These Are the Best RVs for Boondocking in 2022

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With so many people buying RVs in recent years, many RV owners have trouble finding a place to camp. Campgrounds fill up on more than just holiday weekends, and camping fees can get expensive.

These conditions lead many RVers to look for alternative options, like boondocking. If you want to buy a new RV and give this camping style a try, we’ll share some of the best boondocking RVs on the market. Let’s get started.

What Is Boondocking?

Boondocking is camping outside an established campground with no water or electrical hookups. RVers typically use public-use lands maintained by government agencies like the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the United States Forest Service (USFS). 

Campers must be self-sufficient, meaning coming with their own water supply and generating electricity if needed.  

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A large RV is boondocking out in an open field with the sun setting behind the mountains.

What to Look for in a Boondocking RV

When shopping for the best boondocking RV, you’ll need to consider a few things. An RV with a higher suspension will give you more clearance. 

This makes them more capable of navigating rough terrain and uneven roads, which you may come across often when camping outside a campground. Having an RV that’s too low to the ground could result in getting your RV stuck, bending leveling jacks, or damaging your suspension.

You’ll also need a way to generate power. This means you’ll need solar panels or a generator. Some shorter RVs don’t have space on the roof to mount enough solar panels to keep a larger battery bank charged. 

So if you plan to use solar, make sure you can mount panels. If you use a generator, ensure you have room onboard or in your tow vehicle to store it.

The best boondocking RVs will have big tanks. Emptying and filling them while boondocking can pose a challenge. You’ll want to carry a large amount of freshwater and go as long as possible without having to dump your tanks. 

You can find some RVs that can carry 85 or more gallons of fresh water and store just as much gray and black water as well. This can allow for over 10 days of self-sufficiency off the grid.

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An RV is boondocking in the desert.

The Best RVs for Boondocking in 2022

While you can do a few things to make any trailer into a boondocking RV, here are some of our top picks that come ready to go. Let’s take a look at our favorites in each category.

Best Travel Trailer: 2022 Airstream Basecamp 20

About: The 2022 Airstream Basecamp 20 is a single axle RV that can sleep four. This new Airstream design takes its iconic look and decades of experience in a new direction. You still get the same look and feel of an Airstream, but with an upgraded and more aerodynamic shape.

This rig comes pre-wired for solar, has large wheels and tires, and has panoramic windows that allow you to enjoy the views while boondocking.

With 23 gallons of fresh water, 28 gallons of gray water, and 21 gallons of black water, you can boondock for several days before having to worry about water. 

If you want to push the limits of adventuring, the Basecamp X-Package can make that possible. You get upgraded wheels, a 3” lift kit, and stainless steel rock guards to keep your beautiful Airstream looking like new.

And you can add on the Basecamp 20 Tent and create a massive enclosed space outside your rig for even more space.

MSRP: $51,900

Best Fifth Wheel: 2022 Outdoors RV Glacier Peak F27MKS

About: We think the best fifth wheel for boondocking goes to the Glacier Peak F27MKS. This 29’ long beauty weighs in with a dry weight of 9,875 lbs and can hold an impressive 3,120 lbs of cargo.

That means you have plenty of room to add all your belongings, solar panels, and carry water in your tanks before exceeding your carrying capacity. With 80-gallon freshwater, two 40-gallon gray water, and a 50-gallon black tank, you’ll have plenty of capacity for boondocking.

This unit has the mountain states and western Canada in mind in its design. It has triple-layer insulation for maximum four-season protection. Engineers use reflective insulation in the roof and fiberglass walls to help maximize the insulation throughout the rig. 

Additionally, it has a fully-enclosed, heated underbelly to keep your sensitive plumbing safe during cold weather camping, making this one of the best boondocking RVs for all seasons. 

You can take this beast off-road with its X4 suspension upgrade from MorRyde. They include shock absorbers to create the smoothest ride possible. The redesigned front cap with diamond plate rock protection keeps your RV safe from rocks and other hazards while navigating roads. 

MSRP: $71,740

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Best Class A: 2022 Thor Outlaw 38KB

About: If you want a Class A and to bring some toys with you, consider the Thor Outlaw 38KB. This class A toy hauler has a large garage to fit your off-roading toys. You can load this big rig up and take it to some incredible locations for fun, off-roading adventures. 

Thor has gone above and beyond to create a modern residential feel, with a massive double-door fridge and lots of counter space. You can easily boondock for seven to 10 days with 150 gallons of fresh water and 40 gallons for the gray and wastewater. 

