Where to Find Reputable RV Renovation Companies

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Maybe you’ve found that vintage RV of your dreams – but it needs some TLC. Or perhaps you’ve got a well-loved rig that’s ready for some repairs and upgrades.

In either case, you’ll need to sort through the list of RV renovation companies and find one that can do the job you want at the price you need.

So we’ve put together some tips on finding, evaluating, and choosing the right one for you! 

How Much Does It Cost to Restore an Old RV? 

There’s no easy answer, as this can vary incredibly depending on the RV you want to restore. Some may just need a few light cosmetic updates, improvements to interior features, or other small tasks. In these cases, you may spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. 

However, many old RVs are major renovation projects. And it’s a good rule of thumb that most big projects cost a lot more than initially expected.

You may find yourself fixing the engine, major systems like electrical or plumbing, or the dreaded water damage. 

In addition, more involved cosmetic upgrades can cost quite a bit. In these cases, it’s not uncommon to spend up to $10,000 or more.

The sky’s the limit for some cash-flush owners looking to restore beloved rigs.

The trouble is that it’s not always clear how much work you’ll have when a renovation begins. Ensure you have some money to spare in your budget for unexpected developments.

RV renovation companies can help you inspect the rig and estimate costs.

An RV outside to be worked on by one of the RV renovation companies

Does Renovating an RV Increase Value? 

Like a house, renovating an RV may add value. It all comes down to what you do and how you change it. Cosmetic upgrades to flooring, walls or other design elements can boost resale value with buyers looking for distinctive RVs.

Likewise, adding things like improved appliances, new entertainment technology, or solar or wind power systems can predictably enhance the value of a rig. 

Some renovations don’t pay off, however necessary they may be. These include fixes to electrical, water, or sewer systems, which can be expensive and complicated in some cases.

Also, just about every buyer expects these systems to operate correctly, meaning the renovation won’t boost its value.  

Also, remember that you can’t guarantee that the value increase will match or exceed what you spent on the project.

Therefore, those renovating an RV specifically to raise its value or “flip” it should be cautious about getting the most bang for their buck.

Thus, RV renovation companies can help but may not save you money.

Where Do You Find RV Renovation Companies? 

If you’ve got an old camper and a dream to restore it, your next step is finding the right RV renovation company to manage your rebuild.

Here are a few of the best resources to help. 

Vanlife Trader

If you’ve ever dreamed of living the “van life,” you may already know about Vanlife Trader as a resource for finding vans, overland rigs, campers, and more. But it’s also a useful place to find builders.

The easy-to-use site allows owners to sort companies by location, service category, and other factors to help dial in the right renovation partner.

You can even reach out to companies right through the site to get quotes and answer questions.

Screenshot of Vanlife Trader, one of the many RV renovation companies

Facebook Groups 

Facebook groups can help you connect with fellow RVers. Additionally, you can join groups dedicated to RV renovations and restorations.

Reach out in these forums for recommendations on companies that have been used in the past. People are happy to share references, and more importantly, what company didn’t work out.

You’ll likely get numerous suggestions, often with detailed information about their experiences with the company. You can even reach out to those who respond for pictures or videos of the final product.

Keep in Mind: Are you in any RV Facebook groups? These RV Facebook Groups may be doing you more harm than good!


Instagram is one of the best ways to see the results of RV or van restorations. Many RV renovation companies or designers have pages for customers to browse examples of their work.

These include Rachel of RV Reno and DIY (@rv.family.reno), RV Fixer Upper LLC (@rvfixerupper), and PAVSEK LLC (@mauka_to_makai_rv_renovations), among many more.

Follow as many companies as you can and keep an eye on new posts and stories to see if you feel inclined toward one over the other.

Renovated RV Marketplace

Are you looking for a restored RV but don’t want to do all the work of finding an RV renovation company, managing the project, and waiting for the results?

Then check out the Renovated RV Marketplace. Here you can find rigs already updated and restored.

Those who already have an RV that needs to be renovated can also use this service, as it lists renovation companies too. 

A man holding a ladder and a paint brush with a silly look on his face

Of course, you could always just do some online research. Heading to your favorite search engine and looking for RV renovation companies in your area can make it easy.

You can find potential choices, but they may also come with potential trouble. 

Before getting involved with a company, find and read as many reviews as possible and ask for references.

You’ll always want to look at the fine print to ensure you don’t encounter surprises. 

How Long Does It Take to Renovate an RV? 

Renovating an RV can be a quick process that can easily become drawn-out. Experienced RV renovation companies can take care of light interior redesigns as quickly as a few days or a week.

However, restorations that require work on the RV systems, engine, or fixing severe damage or neglect can sometimes stretch into months. 

Plus, unexpected issues often lead to more expensive renovations and take much longer.

So if your RV restoration is on a deadline, build some extra time into your schedule.  

Pro Tip: Before renovating your RV, you’ll want to read these RV renovation regrets before starting!

A man working for one of the RV renovation companies fixing up an RV

Give Your RV a Facelift With an RV Renovation 

Let’s face it — even the most trusty, dependable rigs can look a little dated after more than a handful of years on the road.

And with new model prices still high, more folks want to find a deal by restoring an older RV. 

No matter the situation, remember these essential pieces of information when embarking on an RV renovation.

With all this in mind, you should have no trouble finding top RV renovation companies, planning your project, and getting out to explore in your freshly-updated rig. 

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