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A woman washing a pan in a stainless steel sink in a modern kitchen island.

Bringing the luxuries of home out on the road is one of the most desirable aspects of traveling in an RV. You have your own bathroom, kitchen, bed, etc., anywhere you go. But few RVs come with everything exactly how you’d like. For many, this is especially true of the RV kitchen sink, which is frequently of lesser quality than a residential sink.

Luckily, upgrading an RV sink doesn’t have to be complicated. But you’ll want to understand what to look for in a replacement and what’s required for installation. We’re here to help, so let’s get started.

Upgrading Your RV Sink Is Easier Than You Think 

Most RV skinks are much easier to install than you might think. There are always exceptions, but the majority of sinks are over-mounted or drop-in sinks. These are the easiest to install.

There are also under-mount sinks, which make the sink flush with the countertop, creating a look of understated elegance. Under-mount sinks, however, are more difficult to install, often requiring a professional’s help.

A man washes produce in a large basin sink with the faucet running.

What Size Are RV Sinks?

There’s no standard size for RV sinks. They come in many shapes and sizes, though most are rectangular. RV sinks start at about 9”x12”x5” deep and can be as large as about 14”x19”x8” per basin. Most also come with a standard 2 ⅛” drain hole.

The key to any RV sink replacement is to double and triple check the dimensions, including the depth, to be sure the new sink will fit in place of the old one. Also, consider the plumbing under the sink when checking for fit.

And don’t forget to consider the fixtures you’ll be installing so that the hole patterns match up. If you’re buying all-new fixtures as well, the sink and fixtures should match up.

Can You Put a Regular Sink in an RV?

Yes, you can put a regular residential sink in an RV. Residential sinks and RV sinks are functionally compatible, but the key is measuring to ensure it will fit. 

However, there can be a difference in fixtures, as residential homes have different plumbing than most RVs. If you’re using residential fixtures, know that you may need to purchase adaptors to connect them to your RV’s plumbing.

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Types of RV Sinks

Aside from size, there are also numerous types of RV sinks. The variations come down to their materials, how durable they are, and how they look.


Plastic RV sinks are at the bottom end of the budget. They’re standard in many entry-level RVs that don’t offer upgraded features. Plastic sinks are lightweight, easy to replace, and are inexpensive.

They also have some drawbacks. Plastic RV sinks can crack and are more prone to staining over time. They also come in more limited colors. However, their low cost makes them an affordable way to swap out an existing sink on any budget.

A white, plastic sink on a grey counter top.


A step up from plastic sinks are acrylic RV sinks. They’re less expensive and look very much like a solid surface sink. Acrylic sinks are heat molded into shape with a fiberglass backing for strength. They come in many colors and sizes, resist most stains, and are not as prone to chipping or cracking as plastic.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel sinks are another great option without a hefty price tag. Like acrylic sinks, they come in many shapes and sizes, and range about the same in price. Many RVers like stainless steel, as they are reminiscent of residential sinks, are easy to clean and sanitize, don’t ding easily, and though they can get scratched, they are easy to polish. The biggest downside is the weight. 

Solid Surface

If you want the cream of the crop, solid surface sinks are your final destination. “Solid surface sinks are made from solid synthetic sheets formed by mixing a mineral compound with polyester and/or acrylic resins,” according to

Solid surface sinks can be nearly any shape, size, or color, and they can emulate high-end materials such as stone, granite, slate, and quartz. They are easy to clean, resist staining, and you can sand out scratches.

Solid surface sinks add a bit of luxury but come with a price to match. They’re at the top end of the spectrum in price and generally require professional installation, as well.

A man fills up a water bottle via the kitchen sink faucet.

The Best RV Sink Recommendations 

There are many options available when it comes to RV sinks. As we’ve mentioned, they come in all shapes and sizes, but we’ve sifted through many. We whittled the list down to five of the best RV sinks on the market. These should cover the majority of applications or at least lead you in the right direction for your specific size and model.

