They’re ready to host friends, tell jokes around the campfire, play drinking games, and stay up all night to soak up their weekend.

Full-timers can seem like the grandparents on the end of the street who don’t let loose. Again, this generally happens because camping is their life and not a weekend party.

3. Act Spontaneously

Acting spontaneously sometimes comes as a result of partying. Weekenders hang out with their friends, enjoying the afternoon when someone suggests they go kayaking down the river.

No one talks about having to prepare dinner or needing to get work done. They jump up, grab the kayaks and keys, and head out.

Full-timers seem to have less spontaneity in their lives and create a standard routine for the weekend of RV maintenance, grocery shopping, and running errands.

4. Use the Campground Amenities 

Weekenders are always looking for entertainment. If they aren’t camping with friends, they’re looking for activities at the campground.

Whether it’s swimming, fishing, shooting basketball, or playing horseshoes, weekenders usually use the campground amenities. If there’s a restaurant or deli on-site, they’re taking advantage of it.

If there’s an afternoon of crafts on a Saturday, they take their kids. Again, the weekend is all about having fun for weekenders.

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A drone shot of a campground with a body of water surrounding it and full of RVs

5. Disconnecting From It All

Because the camping lifestyle is the way of life for full-timers, they tend to struggle to unplug and disconnect. They usually have an elaborate setup for the internet for work, school, and streaming, so access to these things is readily available.

In contrast, weekenders typically don’t have strong internet set-ups because they’re camping to get away. They don’t want to be bothered with emails, they don’t want to glue themselves to Facebook, and they don’t want to answer phone calls.

Weekenders want to relax by the campfire or enjoy nature on an afternoon hike!

An empty hammock setup between two trees with RVs in the background

6. Setup a Killer Outdoor Space 

It’s easy to identify weekenders with an annual site at a local campground. Their outdoor spaces are epic.

They have a complete gazebo built in the back, rows of solar lights outlining the patio space, and a stack of wood against the trees. They have lights strung all over the place and funky, excellent camping signs on the ground.

Full-timers usually have a patio mat, a flag or two, and some camping chairs. They’re constantly on the move, so they don’t create the outdoor spaces that weekenders do.

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7. Book Better Sites 

Because weekenders generally stay at the same campgrounds year after year, they can plan and book their sites far in advance.

They might even get first dibs on campsites. When they’re staying with friends or family, they can reserve spots beside each other.

Full-timers may not know where they’re going to stay from month to month, so booking in advance isn’t an option. Because they make their reservations less in advance, they tend to get the leftover sites.

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A brown Class C RV parked in a campsite with trees and mountains in the background

Tell Us: What Do Full-Timers Do Better Than Weekenders?

Although weekenders do quite a few things better than full-timers, there are still times when full-timers have the upper hand.

From backing into sites to properly set up to observing general campground etiquette, full-timers know the ins and outs of camping better. They have more experience and expertise.

Are you a weekender or a full-timer? Whichever category you fall into, there are some things you do better than others. What are some things that full-timers do better than weekenders?

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