Add in the Onan on-board 5500 gas generator, and you’ll have power no matter where you go. If that’s not enough, the solar prep includes a controller so you can install solar panels to keep your battery bank charged.

MSRP: $298,600

Best Class B: 2022 Thor Gemini AWD 23TW

About: The Gemini AWD Class B+ gives you the ability to go practically anywhere and live comfortably. The Gemini AWD 23TW sits on a Ford Transit chassis. 

With AdvanceTrac and Roll Stability Control, you can travel safely in inclement weather or navigate off-road conditions. It also comes loaded with safety features like lane-departure warning, hill start, and pre-collision assistance. 

You get a freshwater tank that holds 31 gallons, a 19.5-gallon wastewater tank, and a 37-gallon gray water tank. With a tankless water heater, everyone in your family can enjoy a hot shower. With so many modern and residential luxuries, you won’t miss any of the comforts of a sticks-and-bricks home in this boondocking RV.

MSRP: $142,050

Best Class C: 2022 Thor Omni XG32 4×4 

About: The Thor Omni XG32 4×4 super C comes loaded with everything you could ask for in a boondocking RV. The 6.7L Power Stroke V8 turbo engine provides enough power for this 330 HP beast. Despite being a workhorse under the hood, it has luxury features and amenities that make boondocking incredibly easy.

You can use the onboard Onan 6000 diesel generator or get solar panels mounted on the roof through the included solar charging system.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about running low on water with a tankless water heater, 75 gallons of freshwater, 40 gallons of wastewater, and 47 gallons of gray water.

This rig has plenty of room for living and sleeping for eight, even when mother nature forces you inside. Additionally, the 10,000 lb trailer hitch means you can bring your favorite toys with you on your adventures. If the interior space isn’t enough, the outdoors can become your playground in the Omni XG32 4×4.

MSRP: $280,050

Best Truck Camper: 2022 Northwood Arctic Fox 992

About: If you already have a beefy truck, a truck camper can make a great option for boondocking. Your truck can serve as the muscle to take you and your truck camper on some epic adventures. The Arctic Fox 992 is one of the best truck campers on the market for boondocking.

It has a 46-gallon freshwater tank that rivals many travel trailers. Combine that with the 39-gallon gray and 37-gallon black water tanks, and you’ll wonder why travel trailers skimp on their tank sizes. While these rigs can look tiny, they come loaded with features and amenities that make this model ideal for boondocking comfortably.

The Northwood Arctic Fox 992 has frameless windows, an exterior shower, and comes ready for a generator or solar. You can easily mount several solar panels on the roof to keep your battery bank charged as you camp. 

Additionally, Arctic Fox creates well-insulated, four-season rigs with thick foam block insulation. The entire shell uses a single piece of fiberglass, making it incredibly resistant to leaks and other issues from water damage. You’ll get a great night’s sleep and be ready for another day of adventuring in the queen-size bed. You’ll wake up forgetting you’re sleeping in a truck camper.

MSRP: $35,901

Best All-Around RV for Boondocking: 2022 Winnebago Ekko

About: The new Winnebago Ekko combines their decades of experience making RVs with some of the most requested features for boondocking. RVBusiness, RV Pro, and RV News recognized it as an incredible RV. 

It’s not just a new model for Winnebago but an entirely new type of RV in the industry. It combines a class C and camper van for efficiency and all-wheel-drive capabilities, making it one of the best RVs for boondocking.

The Ekko is 23’ long and has a massive heated pass-through garage for all of your gear. You can fit bicycles, kayaks, and other outdoor toys. The rig comes with three 455W solar panels mounted on the roof to keep the lithium-ion batteries charged. 

Between the massive solar system and the 50-gallon freshwater tank, you can live off-grid for a week or more before having to come back to civilization.

They harnessed their experience to create a true all-weather RV. This keeps you and your water lines and other sensitive pieces of equipment warm. Additionally, they use multiple insulation layers to keep you and your RV safe when the temperatures drop.

MSRP: $171,845

Which of these Best Boondocking RVs Will You Choose?

Manufacturers realize that not all customers want to park their RVs at a local campground. Some of us want to venture out into the great unknown and experience the true rawness of the untouched earth and what nature offers. 

We love that manufacturers now include features and amenities that make this easier for those wanting to embrace the boondocking lifestyle. Many of these rigs have the capacity and capabilities for anything your adventure throws at you. 

What features do you look for in a boondocking RV?

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