Camco RhinoFLEX vs Lippert Waste Master Sewer Hose

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Camco RhinoFlex vs Lippert Waste Master Sewer Hose Kits set against a dark blue background.

The dirtiest job in RVing has always been dumping the black tank. But newer sewer hoses have made this messy task more sanitary and less harrowing. Sturdier materials and permanent connectors make a trip to the dump station a simple stop along any camping tour. Let’s compare two and see how the RhinoFLEX vs Waste Master sewer hose measure up.

RhinoFLEX vs Waste Master Sewer Hose Overview

Camco has created a heavy-duty sewer hose with the RhinoFLEX. The kit includes two sections of hose, each expanding from 39 inches to 10 feet. You can connect the hoses using a bayonet connection, which is tight and secure. 

The kit also includes four end caps that attach with that same bayonet configuration. The RhinoFLEX comes standard with a clear plastic 90-degree elbow at the sewer inlet. This gives you a visual cue when the tank is empty.

The Lippert Waste Master Sewer Hose Kit features heavy-duty construction with a UV-protected material that is abrasion and puncture-resistant. The hose extends from five feet six inches to a full 20 feet and will collapse back down for storage. 

The cam lock system permanently attached to your rig’s tank valve sets this system apart. The sewer inlet end has a 90-degree clear elbow. This lets you see when fluids have finished running through the hose. Its tapered rubber stopper will fit several outlet sizes. 

RhinoFLEX Hose Material

The RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose is made from 23 mils of thick vinyl. It’s reinforced with wire so it can stretch at will. Each hose can go from 39 inches when closed to 10 feet at its longest. This provides excellent storage ability.

A Camco rhinoflex sewer hose kit accessories.
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RhinoFLEX Hose Attachments

Camco offers a variety of hose attachments, starting with the 90-degree clear elbow. Other clear attachments that you can add to fit different RVs include a 45-degree elbow and a straight section of tubing. All clear elements give you the best visibility when determining if the black tank is clean or not.

Average Price

Camco’s RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose Kit sells for approximately $45. That includes two 10-foot hoses, a connector, a clear plastic 90-degree elbow, and four end caps.

Waste Master Hose Material

Lippert has designed its sewer hose from UV-resistant vinyl supported by bonded cuffs, making it easy to extend and collapse. The hose is rugged on the exterior, deflecting abrasions and punctures. However, the interior is smooth, leaving no edges to trap waste. Expanding from five foot six inches to 20 feet in the blink of an eye, the Waste Master Hose can handle various hookups and situations.

A trailer dumps their black tank using a green Lippert Waste Master sewer hose kit.
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Waste Master Hose Attachments

What makes the Waste Master unusual is the permanent attachment of the sewer inlet nozzle and a permanently mounted CAM lock system that’s attached to your rig’s tank valve. Each end has a strong, reliable seal, making the dump process leak-proof.

Average Price

Lippert’s Waste Master Sewer Hose Kit sells for approximately $125. It includes one 20-foot hose with an attached sewer inlet nozzle. It also includes a CAM lock that you must install on your RV’s tank valve.

RhinoFLEX vs Waste Master Sewer Hose: Which Is Better?

We see benefits to using either sewer hose, so your decision will have to be based on your needs. If flexibility is more important, the RhinoFLEX system may be your choice because of its two-hose setup and swiveling attachment options. If you tend to leave your sewer hose attached for long periods, the Waste Master’s UV-protected material and gate valve on the sewer inlet might appeal to you. 

Best Overall: Waste Master

Lippert 359724 Waste Master 20’ Extended RV Sewer Hose Management System , Green
  • Comes complete with a time-tested CAM lock connector that ensures a leak-proof connection to the sewer outlet
  • Hose is designed with its helical coil on the outside, while the inside is much smoother, preventing waste from getting...

When it comes to the RhinoFLEX vs Waste Master sewer hose, the Waste Master comes out ahead. The tough, resistant material will give you peace of mind. Plus, the permanent nature of its CAM lock system lets you feel assured you won’t face leaks or messes.

Best on a Budget: RhinoFLEX

Camco RhinoFLEX 20-Ft Camper/RV Sewer Hose Kit - Features Clear Elbow Fitting w/Removable 4-in-1 Adapter - Connects to 3” Slip or 3”/3.5”/4” NPT Threaded Sewer Connection (39742)
  • Flexible & Durable: The Rhino FLEX Camco Sewer Hose Kit, is constructed with 23 mils of durable polyolefin construction...
  • Effortless Connections: Our RV Sewer Kit with swivel fittings ensures easy hookups. The transparent elbow with a 4-in-1...

The RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose offers a good deal both monetarily and in its flexibility. With optional hose extensions, an RVer can get a good idea of what’s going on in their tank without getting too up close and personal.

No matter who comes out your favorite in the RhinoFLEX vs Waste Master sewer hose discussion, you can avoid the black tank blues for good. Whether you select the budget-friendly RhinoFLEX or go all-out for the Waste Master sewer hose, you’ll end up with a dependable and sanitary solution. Which hose is your favorite?

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