Lynx Levelers Review

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Getting your RV level on a wildly uneven site takes work. Often your electric leveling system won’t be up to the task on its own. That’s where Lynx Levelers come in. These leveling blocks will make your campground set up much easier. And trust us, that’s always a good thing! 

Lynx Levelers Overview

Stackable Lynx Levelers are almost like Legos for your RV. Most RV leveling blocks can help at least a little when you park in an uneven spot. However, they often fall short in their versatility and durability. 

The unique design of Lynx Levelers means you can stack as many or as few as you need. It also makes rolling your RV’s wheels onto them much simpler. Stack them into a pyramid to form a slight ramp, pull your rig on, and you’ll be set. 

Lynx Levelers are also lightweight and durable. They’ll last you much longer than a DIY leveling system. They also pack up nice and compact for easy storage. 

What Do the Lynx Levelers Do?

Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers - 10 Pack , Orange
  • Lynx Recreational Vehicle Leveling Kit, 10/Pack
  • Modular designed levelers not only configure to fit any leveling function, but they also withstand tremendous weight

Lynx Levelers help level your rig when parking in an uneven place. Many RV parks have nice level sites, but this isn’t always the case. If you boondock, you will rarely find a perfectly level parking area. 

Lynx Levelers make sure your rig sits level. Being level is important for comfort (who wants to sleep on a slope?) and keeping your rig functioning properly. Finally, it reduces stress on your RV’s body and wheels by evenly distributing the weight. 

Our Favorite Features

Lynx Levels can make a huge difference when you’re trying to park on rough ground, but that’s not their only feature. Here are some of our favorite perks. 

Level on Uneven Terrain

Leveling your rig comes first, of course. Properly leveling your rig can make a huge difference for both you and your RV. Lynx Levelers make this vital process painless. 

10-Year Warranty

Lynx Levelers come with a 10-year warranty. Leveling blocks need to endure a huge amount of weight from the rigs sitting on them. If your levelers break or become otherwise unusable in the first 10 years, you can get a replacement. 

Can Withstand Tremendous Weight

Although they come with a warranty, you’re unlikely to need it. The creators designed these levelers to withstand tremendous amounts of weight. Even your massive Class A diesel pusher shouldn’t be a problem for these bad boys. 

Alternatives to Lynx Levelers

Although we think the Lynx Levelers are a fantastic choice, we like to give you options. Here are a few solid alternatives. 

Camco Universal Flex Pads

Camco Camper / RV Leveling Block Flex Pad - Features Flexible Non-Slip Design & Crafted of Weatherproof Recycled Material - Great for Gravel, Tree Roots & Uneven Surfaces - 8.5” x 8.5”, 2-Pk (44600)
  • Universal Flex Pad: This non-slip pad works well underneath Camco, FasTen, and other brands' leveling blocks, or on its...
  • Create a Level Surface: Use these RV leveling pads on uneven surfaces like gravel, tree roots, and rough earth to help...

Camco provides a unique design with its flexible leveling pads. They will stand up to the test on rocky surfaces covered with tree roots. Get a level surface without breaking your leveling blocks. 

The Flex Pads are a little different. Instead of using them under your wheels, you will place the Flex Pads under your stabilizing jacks. They will help level your rig while also ensuring your jacks don’t sink into soft ground. 

Valterra Stackers

Valterra A10-0920 Stackers Leveler/Jack Pad - 10 Pack with Carry Bag , Red
  • Multi use leveler, jack or tongue wheel support
  • Attached easy to grip handle acts as a transition to the next step for a smooth ramp

Or choose the Valterra Stackers. Many RVers love these leveling blocks. They work much like the Lynx Levelers, allowing you to drive your rig onto them. Valterra Stackers can support up to 40,000 pounds, are lightweight, and come with an easy-grip handle for added convenience. 

Having leveling blocks for your RV might not seem necessary at first. When you camp only at RV parks, you will probably be fine most of the time. 

However, considering how cheap leveling blocks are, they’re worth having on hand just in case. If you often boondock, invest in leveling blocks. The Lynx Levelers are a solid, versatile choice that will stand the test of time. 

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