How to Find the Best Free Camping in Vermont

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Free camping in Vermont sounds like a dream, but it’s true. You can find bountiful places to camp for free in this picturesque New England state.

Experience its many charming covered bridges, stunning fall foliage, and mouth-watering maple syrup. And we’ve got five of some of the best free camping sites in the state. 

What Is Dispersed Camping?

Is free camping the same as dispersed camping? It can be. Dispersed camping, boondocking, free camping, people use so many names for one of the best ways to camp. But whatever you call it, dispersed camping typically means camping without hookups. And yes, it is free more often than not. 

You won’t have water, sewage and can really unplug. You’ll find most of the dispersed camping sites on National Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands. Sometimes you can find free camping on other grounds, as well.

This style of camping often bodes well for nature lovers as you may find hiking and biking trails nearby. Or maybe you can camp alongside a mountain river, lake, or stream. 

Dispersed camping offers extraordinary experiences with days full of adventures and nights spent relaxing around a campfire. And free camping in Vermont can provide all that.

Pro Tip: Never boondock without these 25 items — you’ll thank us later!

When Is the Best Time of Year for Camping in Vermont? 

Visit Vermont anytime from late spring to early fall to get the most out of your free camping trip. The summer and fall months in Vermont offer lush green forests, babbling brooks, and vibrant colors as the leaves change all around you heading into the fall months.

Late spring weather brings about brilliant blooms of wildflowers and 70 degree sunny days. Summer temperatures average around 80 degrees, with lows in the mid 50’s. The fall months bring about cooler days and temperatures and a bit of relief from the summer humidity.

Golden hour over the hills and mountains of Vermont

How to Find Free Camping in Vermont

You can quite easily find free camping in Vermont in today’s technological world. You can access a variety of apps and social media groups focusing on free camping sites. We’ve got several ways listed right here for your convenience.

Campendium is one of the most popular apps known to all types of campers. It gives locations, amenities, best rig sizes, reviews, and, best of all, directions meant for use with your smartphone. 

It also maps out locations for dumpsites and water fill-ups. Being community-driven, you can write reviews and add campsites. Campendium also offers many other travel resources through its blog, all free.

Allstays is another popular tool for finding free camping. This app will tell you everything mentioned above and more for a small one-time fee. Here, you’ll also find bridge heights, dump stations, water stations, and even the big box stores and various parking lots that allow overnight stays.

FreeCampsites is a website that lists campsites that range from free up to $10 per night. Its color-coded symbols make it easy to recognize the type of campsites and their price points. You can use it completely free of charge and write reviews and add sites.

Join social media groups. People love to share their favorite camping sites, especially through social media. You’ll find groups for solo camping, family camping, adventurers, and more. 

Visit local BLM/Forest Service and visitor or tourism offices. We rely so much on the computer that we often forget that talking to people is still one of the best ways to find free camping in Vermont and everywhere. Stop at a local BLM or forest service office or the local visitor center or tourism board. You may not find many of the sites recommended here listed anywhere else.

By using all of these resources or only a few, you can find some of the best free camping Vermont has to offer.

The 5 Best Free Camping Spots in Vermont

From remote locations off the beaten path to parking lots outside of distilleries, free camping in Vermont is a great adventure. Whether you camp in a tent, a van, or an RV, using this list, you can find a dispersed camping spot that makes your dreams come true.

1. Bear’s End Dispersed Camping

In the southwest corner of Vermont lies a small camping area within forested beauty. The large sites at Bear’s End work for most size rigs. However, you may still want to scout ahead of time if you have a larger one. 

The road is maintained, but you will still come across some potholes. Low clearance vehicles may struggle, so take care. Amenities include vault toilets and fire rings. And you’ll have spotty to almost nonexistent cell service.

2. Mt. Moosalamoo Dispersed Camping 

Situated in central Vermont in the middle of Green Mountain National Forest, Mt. Moosalamoo dispersed sites offer nearby hiking and mountain biking trails. This free camping site in Vermont works best for tent camping, but smaller rigs could do well here. 

Again, cell service is very spotty, but with many forest access roads, beautiful mountain streams, and a canopy of trees surrounding the sites, you may not miss it.

A woman hiking through the forest as the sun filters through the tree canopy above.

3. Vermont Distillers

You don’t always have to go dispersed camping in a forest. Sometimes you’ll find a parking lot. However, this parking lot gives you access to forested trails and a distillery across the street. This is a wide-open asphalt gravel lot with plenty of room for big rigs. 

Mostly level and with decent cell service, parking here offers a unique camping experience. If you stay overnight, check-in with Vermont Distillers across the street, who also happen to be a Harvest Host. Enjoying a craft cocktail and then walking home for the night makes this one of the best sites for free camping in Vermont.  

4. Castle Brooke Road Dispersed Camping

When you need to get away from it all, take a trip to Castle Brooke Road in Green Mountain National Forest. The rocky access road requires a high clearance vehicle, making these free camping sites best for tents and small rigs around 22 ft. 

You won’t have any cell service, but with hiking trails nearby, you’ll want to connect to nature instead of your phone. 

5. Michigan Brook Road

The best free camping in Vermont often comes with spots that have nothing but nature. Michigan Brook Road in Green Mountain National Forest has small sites under the plentiful pines. 

The rocky gravel access road makes these sites best for tent camping and vans. Hopefully, the gorgeous secluded spots alongside the babbling brook will compensate for the lack of cell service.

Video tour of the sites for free camping at Michigan Brook Road in Vermont.

Pro Tip: You can find camping all across the country with these 7 free camping apps.

Don’t Miss Out on Free Camping in Vermont

If you like when dreams come true, then you’ve come to the right place when seeking out free camping in Vermont. Don’t miss out on the pine scents, the peaceful trails, the vibrant colors, and the whispering trees.

Take a break from your phone and the world to step into a dream. Let us know where your favorite free camping spots in Vermont are.

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