Best Keyless RV Locks So You’ll Never Be Locked Out Again

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A blonde woman enters an RV but she doesn't have to worry about getting locked out with a Keyless RV lock.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve arrived at the campsite ready for a weekend away. You’ve finally made it to Friday, got the rig parked, and want to get set up and get the grill going. You reach for your keys while walking to the door, and it hits you: You didn’t grab the keys. So much for that relaxing night. A keyless RV lock helps protect you from this situation ruining your evening. Let’s see what they’re all about. 

What Is a Keyless RV Lock?

A keyless RV lock allows you to enter your RV without a key. Typically, these locks have a keypad and a key fob that allows you to enter. These locks are excellent for all RV types.

An RV door would be more secure with a keyless RV lock.

Advantages to Keyless RV Locks

Keyless RV locks make your life easier and require minimal effort to install. A personalized lock is more secure than the standard locks that come preinstalled from the factory. Let’s check out what makes installing one of these locks worth it. 


With a keyless lock, securing your doors is as easy as pressing a button on the keypad or the wireless keyfob. Being able to lock or unlock your door quickly is extremely convenient with a keyless RV lock.

No Need for Spare Keys

If you don’t need a key to unlock your door, you can never get locked out. While you can still use the key to enter your RV if desired, you won’t need spare keys. Plus, let’s face it, hidden spare keys aren’t as secret as we like to think they are. That could make you less safe.


Choosing your keypad code can give you a sense of security and make it easier to remember the code. RV manufacturers use a limited number of key combinations, meaning your campsite neighbor could open your RV with their key. Using a customizable lock eliminates that risk. 

RVLock V4 Keyless RV Lock 

RVLock V4 Key Fob and Keyless Entry Keypad, RV/Motor Home Door Lock Accessories, Upgraded Full Metal Lock
  • Keypad and Key Fob Entry – Created by a small family business in Utah, USA, The RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle...
  • Durable Metal Construction – The RVLock V4 is the Industry's Most Innovative and Secure Keyless RV Handle, 100% METAL...

RVLock allows you to create a custom code for keypad entry and have the option to utilize a key FOB. The keypad features a backlight for use at night. RVLock has a few different styles to ensure the lock will fit your specific RV model. If you’re getting multiple locks done, you can get them all keyed alike. Plus, most installations take 10 minutes or less.

The FOB works from up to 65 feet away, allowing you to lock or unlock your door from a distance. Each RVLock can be paired with up to 10 FOB keys so each family member can have their own.

Latch.It Keyless RV Lock

RV Keyless Entry Door Lock | LATCH.IT RV Door Lock Keyless Entry | All Metal Keyless RV Door Lock | Keyless Locks w/ 2 Fobs | Sealed Electricals Unlike Competition! | Only Fits 2.75" x 3.75" Lock Hole
  • ✔️ WILL IT FIT MY APPLICATION? Our ALL METAL V3.0 RV Door Lock fits RVs and trailers with an opening of 3.75" tall x...
  • ✔️ WHILE OTHER RV KEYLESS DOOR LOCKS ARE flimsy and made of plastic, our NEW ALL-METAL V3.0 RV Door lock is NOW...

Latch.IT includes a large interior handle, so users can close their doors easier. It’s an all-metal lock, making it waterproof and able to withstand the outdoors. There’s a backlight for easy use at night. 

Users can customize the keypad code. The unit comes with two key FOBs. The FOBS can work from an impressive 80 feet away. 

Carmtek RV Keyless Door Lock

Carmtek RV Keyless Door Lock features a heavy-duty lock perfect for most RVs. The lock has premium zinc-alloy and flame-retardant nylon material. It’s rated for being waterproof and protected from fire.

This RV lock comes with two key FOBS. The FOBs will work up to 80 feet away. Those who prefer to forgo the FOB key can utilize the backlit keypad or one of the included standard keys. 

AP Products Electric Travel Trailer Lock

AP Products 013-509 Electric Travel Trailer Lock
  • Self-contained electronic RV door latch with Capacitive Touch Tech Technology that is a retrofit in RV entry doors
  • The touch pad is integrated with the door handle and controls the deadbolt making it convenient to install and operate

AP Products Electric Travel Trailer Lock is a simple keyless entry option for your RV. This keyless RV lock allows you to lock and unlock your RV with the keypad or standard keys. It also lights up for night use. This lock is easy to install and fits most RVs. This option comes with fewer bells and whistles, but it’s also cheaper. 

Keyless RV locks can save you a lot of trouble at the campsite. They also help keep your RV more secure when you’re away. Have you installed one yet?

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