This Innovative Portable Refrigerator Will Blow Your Mind

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Humans weren’t born to stay still for long. We walk, run, bike, hike. We travel across countries, nations, and continents. And we expect everything we own to be able to keep up with our constant movement. Why would we not expect the same from our refrigerators? They are, after all, holding our refreshments and rewards when we have finished moving. For this, we need the best, and this innovative portable refrigerator will blow your mind.

What is a Portable Refrigerator? 

Portable refrigerators aren’t merely refrigerators on wheels. While they offer the convenience of moving with you, they are more compact than what you would expect a fridge to be. Meaning, they are typically the size of a standard cooler. However, what differentiates them from a cooler is the compressor. It acts as a pump, pumping the refrigerant through the system. This allows you to have a temperature-controlled refrigerator and freezer that gives you the portability of a cooler with a refrigerator’s control. 

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Benefits of Portable Refrigerators

The most significant benefit of a portable refrigerator is its portability. Made to be compact, this is the perfect “toy” to bring along for any camping trip. Keep your favorite beverages perfectly chilled, and enjoy ice cream on a hot summer’s day in the middle of nowhere. 

Ice is no longer a necessity in keeping your meats cold and your veggies crisp. Long gone are the days of wading through ice-melt water to locate your water-soaked cheese. Climate controlled portable refrigerators do this job much better than ice. Keep your ice for what it was meant for, chilling your drinks.

If you are familiar with RV refrigerators, then you know that they have to be level to function correctly. Coolers work similarly in the same way in that the ice can settle on one side if not on a level surface. Portable refrigerators can function without being level, which gives you one less thing to worry about.

Because of its size, you can store a portable refrigerator almost anywhere you have a small bit of space.

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Limitations of Portable Refrigerators

Also, though, you will be limited in what you can store in a portable refrigerator because of its size. Want to keep a Thanksgiving size turkey cool? You might be able to; however, with such limited space, everything else you want to keep cold might have to find another home.

Since portable refrigerators aren’t coolers and use a compressor to keep the temperature-controlled, they need a power source. This power source can be from an electrical outlet or solar, and it can run from either DC or AC power. Before you purchase a portable refrigerator, be sure to assess your power availability, whether electric or solar. 

Weather changes can have an impact on portable refrigerators. For example, if the outside temperature is hot, then the fridge will have to work harder to keep the items cool.

Price is one of the most limiting factors when it comes to purchasing a portable refrigerator. These babies are not cheap. But they can be worth the cost when it gives you convenience and peace of mind.

The Dometic CFX3 Portable Refrigerator and Freezer

When you have decided to purchase a portable refrigerator, the Dometic CFX3 will blow your mind. This innovative portable refrigerator is constructed of heavy-duty, yet lightweight ExoFrame with protected edges and aluminum alloy handles. Weighing in at 70 pounds, the Dometic CFX3 551M is well built yet light enough to remain portable. It has the ability to deep freeze to –7 °F using the VMSO3 compressor technology.

The ease of use is also another benefit of this innovative product. Utilizing the CFX3 App, you can control the temperature via WiFi or Bluetooth and check its performance history to keep it at its most efficient level.

Its power usage comes with a three-stage dynamic battery protection system to prevent your car battery from dying while using the refrigerator. It also has the ability to deep draw on dual batteries.

Priced at around $1100, this Dometic Portable Fridge will serve both your size and pocketbook needs quite nicely.

Don’t Take it From Us: Here’s What Other People Are Saying

One happy customer stated, “This fridge is fantastic. Right out of the box, I set it to 15 degrees, and it got cold very quickly. The overall construction seems to be very sturdy; however, it is still light enough to pick up and move around whenever I need to.”

And yet another happy customer had this to say, “Love this Dometic. I use it in my Sprinter and my Tundra. I can easily get a week of camping off my dual battery and this w/o running the engine. Cycles very quiet and keeps items fresh or frozen as described. What I really like is the dual-mode capability as I’ve used it as a fridge/freezer, freezer/freezer and fridge/fridge on numerous occasions. Best purchase I’ve made yet.”

The Magical, Innovative Portable Refrigerator

However you move in your life, a portable refrigerator can make your movement much more comfortable knowing that you’ve got something reliable to keep your beloved food and beverages at the perfect temperature wherever you happen to be. And using the Dometic CFX3 will only make your life even more portable, getting you to all the places you thought you could only dream of. Ok, so maybe it’s not that magical, but it is still pretty innovative.

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