Step Back in Time With These Vintage Looking Campers

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Do you love the look of a vintage camper? You might be surprised to learn that you can get a new trailer with a retro vibe. It’s possible to find a camper with a retro aesthetic and modern technology.

Keep reading to learn about vintage-looking campers on the market. You’re likely to be the talk of the campground with any of the options we found. 

Let’s take a look!

What Is Considered Vintage Camper? 

A vintage camper is typically at least 25 years old. Its design value is in line with its decade. The word vintage is often synonymous with fine wine with a unique quality. Vintage campers have withstood the test of time and weather and have that quality. It’s trendy to renovate old trailers and give them new life.

A woman in her vintage camper looking at a map

The most prominent vintage campers are old Airstreams and the Serro Scotty. Both brands are staples in the RV industry. Airstream started in 1931 and Serro Scotty in 1957. Imagine a campground full of models from these companies back in the day!

They’re also two of the most sought-after campers to renovate. Vintage Airstreams, in particular, sell quickly. 

Can You Buy a New Camper with a Vintage Look? 

You don’t have to imagine sitting in a campground in the 1950s to experience a vintage camper. Instead, you can purchase a retro camper from this year. With modern technology, construction, and appliances, you can get the look and feel of a vintage trailer without skimping on any of today’s features. 

A vintage camper driving on a road

Step Back in Time With These Retro Campers Lookalikes

Let’s take a look at five of the top retro camper lookalikes. We provide an overview of the camper and a link to examine it in more detail. We recommend walking through these models in person at your local RV dealership. Even if you’re not in the market to buy, they are fun to investigate.

Riverside RV Retro

MSRP: Models start at $17,000 

Length: 12 feet, 8 inches to 28 feet

Sleeps: 2-6 people

Riverside RV produces ten floorplans for the Retro, a 1950s-style camper. They’re lightweight and offer the modern features you would expect in a trailer today. However, from the exterior to the interior, you’ll find a vintage vibe and colors. Each model has a bathroom, and one includes bunk beds. 

Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser

MSRP: Models start at $33,000

Length: 20 feet to 26 feet, 1 inch

Sleeps: 3-6 people

Gulfstream’s Vintage Cruiser is a popular lightweight, entry-level travel trailer. It comes in 14 floorplans, and each has a vintage camper look. The interiors boast teal and cream, crimson and cream, or crimson and knotty pine color combinations. Their kitchens have the feel of a 1950s diner. Each model has a full-size bathroom, kitchen, living space, and sleeping space, and there are two options with bunk beds.

Keep in Mind: If you’re restoring an older RV, you’ll need to find a reputable renovation company. Here’s where to find reputable RV renovation companies!

Happier Camper HC1

MSRP: Starts at $34,450

Length: 10 feet

Sleeps: 2 people

The Happier Camper HC1 is cute and retro-looking. The lightweight camper has a dry weight of only 1,100 lbs, so an SUV or sedan can easily pull it. Happier Camper made the unique 100% fiberglass travel trailer to be versatile. It has modular furniture that you can move around to fit your travel needs. You can even take some furniture out and use it to carry bikes. 

A vintage Happier Camper parked outside
Source: Happier Camper

Heartland Terry Classic

MSRP: Models start at $28,595

Length: 22 feet, 3 inches to 23 feet, 8 inches

Sleeps: 4-6 people

It’s hard to believe Heartland’s Terry Classic is a newer camper when you see it from a distance. It has the quintessential vintage camper look. With an aluminum body and large front window, the Terry Classic allows for ample natural light. Its two floorplans have generous living space, full bathrooms, and features like a power-tilt bed.

Dub Box USA

MSRP: Models start at $21,400

Length: 9 to 12 feet

Sleeps: 2 people

The Dub Box USA is a trendy Volkswagen-inspired retro camper with a modern edge. It has a pop-up top for additional headroom and airflow. The tiny trailers have sleeping and sitting spaces with a small camper kitchen. While there’s no bathroom, they offer an outdoor shower. In addition, you can get a version that’s a sleeper without amenities. 

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The Dub Box USA vintage camper outside
Source: Dub Box USA

Be the Talk Of the Campground with a Vintage Camper

Are you ready to be the talk of the campground with a vintage camper? Each option is fun and puts a new spin on vintage aesthetics with modern technology. From retro colors and designs to that classic camper shape, they offer an experience beyond a typical camping trip. 

We hope you can check out some of these models in person. If you purchase one, we would love to hear about your experience. So tag us in some photos or drop a comment below!

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