Troubleshooting Common Issues With Your Dometic RV Fridge

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A woman holds her nose to keep from smelling spoiled food as she finds her refrigerator has stopped working.

Food should be toward the top of any good packing list for a camping trip. After a long day of hiking and adventuring, you’re going to be ready for a delicious meal. A Dometic RV fridge can keep your food fresh and your drinks cold. However, they’re just like any other electronics and may experience issues from time to time.

Today, we’ll look at some of the common problems you might encounter with a Dometic RV fridge and how you can troubleshoot them. Let’s get started!

What Is a Dometic RV Fridge?

Dometic is a Swedish company and one of the leading manufacturers of RV products. One of its most extensive product offerings is its line of refrigerators for RVs and other mobile setups. It offers noiseless absorption appliances that use gas and minimize your dependence on electricity.

Dometic also has electrical models if you’re not looking to venture off the grid. Its compressor refrigerators are an excellent option for those looking to power their refrigerators without battery and solar power.

A woman opens the door to a refrigerator.

Why Has My Dometic RV Fridge Stopped Working? 

Many things could be causing your Dometic RV fridge to stop working. Instead of calling in a professional or towing your RV to the dealer, there are a few things you should check yourself. If it’s a simple fix, you can avoid a hefty repair bill.

A couple of control boards are notorious for becoming faulty in Dometic RV fridges. Your best bet is to check these first. To do so, you’ll need to use a multimeter to ensure that they’re functioning as they should. However, your fix may be a lot simpler than replacing a control board.

Check the breaker box if you’re not getting power to your fridge. This should be the first step any time you experience a failure with electronics. You may need to flip a breaker or replace a fuse to restore power to your equipment. If all is good there, you’ll need to venture outside to the side of your RV, where you can find the back access panel of your RV fridge.

Take the plastic cover off so you can see the components that keep your fridge running. If you spot a yellow, sulfuric buildup, you have a serious situation on your hands. You may have an ammonia leak in your cooling system, which will prevent it from cooling and functioning correctly.

Watch a technician troubleshoot a malfunctioning Dometic RV refrigerator.

If you don’t see any obvious reasons for your unit not functioning correctly, you’ll need to use a multimeter to ensure power is flowing correctly. Test to make sure 120-volt and 12-volt power are making it to the fridge and that all the electrical connections are getting either 12-volt or 120-volt. This test can help identify any failures or bad connections.

If you’re not familiar with using a multimeter or uncomfortable working with electricity, you should get a professional to look at your system. You don’t want to go poking around your RV’s electrical system if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can not only cause further damage but also electrocute yourself.

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Why Is My Dometic Refrigerator Not Cold? 

If your Dometic RV fridge is not cooling consistently, check to ensure that your RV is level. The gas absorption refrigerators from Dometic must be level for gravity to help them stay cool. While you may be able to tolerate your RV being unlevel, your fridge might not be as forgiving.

A Dometic refrigerator also requires a good amount of airflow for the condenser fins to do their job. You can install additional fans to help circulate air in the refrigerator’s components. This is especially helpful when you’re in a warm environment, and your refrigerator struggles to stay cool.

Finally, you’ll also want to ensure you’re not overloading your fridge. Putting too much in your fridge prohibits air from circulating to allow your fridge to cool down. If none of these options help cool down your refrigerator, you may have faulty components or failing parts that need replacing.

A man reaches inside an RV fridge to grab a snack.

How Do I Reset My Dometic RV Refrigerator?

Dometic refrigerators typically come with a reset switch. Some models have it inside the fridge near the compressor in the back. Other models have it just inside the door.

Finding your reset switch depends on which model of refrigerator you have. You should check the documentation that came with your RV to confirm the reset switch’s location on your specific model.

Once you’ve found the switch, make sure to disconnect your RV from all power sources. Hold the reset button for approximately 10 seconds and then release it. You’ll need to repeat this process a few times. You can then restore power to your RV to finish resetting the refrigerator.

A man adjusts the temperature on an RV fridge with the doors open.

How Much Does a Dometic RV Refrigerator Cost?

You’ll want to take care of your Dometic RV fridge because they’re not cheap to replace. The smallest units typically start around $1,000 and go all the way up to about $6,000. It can be a tough pill to swallow should you need to replace one.

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How Long Do RV Refrigerators Last? 

Under normal circumstances, an RV refrigerator should last 10-18 years. Many RV refrigerators come with warranties that last a few years, but after that, you’re on your own.

Make sure you take care of your Dometic RV fridge so you can avoid replacing it. Hiring a professional is often cheaper and can help you avoid a massive bill to replace your refrigerator.

Do you have a Dometic fridge in your RV?

  1. My LP on my Dometic RM 2611 keeps cutting out
    It won’t light automatically. But I light it manually it flames on for about 3-5 seconds then shuts down. The unit runs great on A/C 120v

  2. I have an NDR 1292 side-by-side. When switched to propane, the freezer side is working great, but not the fridge side. After blowing out the whole thing with compressed air, it worked well over night. As soon as I drove it it failed again and has not recovered. An “expert” mobile mechanic has been out three times, replacing the igniter electrode and then the small board to which the electrode is connected. Now what?

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