Thor Axis: Not Your Typical Class A RV

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A couple holding hands walking away from their Thor Axis

Many prospective RVers love the idea of owning a Class A, but the large size of many units prevents them from taking the plunge.

They’ve never driven anything larger than a minivan, and they don’t feel comfortable making tight turns or backing into campsites in a 40-foot motorhome.

If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. Meet the Thor Axis, a versatile Class A motorhome you’ll feel confident driving on your first road trip.

Let’s learn more about this coach made by Thor Industries!

What Is a Thor Axis? 

The Thos Axis is a smaller motor coach with all three models under 26 feet in length.

The shorter length means these Class As are easy to drive and maneuver, especially for new RVers.

Ranging from 12,500 pounds to 14,500 pounds, all three models are 11 feet tall and have an 8,000-pound hitch weight rating.

The kitchen space in each model has a two-burner gas cooktop, a convection microwave, a double-door refrigerator, and a stainless steel sink.

So the smaller size doesn’t mean missing out on the essential amenities.

About Thor Motor Coach

Thor Motor Coach was born after the 2010 Damon Motor Coach and Four Winds International merger.

Today, one out of every four motorhomes produced in the United States is a Thor Motor Coach.

The company manufactures gas and diesel-powered Class A and Class C motorhomes.

Recently, Thor also introduced Class Bs into the motorized line-up.

Besides the Axis, Thor Motor Coach also produces the Vegas, A.C.E., Hurricane, Windsport, Miramar, Challenge, and Outlaw in their gas-powered Class A line-up.

Diesel Class A options include the Palazzo, Aria, Venetian, and Tuscany.

A couple sitting outside by their Thor Axis
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Where Are Thor Axis Motorhomes Made?

Thor Industries has plants all over the Elkhart, Ind., area. There are 10 different locations in Elkhart, Bristol, and Wakarusa.

You can book a factory tour to see how it makes a Thor Motor Coach. According to the website, “You must be at least 7 years of age, and minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

You must wear closed-toe shoes and safety glasses. Photographs and videos inside the factory are strictly prohibited.”

The Thor Axis units are manufactured at Plant 750 in Elkhart. Tours are available Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m. at this facility.

What Engine Does the Thor Axis Have?

All three Thor Axis units are built on a Ford chassis and have 16-inch tires with stainless steel wheel liners.

A 7.3L Triton V8 gas engine with 325 horsepower and 450 pound-foot of torque is also on each model.

The Axis 24.4 has a 15-foot 2-inch wheelbase, whereas the Axis 24.1 and  Axis 24.3 have a 15-foot 8-inch wheelbase. 

Finally, the tank capacities are also a bit different. The Axis 24.1 has a 42-gallon fresh water tank, a 30-gallon waste water tank, and a 40-gallon grey water tank.

The Axis 24.3 has a smaller fresh water tank at 40 gallons, and the Axis 24.4 has a larger waste water tank at 37 gallons.

Keep in Mind: Not sure what an RV Fresh Water Tank is? Let’s find out!

What Is an RUV Motorhome? 

An RUV or recreational utility vehicle is a compact, easy-to-drive motorhome. It’s a combination of an SUV and an RV, smaller than other motorhomes.

However, its design doesn’t limit adventure. The inside is still spacious enough to accommodate a family looking for a weekend getaway.

You’ll be able to get into grocery store parking lots and visit museums and other attractions much easier.

The Thor Axis Lineup 

All three of these models have similar features. They each have a full bathroom and kitchen, and a drop-down overhead bunk and sofa.

Two of the floor plans feature a separate dinette. The construction and exterior features are almost the same.

However, the sleeping arrangements make these three models unique.

Thor Axis 24.1

MSRP: $160,350
Length: 25 feet 8 inches
Weight: 12,500 pounds
Sleeps: Five

The Axis 24.1 features two twin beds in the rear of the coach with the possibility of converting them into a king-size bed.

The living area consists of a 68-inch sofa bed, a removable pedestal table, and a full kitchen. There is no separate dinette.

