You’ve Heard of a Motorhome, But What Is a Toterhome?

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A 2022 Renegade Valencia toterhome

Life on the road comes in many shapes and sizes. Motorhomes and RVs are super common for families and friends looking for a mobile adventure, but what does it mean to have a toterhome? Well, if you’ve ever thought you didn’t have quite enough stuff along for the ride, a toterhome can easily squash that issue. 

In terms of size from smallest to largest, you have a truck camper, a camper, a motorhome, and then there’s a toterhome. It’s really in a class of its own, and you might want to stick around to experience a discovery. Check it out! 

What Is a Toterhome?

It’s a kind of mash-up between a motorhome and a semi-truck. One writer referred to a toterhome as the “mullet” of RVs. It’s a motorhome built on a semi-truck chassis with the power to tow large loads. 

It’s capable of providing a place to sleep/live along with the ability to tow a boat or large trailer behind the main unit. The average GVWR sits between 26,000 to 40,000 pounds. 

What’s the Difference Between a Motorhome and a Toterhome? 

When considering the distinction between a motorhome and a toterhome, you must consider power and size. A motorhome can tow a small/mid-sized trailer behind it, but you won’t have the best handling or power. 

A toterhome has all the amenities and space of a motorhome, but it also has a strong enough engine to tow a motorhome behind it. You could load up two full-sized racing cars behind it and tow them with no problem. A toterhome gives you options your motorhome can’t uphold. It’s a toy trailer and a motorhome mashup with a flare. 

Pros of a Totorhome

If you spend a lot of time on the road in an RV, you’ve likely had those moments where you want more stuff along for the ride. If you like to glamp in style, a toterhome will certainly accommodate your desire. 

You won’t have to worry about counting pounds to keep your towing weights in a safe range. A well-equipped toterhome can tow pretty much anything. You can also get larger water tanks, generators, and fuel tanks on one. How does a 150-gallon freshwater tank sound? 

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A Renegade Explorer toterhome
Source: Renegade RV

Cons of a Totorhome

Though there are some pretty huge perks to having a toterhome, there are a few challenges to consider. They’re huge, making it a little more difficult to set up on a campground. 

If campground living is what you desire, it probably isn’t the right solution. This is not to say that no toterhome is compatible with a campground site. But a suitable campsite will be more difficult to procure with a fully loaded toterhome. 

Another mentionable challenge is that you must have a commercial driver’s license to drive one. It’s a big rig, and you need the knowledge to safely operate such a large vehicle. 

Who Makes Toterhomes?

If you’re looking for a commercial manufacturer of toterhomes, you won’t have much digging to do, as there aren’t that many out there. REV Group is known for producing Renegade RVs, and they are a fairly popular commercial manufacturer to consider. 

If you want a custom toterhome built for you and your crew, look into what Showhauler or Victory Custom Trailers can do to realize your vision. Of course, a custom toterhome will have a custom price as well. 

The inside of a Renegade toterhome
Source: Renegade RV

How Much Is a Toterhome? 

The cost has everything to do with the build, the place of purchase, and its age. If you’re lucky, you could find a used toterhome for $100,000 or less. However, a brand new one could cost between $200,000 and $500,000, depending on how fancy you want the build to be. 

Where to Find a Totorhome

A simple Google search will lead you to a few different sites where you can purchase used toterhomes. RacingJUNK has a few options. Otherwise, you can check out Renegade RV for a look at a few brand-new options. 

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A toterhome parked outside
Source: RacingJUNK

Bring All Your Toys with a Toterhome

Now that you know more about toterhomes, you know its capabilities. You can bring all your drivable toys along for the ride, and the fun can also be supersized. If you’re showing off your old muscle cars at shows or taking your large boat to different waters, a toterhome is the right choice for your journey. 

What matters most to your favorite travel buddies when you’re all out on the road? Do you boondock often, or are campgrounds most comfortable? Be sure to ask these questions before you entertain the possibility of purchasing a toterhome for future adventures.

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