1. Dayton Double Bowl Stainless Steel Corner Sink

Elkay DE217323 Dayton Equal Double Bowl Stainless Steel Corner Sink
  • Sink Dimensions: 31-7/8" X 31-7/8" X 7" Min. Cabinet Size: 36"
  • DOUBLE BOWLS OF EQUAL SIZE: Conveniently use bowls independently for washing, soaking, rinsing, drying and other...

The Dayton Double Bowl Stainless Steel Corner Sink is at the top end of the category. It will fit a corner space in larger rigs and is of the highest quality stainless steel.

It is manufactured out of thick 20-gauge, commercial-grade steel with two equally sized basins. The Dayton Double Bowl also has sound deadening pads and a u-channel mounting system for easy installation.

2. RV Stainless Steel Sink with Folding Faucet & Glass Lid

RV Caravan or Boat Stainless Steel Hand Wash Basin Sink with Folded Faucet Tempered Glass Lid van Camper Trailer Accessories (Sink with tapA)
  • 【Perfect Use】A set of equipment for sink faucet included : RV faucet + sink +sewer+ drain pipe + installation...
  • 【Material Size 】Food truck equipment, hand sink commercial. 304 Stainless steel material + glass lid .Sink...

This stainless steel sink is perfect for smaller rigs like camper vans, travel trailers, pop-ups, and teardrops. It’s 14.5”x16.5”x6.3” with the ability to mount a faucet that folds into the basin. The basin has an attached glass lid that folds down, providing extra counter space when the sink is not in use. It also comes with a noise-dampening pad.

Note that this sink comes as a basin and lid only in one option. While it costs a bit more to get the sink, lid, and faucet combination all in one package, the full package makes this an excellent choice for tighter spaces.

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3. Double RV Kitchen Sink

RecPro RV Double Bowl Kitchen Sink | 27" x 16 x 7" | Stainless Steel
  • Durable and versatile - Made of 22 gauge 304 stainless steel, this sink is built to last. The double basin design allows...
  • Perfect fit - With inner basin radius of 3-1/4" and an outer basin radius of 1-1/4", this sink provides ample space for...

This RecPro double-basin RV sink is a budget-friendly, durable option when looking to upgrade. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s stainless steel with 7-inch deep dual basins. It should be easy to install with an over-mount design that has a generous overlap around the sides.

4. Double Bowl Top Mount Stainless Steel Sink

Elkay Dayton D225193 Equal Double Bowl Top Mount Stainless Steel Sink,25 x 19 x 6.5
  • Sink Dimensions: 25" X 19" X 6-5/16" Min. Cabinet Size: 30". Sink Gauge: 22 Gauge
  • ADA COMPLIANT: Product is ADA compliant when properly installed.

Similar in quality to the Dayton corner sink we mentioned above, this Dayton Double Bowl Top Mount Sink is for a more standard application.

It has an easy-to-install, drop-in design with u-channel mounts. It’s high-quality stainless steel, has sound dampening pads, and has a three-hole cutout for easy faucet installation.

5. Swanstone Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Swanstone KS02518DB.010 Solid Surface 1-Hole Dual Mount Double-Bowl Kitchen Sink, 25-in L X 18-in H X 7.5-in H, White
  • Authentic solid surface is renewable and will not wear away
  • Pre-drilled with 1 faucet hole

The Swanstone Double-Bowl Kitchen Sink is a comparable option to the quality of solid surface sinks. But at a more reasonable price.

It comes in several sizes, colors, and finishes, with a pre-drilled one-hole placement for a faucet. It’s heat, stain, and scratch-resistant with a surface that you can sand down if it gets scratched. 

Watch these RVers replace their kitchen sink with a residential one.

Upgrade Your RV Sink Today 

Let’s face it. Many RVs don’t come with all the fixings perfectly laid out how we want them. But that’s not to say you can’t make changes yourself. The kitchen is one of the first places that many of us make modifications.

With the number and quality of replacement RV sinks on the market today, there’s really no reason to not have the kitchen you’ve always wanted. They come in just about any shape, size, or color you can imagine, and at reasonable price points. They’re also usually not a difficult DIY upgrade.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on that RV dream kitchen today with a sink that suits your style.

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