A drop-down overhead bunk over the cab area creates another 38-inch by 73-inch sleeping area.

Outside, the unit has a 17-foot awning and over 63 cubic feet of storage space.

The Axis 24.1 has a 7.3L Triton V8 engine, an 8,000-pound hitch weight rating, and a 55-gallon fuel tank.

The inside living and kitchen area of a Thor Axis 24.1
Source: Thor Industries

Thor Axis 24.3

MSRP: 162,000
Length: 25 feet 9 inches
Weight: 12,500 pounds
Sleeps: Four

The Axis 24.3 features a rear bathroom with a linen closet, storage drawers, closet, and pantry for additional storage.

The living area has a 67-inch sofa and a 60-inch by 74-inch Murphy bed that folds out over the sofa, and a removable pedestal table.

A 73-foot booth dinette is across from the sofa.

Like the Axis 24.1, the Axis 24.3 also has the drop-down overhead bunk.

Outside, the unit has a 17-foot awning and almost 43 cubic feet of storage space.

It’s also equipped with the same engine, hitch weight rating, and fuel tank capacity as the Axis 24.1.

Pro Tip: Your RV may be owned by Thor Industries! Thor owns multiple brands, but how many RV brands does Thor Industries own?

A Thor Axis 24.3
Source: Thor Industries

Thor Axis 24.4

MSRP: $166,650
Length: 25 feet 8 inches
Weight: 14,500 pounds
Sleeps: Four

The Axis 24.4 features a rear bathroom with a linen closet.

The 67-inch sofa sits next to the bathroom, and a 60-inch by 74-inch Murphy bed folds out over the sofa.

A half partition separates the sofa and 75-inch booth dinette.

The full kitchen goes along the passenger side.

Like the Axis 24.1 and 24.3, the Axis 24.4 also features the drop-down overhead bunk.

Outside, the unit has a 17-foot awning and over 53 cubic feet of storage space.

It also has the same engine, hitch weight rating, and fuel tank capacity as the previously mentioned Axis models.

Thor Axis: A Small Motorhome Build for Big Adventure

If you’re looking for a smaller Class A but still want an RV that will fit your entire family, the Thor Axis might be the right motor coach for you.

With the drop-down overhead bunk, additional sleeping is available at night while the interior space is maximized during the day.

Usually, RVers just need a place to sleep when camping. They want to be outside enjoying the outdoors, hiking, biking, kayaking, and exploring.

But they want a comfortable RV to come back to after a long day of adventures.

Which one will be the best fit for your family?

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  1. We own an Avis 24.1 and we love it! But, a few things to note:
    1. Build quality is highly variable. The range of build and quality problems we’ve experienced is extensive. A fresh water tank with a rag wrapped around its connection to hide a slow leak. The debris left under the vinyl floor was so extensive that under warranty they had to rip up the floors due to lumps everywhere. The bathroom sink drain was not tightened so water flowed out onto the floor on first use. The wheel fenders on one side fell off due to both poor sealant and only 1 of 4 screws actually going into anything. Etc.
    2. This very positive review makes it sound easy and smooth to drive. It is a large relatively light box and is super susceptible to problems in cross winds and jerky to drive. Like many others, we installed upgraded sway bars that helped.
    3. It has an extremely low clearance, among the lowest in the industry. Don’t think you’re going to Alaska or anywhere with significant potholes. Oh and high speed bump tables are also problematic.
    4. The shower is humorously small.

    Despite all of the above, it’s a great rv for a couple in particular. The review doesn’t even mention the extensive exterior storage which was a major selling point for us. We’ve now replaced the awful sofa with recliners and the mattresses as well. Ripped out the kitchen sink and stovetop, made new counters, replaced sink with one that has a cutting board and is larger, removed burners entirely and use a portable induction burner instead (can be plugged in inside or out). Added lithium and solar so we can boondock longer and without turning on generator. Replaced the trim around the slide with less heavy and lighter colored wood and added storage to each of the arms on the slide beside the couch. Gave up on interior shower and installed 5 lightweight storage bins instead. We shower outside or at parks. It’s approaching perfection for us!

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