Who Owns Newmar RV?

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There are so many RV companies out there that it’s hard to keep track of them all. When you start RV shopping is when you might start to really learn this. One of the biggest names in the RV industry is Newmar RV. So, you may have found yourself wondering who owns Newmar RV? We’re going to jump into the details of this RV company and all they offer. 

Who Is Newmar RV? 

Most RV manufacturers focus on rapid mass production. After all, that’s how most companies make their money. But Newmar is unique in this respect. Rather than pumping out subpar RVs, they focus on making exclusive, top-of-the-line products. As a result, they produce fewer RVs that are luxurious, high-quality, and unbeatable by any other company.

Since then, Newmar RV began in 1968 and produced Class A and Super C RVs by hand. They’re most recognizable for their luxury line of RVs. These bad boys range from $406,0000 to nearly $1.3 million. 

However, Newmar doesn’t want to leave anyone out of the adventure, so they’ve created a more inexpensive model. Their gas engine Class A RVs start at just $133,000, which is an affordable option for high-quality motorhomes.

Who Owns Newmar RV? 

So, who owns Newmar RV? As of September 2019, Winnebago Industries owns Newmar RV. The purchase gives Winnebago an all-new line of luxury RVs for their portfolio.

Winnebago’s $344 million Newmar Acquisition Deal

The whopping $344 million deal involved a cash price of $270 million. The remaining money was in the form of two million shares from Winnebago Industries. Winnebago and Newmar officially finalized the deal on September 13, 2019. 

Newmar RV is in Nappanee, Indiana. Even after Winnebago’s acquisition, the company will continue to operate and manufacture RVs there. The deal also stated that the current Newmar RV president, Matthew Miller, would remain in his role after the acquisition.

About Winnebago Industries

Winnebago Industries is all about the outdoors. Across all their brands, they make several types of RVs and boats. They manufacture most of their products in the Midwest, but they also have a facility in Florida.

Winnebago has been in business for much longer than most of its competitors, beginning in 1958 with their first trailers. They’ve grown over the years because they’re committed to customer service, trust, and collaboration. Their innovative designs are continually pushing RVing limits.

Winnebago not only owns Newmar RV, but also Grand Design RV, Christ-Craft boats, and more. The Newmar acquisition significantly advances Winnebago’s lineup.

Row of RVs for sale by Winnebago, the company who owns Newmar RV.

 What Is Newmar Known For?

Newmar RV is known for having materials and workmanship being top of the line. They have a specific luxury RV line that costs millions of dollars. They build their RVs with the quality of an actual house.

Winnebago acquired a brand RVers recognized as handcrafted luxury and quality, so if you step inside a Newmar RV, the quality will be immediately apparent. This is true even of the “non-luxury” line. Even though Winnebago is who owns Newmar RV, their quality and production haven’t changed. If it’s Newmar, it’s a luxury.

Newmar RV Product Line

Newmar has a lineup of five luxury Class A RVs, their most expensive of which is $1.3 million. They also offer four diesel Class A RVs (including one front-engine diesel option) and three gas Class A models. 

Finally, Newmar RV has two Super C RVs ranging in price from just under $350,000 to over $550,000.  

Each RV has several floor plans to select from one of several décor options that are modern and chic. Newmar also offers tons of interior space and exterior storage, so you won’t have to leave behind your favorite gear.

With multiple giant slides, your indoor living area feels massive. You’ll have plenty of room to bring the entire family along. All Newmar RVs also offer a top-of-the-line driving experience. It has ample horsepower, and they’ve upgraded the chassis and sway bars, so no tow car will be too heavy. You’ll have a smoother and safer driving experience in any Newmar RV. 

Interior shot of a Newmar RV motorcoach with white couches and chairs, and brown cabinets. Winnebago owns Newmar RV.
Photo courtesy of Newmar RV

Newmar RV, Top of the Line 

To conclude, you now know who owns Newmar RV. But you can expect the same quality standards you always have. Newmar RV offers a wide range of hand-crafted RV options, making them a solid choice for your next luxury motorhome.

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