Think the KOA Rewards Membership Program Is Useless? Here’s Where You’re Wrong

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A KOA campground welcome sign, but you can enjoy great perks for joining a KOA membership.

If you’ve done any camping or RVing, you’re no doubt familiar with the hundreds of KOA campgrounds across the country. But if you’re like many occasional KOA guests, chances are you haven’t heard about all the benefits of the group’s valuable rewards program. And all you need to do is enroll! 

So join us as we take a closer look at the KOA membership program and all the perks it provides.

What Is the KOA Rewards Membership? 

Kampgrounds of America (KOA) has a Rewards Membership program designed for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, RVers, and others who frequently stay at KOA campgrounds. In exchange for a yearly membership fee, members receive various rewards, discounts, and other benefits.

Benefits of the KOA Rewards Program

Your KOA membership can help save you money on camping in a few different ways. And the more you camp, the more valuable these perks become!

Daily Registration Rate Discount

This one extremely valuable benefit could help frequent campers save enough for the membership to pay for itself. KOA members get a 10% discount on the daily rate at more than 500 locations across the United States. There’s no limit to how many times you can use this discount, which is available year-round. 

Free Camping on KOA Weekends

What’s better than free camping? KOA membership includes access to the company’s Free Camping Weekend promotion, where members who pay to stay one night during a designated weekend get their second night for free. 

This yearly event is billed as a way for KOA to thank its most dedicated guests–its members. Unfortunately, not every KOA participates, so check in advance before setting up camp. 

KOA Rewards Points

With this valuable program, KOA members can earn rewards every time they go camping. Campers receive points based on their daily registration rate, length of stay, membership level, and other factors. 

As you earn enough points to reach Bonus or VIP level membership, you’ll accrue rewards points even faster, making this an ultra-useful benefit for regular campers. 

Discounts for KOA Rewards Members

Your KOA membership entitles you to discounts at a group of companies that frequent travelers may find helpful. Among the most significant is a 15% discount on Goodyear tires you buy online, which can quickly add up if you’re replacing multiple tires. 

Members can also access discounted health plans, financing for boats and RVs, and discounts on TV equipment from DISH. You can even get deals on campgrounds down under with KOA’s Australian partner Big4 Holiday Parks and Discovery Parks.  

How Much Is the KOA Rewards Membership? 

It’s a yearly membership costing $33. This breaks down to less than $3 per month. As you can see, this relatively low rate makes many of the benefits even more attractive, as the membership will pay for itself for even moderate users. 

What Can You Do with KOA Rewards Points?

Once you’ve accrued KOA Rewards points via stays at campgrounds, it’s now time to use them! For example, you could redeem 6,500 points for a $10 discount on your next campground visit, while 15,000 points means $25 off, and 25,000 is $50 off. 

All you need to do is ask a KOA front desk person to apply your points, and you can deduct them from the cost of your first night’s stay. You can even use them on top of your 10% daily registration discount for further savings. 

KOA Membership Benefits for RVers

RVers have unique needs, especially regarding things like healthcare, social life, and more. A KOA membership also offers discounts on two of these services. While they’re not entirely free, they can, again, help offset some of the modest yearly membership cost. 

KOA Health + Program

KOA members can also sign up for a discounted “Health +” plan. This telemedicine service gives you round-the-clock access to doctors for non-emergency situations, as well as discounts on dental and vision care. Members who enroll will also have access to virtual counselors. 

Plans start at just $16 a month for those with a KOA membership, making it an affordable and helpful part of a full-time traveler’s healthcare plan. 

FMCA Discount

KOA Rewards members enjoy $10 off a membership in the Family Motor Coach Association (also known as FMCA.) This organization helps educate RV owners, provides social opportunities via its many local chapters, and offers discounts and benefits of its own. These include lower-cost insurance, mail forwarding, and tires. 

Still Think a KOA Membership Is Useless?

There are many ways to describe the KOA Rewards program, but useless is certainly not among them. In fact, it’s quite helpful for both frequent and occasional campers and can easily pay for itself for those who take advantage of its many benefits. And RVers can enjoy even more unique benefits catered just for them. 

So consider all of these convenient money-saving perks before your next trip to a KOA campground–it might just save you a ton!

Have you tried the KOA Rewards program? 

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