Is the Bigfoot Leveling System “The Best RV Levelers in the Industry?”

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Camping trips are always fun to anticipate. However, you may have some trepidation about setting up once you arrive at your campsite.

First on your list of frustrating tasks could be leveling your RV. After all, no one will enjoy a stay at the campground if the refrigerator in your rig is not working or they have to sleep on a slanted bed.

Getting that job done is essential to starting a great camping experience, but it’s not the easiest of chores.

Most motorhomes involve driving up on leveling blocks. But after getting in and out of the vehicle numerous times to check your level, you may feel like chucking the blocks and looking for a more forgiving campsite.

Well, those irritating assignments may become a thing of the past if you have a Bigfoot Leveling System added to your rig. 

What Is the Bigfoot Leveling System? 

The Bigfoot Leveling System is the only four-pump, four-point (side to side and front to back) leveling system made for Class A, B+, and C motorhomes and travel trailers.

This automatic system operates left to right and front to back. Because the cylinders on the system are bidirectional, they can go up and down.

That makes it easier to level than other systems on the market. Each of the four jacks has a 100-square-inch footpad at the end of it. That spreads the vehicle’s weight, assuring that your rig will be steady and won’t get stuck.

Two cars using the Bigfoot leveling system
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Who Makes the Bigfoot Leveling System?

Quadra Manufacturing out of White Pigeon, Michigan is the company that has designed and created the Bigfoot Leveling System. This family-owned RV supply business has been servicing customers since 1988.

They specialize in hydraulic leveling systems like the Bigfoot and landing gear on commercial vehicles. 

The Bigfoot cylinders are machined, assembled, and tested at Quadra headquarters, and other components of the systems come from the Midwest.

When RV owners decide to retrofit their rigs with the Bigfoot Leveling System, they bring their vehicles to Quadra for installation. Although most installs only take one day, the manufacturer has RV hookup sites available for customers right outside the factory’s door.

Is the Bigfoot Leveling System “The Best RV Levelers in the Industry?”

The company’s tagline on their website states that Bigfoot Levelers are the best RV levelers in the industry. But is this true?

With push-button precision, the Bigfoot Leveling System has proven that it takes all the guesswork out of leveling your RV. To make the process even more impressive, the company offers a lifetime warranty on all of its cylinders and a 24/7 technical support line. 

Customers can’t seem to get enough of the company’s product and customer support. That supports the notion that Bigfoot does, indeed, make some of the best RV levelers in the industry.

Customer Ronnie T. says, “I cannot express my gratitude for the help and the manner in which it was provided.  You have made a lifetime customer and advocate for your products. Thanks again.” 

And Charles and Vicky A. have been customers for many years. “Every time we have contacted you since 2008 when our awesome Bigfoot Levelers were installed, the customer service has been excellent.”

Robert W. likes everything about Bigfoot. “They installed the system very quickly. Excellent customer service and communication. Nice area for arriving after hours!”

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A car using the Bigfoot leveling system
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How Do You Use the Bigfoot Leveling System?

Before using the Bigfoot Leveling System consistently, you need to teach the system what “level” means. You do this by manually leveling the system.

Turn on the “System Power” button, then press and hold the “Manual” button for three seconds. Whichever jacklight is on needs raising, so hit that particular jack button until the light next to it goes off. 

Do the same for any other jacklight that comes on until the green “foot” light blinks and all jacklights are off. Now press the “Front” jack button five times, then the “Rear” jack button five times.

Once that’s done, all the lights on the board will begin to flash, telling you that the system is in “Zero” mode. If your rig is level at this point, press the “Retract” button three times.

Now the system knows what “level” should be, and it will be able to auto-level your rig to that measurement every time!

You can now use the auto-leveling feature every time you set up camp. Do this by turning on the “System Power” button for the leveling system on its electronic control board inside the vehicle.

The lights will go around the four jack icons on the board. They will eventually stop, indicated by a light which jack is out of level. If that is the case, just press the “Auto” mode button, and the system will self-level.

This usually takes anywhere from one to three minutes. The green “foot” light will blink, telling you that the RV is now level.

Manual Mode

If you prefer to use “Manual Mode”, press and hold that button for three seconds, and the light beside the button will come on.

Pressing any of the jack buttons (front, rear, left, or right) will raise that jack. If the jack is raised too high, hit and hold the “Retract” button and the jack button to lower it.

After the system is set up, be sure to press the “System Power” button to turn it off. There is no reason to leave the Bigfoot Leveling System on after making the RV level.

close up of a Bigfoot leveling system
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How Much Does the Bigfoot Leveling System Weigh? 

The entire Bigfoot Leveling System will add about 300 lbs to your RV’s weight. This figure is not dry weight but includes a system full of ATF Dexron III fluid.

Smaller RVs like the Class B+ and Sprinter vans have a central pump assembly to save space. They weigh approximately 180 lbs.

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How Do You Reset the Bigfoot Leveling System?

If your battery level has fallen too low, you may have to reset the leveling system panel. You’ll do that manually by taking the four screws out of the wall panel.

Unplug the six-pin connector behind it, and then plug it back in. This will reboot the Bigfoot system, but you’ll also want to address the low charge in your battery.

How Do You Manually Retract a Bigfoot Leveling System?

To manually retract any of the four jacks in the Bigfoot Leveling System, you’ll need to first turn on the “System Power” button.

Then, push and hold the “Retract” button AND the jack button that needs to be retracted simultaneously.

Once the jack is in the desired position and the green “foot” button lights up, turn off the “System Power” button.

close up of a Bigfoot leveling system being used
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Is the Bigfoot Leveling System Worth It?

With the ability to press a button and have your RV automatically leveled, the Bigfoot Leveling System is number one in many RVers’ books.

Once you calibrate the system, there’s no need to pull out your level, run up (and down) on leveling blocks, or worry about your RV refrigerator working correctly.

Bigfoot has done all the heavy lifting, and that’s a load off of any camper’s back!

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