Everything You Need to Know About the Winnebago Hike

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A winnebago hike travel trailer being towed in the desert
Source: Winnebago

If you want to explore nature off-road but still want the amenities of a travel trailer, check out the Winnebago Hike.

This line keeps adventurers in mind. And with a name like Winnebago, you know you’ll get a quality travel trailer from a respected company.

Let’s dive into this 2021 RV Business Top Ten model.

What Is a Winnebago Hike?

The Winnebago Hike line features five fully loaded floorplans that weigh less than 6,000 pounds. Thus you don’t have to own a truck to tow these smaller, lighter travel trailers. 

The entire line measures 20 to 25 feet in length and offers cargo room on the rear and top of each travel trailer.

And it can carry your kayaks, bikes, and other outdoor recreational gear you want to take with you camping.

Additionally, it has a stylish modern interior with clean lines and quality furnishings. All five Winnebago Hike models have full bathrooms and kitchens.

So this line provides great options for outdoor enthusiasts and makes your campsite comfortable and enjoyable.

About Winnebago Industries

Winnebago Industries is one of the most well-known names in the RV world. The company owns the Winnebago, Grand Design, and Newmar RV brands and the Chris-Craft and Barletta boat brands. 

Part of the guiding principles statement of Winnebago Industries says, “We respect our roots and legacy of success; we do not rest on them.

We work to understand our customers’ unmet needs and develop an experience that creates lifelong advocates.” 

The company has seen great success over its 60+ years of manufacturing experience. But it also recognizes that past success doesn’t dictate the future.

Listening to customers and innovating design and functionality will lead to continued success.

The Winnebago brand manufactures towable and motorized RVs. The travel trailer line includes the Minnie, the Hike, the Voyage, and others.

The motorized line includes Class A, B, and C options from the Forza and the Solis to the Minnie Winnie.

Where Are Winnebago RVs Manufactured?

Winnebago Industries builds motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth-wheels, pontoons, inboard/outboard and sterndrive powerboats, and commercial community outreach vehicles. 

Because of its vast range of products and brands, the company owns multiple facilities in Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, and Florida. Class A and Class C motorhomes are manufactured in Forest City, Iowa.

The Class B camper vans are manufactured about 15 miles from that location in Lake Mills.

A winnebago hike trailer being towed in the woods
Source: Winnebago

About the Winnebago Hike Travel Trailers

All of the Winnebago Hike travel trailers feature an outside kitchen area, radiant foil insulation, a 13.5K low profile roof A/C, and 12 Volt holding tank pad heaters for comfortable camping year-round. 

They all have a slide-out on the driver’s side of the unit. Four of the options feature layouts with the galley kitchen in the slide-out.

The H210RB is the only unit that puts the U-shaped dinette and wardrobe in the slide.

Winnebago Hike H170S

MSRP: starting at $38,485

Length: 20 feet 8 inches

The H170S, a single-axle unit, features a front 60-by-74-inch bed and a rear full bathroom. And the entry door opens toward the back of the unit by the bathroom. 

The galley kitchen sits across from the entry door, and it has a 32-by-72-inch booth dinette across from the kitchen. Finally, it has a GVWR of 4,200 pounds.

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The kitchen area of a winnebago hike

Winnebago Hike H171DB

MSRP: starting at $39,616

Length: 20 feet 8 inches

This single-axle travel trailer features a front 60-by-74-inch bed and a rear 44-by-74-inch U-shaped dinette. The entry door opens toward the rear of the unit by the dinette. 

Additionally, the galley kitchen sits across from the entry door, and the full bathroom lies across from the kitchen.

The H171DB flip-flops the placement of the bathroom and dinette from the H17OS. And it has a GVWR of 4,200 pounds.

Winnebago Hike H172BH

MSRP: starting at $40,821

Length: 20 feet 8 inches

The third of the single-axle units, the H172BH, is the only Hike unit with bunk beds. The beds measure 48 by 74 inches and sit in the rear, while the large U-shaped dinette sits in the front. 

Furthermore, the galley kitchen lies across from the entry door, and the full bathroom is across from the kitchen. It has the same GVWR as the previous units.

A winnebago hike

Winnebago Hike H210RB

MSRP: starting at $44,542

Length: 25 feet

Unlike the previous three models, the Winnebago Hike H210RB is a double-axle trailer. However, it has no separate sleeping space even though this unit is longer. Additionally, it’s the only Hike model with a Murphy bed that folds down over the sofa in the front of the trailer. 

The U-shaped dinette sits across from the galley kitchen, and the full bathroom with a large wardrobe closet lies in the rear. Finally, this model has a GVWR of 6,000 pounds.

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Winnebago Hike H215HS

MSRP: starting at $44,181

Length: 25 feet

This double-axle trailer, the H215HS, features a 60-by-74-inch bed in the rear and a 58-by-74-inch U-shaped dinette in the front. Additionally, a sliding door provides more privacy in the bedroom. 

The galley kitchen lies across from the entry door, and the full bathroom sits across from the kitchen. This layout compares to the H172BH. And it has the same GVWR of 6,000 pounds as the other double-axle model.

The bedroom area inside a winnebago hike

What Does a Winnebago Hike Cost?

Depending on the particular model, features, and upgrades, a Winnebago Hike will cost anywhere from $38,485 to over $44,500.

However, the price will increase if you want to add on additional solar panels or upgrade the fabric. 

All of the Winnebago Hike trailers come equipped with off-road tires and offset wheels to make dry camping and venturing to more remote locations easier.

However, if you want to upgrade to even more robust tires, that would also add to the cost. But in general, the cost of a Winnebago Hike will lie between $38,400 and $44,500.

Is the Winnebago Hike a Good Trailer?

Winnebago provides a three-year limited structural warranty and a one-year limited base warranty on all Hike purchases. The Hike is designed for campers who want to get off the beaten path. 

This durable unit can withstand what your active outdoor lifestyle throws at it.

It also provides the interior space you don’t get in smaller trailers and a full bathroom and kitchen. No more showering outdoors or cooking in a rear hatch.

If you want to get outdoors with a lightweight yet durable travel trailer to haul your gear, check out the Winnebago Hike models.

Is there a particular floorplan that meets your needs?

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