What Is the Thor Vision Vehicle?

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The automotive market isn’t the only industry making big changes in innovation. The RV industry has seen huge growth over the last couple of years and makes the necessary changes to keep up with modern technology. 

They’ve also joined the automotive industry in bringing electric vehicles to the market. Let’s look at one of the concept vehicles recently unveiled — the Thor Vision Vehicle motorhome.

About Thor Industries

Thor Industries is one of the world’s leading RV manufacturers. They have acquired brands like Airstream, Jayco, and Tiffin through the years. 

In 1980, Wade Thompson and Peter Orthwein founded Thor Industries when they acquired Airstream. They have grown the company through additional acquisitions over the last four decades. 

They now own 17 North American RV manufacturing brands, 14 other North American brands like Roadtrippers and Aqua-Hot, and 21 European brands within the caravan industry.

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What Is the Thor Vision Vehicle (TVV)?

At the 2022 Florida RV SuperShow, Thor Industries unveiled the Airstream eStream and the Thor Vision Vehicle concepts for future manufacturing. They received a very positive response. 

First, as our country moves into an emissions-free future, the Thor Vision Vehicle will lead the way. The high-capacity battery setup also has a fuel cell range-extender power unit. 

In addition to electricity, this unit could also use LP gas, natural gas, hydrogen, and possibly other fuels to extend the battery’s life before needing to recharge.

Discover Adventure. Electrified. with the THOR Vision Vehicle Concept

Additional features include slimmer video-enabled mirrors instead of the typical huge side mirrors. Touch screens and voice-controlled amenities further illustrate the innovation of the Thor Vision Vehicle. 

These conveniences, along with the solar panel roof, mean RVers can get away for several days. It might not be rugged backcountry tent camping, but the Thor Vision Vehicle will allow RVers to travel for a comfortable camping experience.

How Does the Thor Vision Vehicle Work?

The Thor Vision Vehicle will allow you to drive 300 miles without stopping to recharge and no more wasting time at fuel stations. Get in your motorhome and get out to your next adventure. 

The digital tools will give you important information like how many miles before your next charge and the location of charging stations. You don’t have to worry about getting stranded.

Once you arrive at the campsite, you can focus on making memories and enjoying the outdoors instead of conserving energy. The 1,500W solar roof keeps batteries charged for up to a week even when using the appliances and air conditioner. 

More power means less time charging and more time hiking, biking, and sitting around the campfire.

Check out a full tour and review of the TVV (Thor Vision Vehicle)

When Will the Thor Vision Vehicle Be on the Market?

The Thor Vision Vehicle is still a concept model. We don’t know when it will hit the market. However, with the growing trend toward electric vehicles, it’s safe to bet that Thor Industries will work diligently to get it to the public as soon as possible. 

Many travelers want to create a smaller footprint on the environment. The Thor Vision Vehicle can make those dreams a reality.

Is Thor Working on Other Alternative RVs? 

Thor also introduced the Airstream eStream travel trailer at the 2022 Florida RV SuperShow. This vehicle uses self-propelled motors to help the tow vehicle move down the interstate. 

This is significant because the tow vehicle doesn’t have to work as hard to pull the eStream. Combined with the 300-mile range, these innovations will mean less time stopping for fuel and more time spent at the destination.

Some of the technological advancements on the eStream include the solar panel roof, additional sensors for stability and control, and the digital interface. But one of the biggest head-turners at the SuperShow was the remote control feature. 

Just by using an app on your smartphone, you can unhitch the eStream and back it into your campsite in a matter of minutes. No more struggles to back into tight spaces or avoid trees or rocks. This remote control feature certainly has people buzzing about the new eStream.

Pro Tip: Get the full scoop on the all-new concept electric travel trailer: the eStream by Airstream.

A green camper van parked on a trail through the woods.

What Other Types of RVs Does Thor Make?

Thor Industries manufactures every type of RV from Vanleigh fifth wheels to Entegra Class A motorhomes and everything in between. Thor has acquired so many brands that most RVers can find something in the Thor family. 

If you want a small travel trailer, consider the KZ line, which has operated for 50 years. Look no further than the Dutchmen Voltage if you need a toy hauler to bring your ATV. And the list goes on.

The Thor Vision Vehicle Could Be the Future of RVing

Thor Industries is serious about manufacturing RVs built for the future. Whether it’s emission-free traveling or digital tools for convenient camping, Thor is leading the way for changes in the RV industry. 

Although we still have a long way to go, travelers can be excited about the future of RVing. When the time comes for these electric vehicles to hit the market, will you be first in line?

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