Who Owns Lazy Days RV?

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If you’re shopping for a recreational vehicle, you’ve likely heard of Lazydays. They have showrooms scattered across the country and are ever-expanding.

Shoppers can find almost all RV brands located in one place. Their service departments are enormous, and there are even golf cart tours and free breakfasts!

Let’s dig a little deeper into what makes Lazy Days an RV shopper’s dream.

What Is Lazy Days RV? 

Many consider Lazy Days RV to be the largest recreational vehicle dealership globally. They have eight showrooms and lots, and they carry inventory from 78 different RV manufacturers.

They have more RVIA/RVDA certified technicians than any other dealership in the country. Lazydays can boast the largest selection of luxury coaches, and their parts and accessories departments are some of the best stock around.

The icing on the cake are campgrounds attached to two Lazydays dealerships, so new purchasers can stay overnight to learn more about their vehicles. 

This RVer documented his experience receiving RV service from Lazydays.

Who Owns Lazy Days RV?

LDRV Holdings currently own Lazydays out of Seffner, Florida. There are eight subsidiary dealerships in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia, and Idaho.

Herman Wallace founded the company in Tampa, Florida, in 1976. His son Don later ran the company and built it into the largest RV dealership in the world.

Starting with two trailers and $500 in their pockets, the Wallace family began their business in Tampa, where recreational travel needs were in high demand. Under Herman’s tutelage, his sons Ron and Don helped Lazy Days RV expand quickly.

Ron perished in an automobile accident in 1989, and Don eventually took over the business, continuing its rapid growth by purchasing existing dealerships in several states around the country.

By 2004 Lazydays was sold to a New York investment firm and continued its upward growth. In 2018, LDRV Holdings Corporation purchased the company and took it public. 

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Who Is the CEO of Lazy Days RV?

The current chief executive officer of Lazy Days RV is William Murnane. He follows a brief list of CEOs that aren’t a part of the Wallace family.

His predecessor was Tim Sheehan, but the first three CEOs were its founders, Herman, Ron, and Don Wallace.

A row of Class A motorhomes lined up in a dealership lot.

How Many Lazy Days RV Locations Are There? 

Currently, Lazydays has several dealerships, but there is talk that they may open another showroom in Omaha this year.

Colorado has two Lazydays, one in Denver and one along the I-25 corridor in Loveland. This latter one has an enormous indoor showroom so that RVers can shop in any weather.

Arizona has two Lazydays locations, including one in Tucson with an attached KOA campground. The other is in Mesa, close to Phoenix.

Tampa, Florida, the original starting point for Lazydays, has a large showroom and sales lot, as do their Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington locations. 

With an expansion into the Midwest, Lazydays now has dealerships in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chicagoland, and Elkhart, Indiana. Tennessee has three locations:  Nashville, Maryville, and Knoxville.

The Villages is the second location in Florida, and Houston, Texas, rounds out the list.

What Types of RVs Does Lazydays Sell?

Lazydays carries almost every class on the RV spectrum, except for new teardrop trailers. They have no limitations when it comes to used vehicles, as well. If you are looking for a luxurious Class A motorcoach or a pop-up camper, you can find it at a Lazydays dealership.

Since they represent 78 manufacturers, there is no end to the various models and floorplans on each dealership lot. From Airstream to Winnebago and every brand in between, Lazydays should have the entire alphabet covered.

Two B vans and a Class C motorhome parked outside a dealership entrace.

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Does Lazy Days RV Own a Campground?

Two different Lazydays dealerships are associated with an attached campground. The Tucson location has a large KOA RV resort in its backyard. These full-service campsites are just like any family campground, but they are also there for new RV owners to spend a night or two testing their rigs and learning from Lazydays technicians.

The second dealership in Tampa also has an RV campground attached. This seems only fitting since the company was founded in Tampa by the Wallaces.

What Is the Largest RV Dealer in the US? 

Lazydays RV has the lock on the title of “Largest RV Dealer” in the United States. With its large number of dealerships, the company has high visibility.

And with its concentration on customer service, providing not only RV sales but maintenance and repairs on-site, Lazydays continues to grow exponentially.

Is Buying From Lazy Days RV Worth It?

Lazydays has built a robust business model, with each of their dealerships building on the same foundation to provide a vast selection of recreational vehicles and a great customer experience.

Their dedication to producing satisfied customers is apparent, with classes offered (even after the sale) on driving and maintenance to give new owners confidence. They appear to be a company whose goal is to create lifelong customers. You might consider becoming one!

Have you been to a Lazydays dealership? 

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  1. Yes. Several times. Found them expensive. Paid too much for my Tiffin and too much for service, which was slow. I hope things have changed. Suspect overhead prevents that.

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