You Have to See This Insane 57 Foot Fifth Wheel Camper

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If you like glamping, why not go big? Try glamping with a 57 foot fifth wheel camper! The SpaceCraft MFG fifth wheel will make up for the tongue twister title. 

Most fifth wheel campers hover in the 30-40’ range, making it easy to understand why it’s such a big deal to see one with 17 more feet. You can tell that this RV is a monster from a distance, and it certainly makes a statement. Let’s check it out!

Who Makes a 57 Foot Fifth Wheel Camper? 

SpaceCraft is the only company that makes a 57 foot fifth wheel camper. Searching for a “long fifth-wheel camper” will bring you to SpaceCraft.

They’ve been manufacturing fifth wheels since 1962 and are pushing limits with their 57 foot fifth wheel camper. 

What Is SpaceCraft MFG?

SpaceCraft is a company that specializes in making custom fifth wheel trailers. Their base of operations is in Concordia, Missouri. SpaceCraft is where you go when you want a very nice, luxury place to stay on the road. 

They make it their mission to go big with every design, and there is always room for buyers to put their flavor into the final product. SpaceCraft trailers start at 40 feet, and they go all the way up to 57 feet. 

The company is different from other producers because it will give the customer almost any legal customization they want in their build. They focus on creating fifth wheel campers that are more well-suited for long-term or full-time living. 

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Interior picture of a SpaceCraft RV showing the kitchen, living room, and hallway to bedroom
Courtesy of SpaceCraft MFG

About the SpaceCraft 57 Foot Fifth Wheel Camper

Though every SpaceCraft camper is unique, the 57 foot fifth wheel camper that made such a splash on the internet is quite the sight. If you want a better idea of what you could get from a fifth wheel this large, you’ll want to explore a few key elements. 


There are many specs you’ll want to know for a 57 foot fifth wheel camper. What’s the status of the water and power system? What about the weight? Here are a few answers to those questions. 

The 57 foot fifth wheel comes with a 100-gallon fresh water tank, two 50-gallon gray water tanks (one for the kitchen and a separate one for the bathroom), and a 50-gallon black water tank. You also get a 20-gallon water heater. 

A 10kw diesel generator offers power with a 50-gallon fuel tank. The GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) is 45,000 lbs. The hitch weight is 11,000 lbs, and the trailer’s frame is on an H-beam with a 4-point system for static function.

It’s notable that SpaceCraft also owns the first slide-out room patent, and they’re efficient at building them. The 57 foot fifth wheel had eight slide-outs, and the customer is in control of just how many expansions they want. 

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Exterior picture of the red and black 57 Foot Fifth Wheel Camper
Source: Facebook


The 57 foot fifth wheel camper has all the features you’d want in a typical residential home. The kitchen has full-size appliances, and there’s even a dishwasher. The living room has a 65” high-definition television and a small office space. 

There are two small bedrooms with twin beds, a shower, a toilet room, and plenty of storage space. The possum belly of the rig has a sliding pullout to make accessing the cargo stored below much easier. 

Most Luxurious Features

Deciding the most luxurious feature is up to the customer designing the trailer, but the featured fifth wheel has some pretty impressive examples to ponder. There’s the dishwasher to start, and the countertops are granite. 

In the main bedroom, there’s a king-sized bed. Custom light fixtures make the interior lighting exquisite. The ceiling is molded fiberglass. This is luxurious because it’s a part of the camper that you won’t have to replace. The stand-alone capabilities of the rig are also pretty stunning. 

What Vehicle Can Tow a 57 Foot Fifth Wheel Camper? 

The biggest downside of the 57 foot fifth wheel camper is that you’ll need someone with a CDL license to drive it. Only a big rig truck can handle pulling a trailer this size, raising the cost. It would help if you had some pretty serious dough to stay in a SpaceCraft RV comfortably. 

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Interior picture showing the kitchen and living room of a SpaceCraft RV
Courtesy: SpaceCraft MFG

Would You Tow a 57 Foot Fifth Wheel Camper? 

If you have the money to get your SpaceCraft 57 foot fifth wheel camper, then you may have the money to tow it too. There’s a relatively specific realm of individuals who will get the most out of this extreme camper. If you fit the bill, get out there and explore ways to make your 57 foot fifth wheel camper even more remarkable than its predecessors. 

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