The 5 Best Campers Under 5000 lbs in 2022

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Small travel trailer parked in the woods with falling yellow leaves.

Bigger isn’t always better. You can find some impressive campers under 5000 lbs that won’t require you to shop for a big truck. However, you may find many more reasons why you might want to consider a lightweight camper. Let’s look at five of the best options.

Are There Campers Less Than 5000 lbs?

You can find a wide variety of campers that weigh less than 5000 lbs. You’ll see plenty of travel trailers and pretty much all pop-up campers to fit this weight. If you already own a truck or SUV, you might not even need to buy a bigger or more-capable truck. 

Manufacturers have done a lot of work in recent years to develop technologies to make campers lighter but still pack tons of features in them. Just because you go with a lightweight camper doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or comfort.

The back of a small airstream travel trailer under 5000 lbs driving on the highway.

What Is the Biggest Travel Trailer Under 5000 lbs?

Jayco makes the massive Jay Flight SLX 224BH, which measures 26’ 11” long and weighs 4,405 lbs. This rig works great for families looking to make memories together in the great outdoors. It has a bunk area and room to sleep eight people so you won’t feel overcrowded.

Engineers created this beast with massive fresh, gray, and black water tanks. With 42 gallons of fresh water and 39 gallons of gray and black water, you’ll have plenty of space in your tanks for extended trips. 

Many owners love the exterior kitchen. This allows them to prepare meals outside to keep heat and smells out of their RV. It also allows them to stay a part of the camping activities while cooking. 

The 5 Best Campers Under 5000 lb in 2022

Engineers and manufacturers constantly push the limits of technology. They create lightweight, functional trailers. Here are five of the best campers under 5000 lbs that we think you should check out while RV shopping.

1. Airstream Bambi

About: Airstreams are one of the most recognized and iconic campers in the RV industry. The Airstream Bambi 22FB is 21’ 11” and lives up to Airstream’s reputation. The 22FB comes with a 23-gallon freshwater tank, 30 gallons of gray water, and a 17-gallons black tank.

Consumers choose Airstream for the commitment to quality craftsmanship and lifespan of the product. However, many also love how Airstreams provide tremendous views inside the rig. The 22FB has nine interior windows and skylights.

It has room for four people, and you can convert the dinette and lounge into a bed. Engineers have used every inch of space to maximize storage and meet your needs while on the road.

You can easily upgrade your Airstream to solar power as they’ve pre-wired their rigs to make it easy to stay off-grid for longer.

Dry Weight / GVWR: 3,900 lbs/5,000 lbs

MSRP: $56,500

2. Little Guy Mini Max

About: The Little Guy Mini Max can take you on some big adventures despite having a small footprint. Engineers have poured everything into creating a camper that delivers maximum fun in a compact package. 

The interior cabinets feature 100% hardwood. They use stainless steel for the sink and microwave, adding to the luxury look and feel. After a day of adventuring, fall asleep on the queen-size master bed. 

With 19-20 gallons of fresh water, space for 25-30 gallons of gray water, and 9 gallons of black water, you can take this rig on some epic adventures.

If you want to take your Little Guy Mini Max on even more incredible adventures, upgrading to the Rough Rider package gives you a bit more options. You can get larger tires, a raised axle, and solar panels, making it one of the best campers under 5000 lbs. You may love the flexibility and freedom of where you can take your RV.

Dry Weight / GVWR: 2,320 lbs/3,500 lbs

MSRP: $29,828

3. Oliver Legacy Elite

About: The Oliver Legacy Elite is a fiberglass trailer unlike any other. Instead of using a single fiberglass shell, Oliver Trailers uses four shells to create inner and outer sidings.

This unique design helps insulate the interior and provides an authentic four-season environment and maximum climate control. With this design, you no longer have to worry about condensation on the windows and walls.

When you step into the Oliver Legacy Elite, you’ll feel the difference. The engineering of these units maximizes storage space with a floor-to-ceiling closet, large under-counter storage space in the kitchen, and a pantry for your food storage.

It has a 32-gallon freshwater and gray water tank and a 15-gallon black water tank. With space for up to four batteries, you can even enjoy some off-grid camping as well.

Dry Weight / GVWR: 3,700 lbs/ 5,000 lbs

MSRP: $57,000

4. Scamp Trailers

About: Another one of our campers under 5000 lbs is the Scamp Trailer. These incredibly compact, lightweight travel trailers have functionality in mind. They make models in 13’ and 16’ feet options and a larger 19’ fifth wheel-style camper.

With multiple floor plans, you can choose the layout that best meets your needs. Due to their unique design and engineering, many units also include a bathroom with a shower. You can sleep up to five people. Additionally, the fiberglass construction of this camper keeps you insulated. 

Dry Weight / GVWR: 1,750-2,000 lbs/3,000-3,400 lbs

MSRP: Scamp Trailers are custom-made, making it impossible to give a single retail price across the board. Base models start at around $23,500 before any customizations.

5. Winnebago Hike

About: The Winnebago Hike comes in three different models, all 20’ 7.5” long and weighing a maximum of 4,200 lbs. Whether you want a cozy weekend getaway as a couple or an exciting weekend of adventuring with your family, the Winnebago Hike is a solid option.

This camper under 5000 lbs comes with off-road tires and fenders that allow you to take it on some epic adventures. Winnebago uses every inch of space to create storage on the interior and exterior. 

They even design the Hike with a rugged exoskeleton that allows you to secure bikes, kayaks, and other toys. Despite being lightweight, you still get high-quality interior furnishings and a contemporary interior design. 

Dry Weight / GVWR: 3,502 lbs/4,200 lbs

MSRP: $38,485

What Kind of Vehicle Can Tow Campers Under 5000 lbs?

The advantage of choosing a camper under 5000 lbs is the ability to tow it. Many larger SUVs and smaller trucks can easily handle the weight of these trailers. 

You don’t need a massive dually or diesel truck with one of these lightweight campers. However, you should always check your vehicle’s towing capacities before purchasing.

Are Campers Under 5000 lbs Worth It? 

Campers under 5000 lbs are worth it. They provide a tremendous amount of flexibility for your tow vehicle. With campers in this weight class, you’ll have no trouble staying under length restrictions at many campgrounds. 

You no longer have to sacrifice many comforts and conveniences by choosing a smaller rig. They pack a tremendous amount of value into a small space. Are you considering a camper under 5000 lbs as your next purchase?

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