Who Makes Renegade RV?

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A Renegade RV Super C Motorhome
Renegade Classic | Renegade RV | Image from RV Renegade Product Brochure

Have you heard of Renegade RV? Some people don’t want a minimal camping experience. They want their campsites to reflect their sticks-and-bricks home, with everything around the campfire, including the kitchen sink. 

But try as they might; you don’t always have room to bring along the golf cart and the side-by-side. And camping is just not the same unless your motorcycle and the kids’ bikes can make the journey with you. 

If this describes you, take a look at Renegade RVs. They have motorhome models made to haul almost anything while providing you with luxurious living quarters.

About Renegade RV

Renegade RV, one of the lesser-known brands, has built a reputation as the industry’s big rig leader in powerful vehicle lines. 

Their attention to detail and high-quality construction make them desirable as an elegant and comfortable option in a motorhome. 

Renegade RVs last much longer than the typical coach with solid hardwood cabinetry, exclusive finishes, and well-executed design. 

Interior of an RV Renegade Classic with wood finishes and hard surface flooring.
Renegade Classic Interior | Renegade RV | Image from RV Renegade Product Brochure

Who Makes Renegade RV?

Renegade RVs are manufactured by parent company, REV Group, headquartered in Decatur, Indiana. 

REV states that their name is not an acronym but “a statement that drives home our company’s commitment to connect and protect thousands of people every day.” 

Renegade RVs has a 200,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Bristol, Indiana. The plant employs over 175 people.

About REV Group

Renegade RV proudly shares the company under REV Recreation Group with 29 RV brands. These include Monaco Coach, Fleetwood RV, Lance Campers, Midwest Automotive, and Holiday Rambler. 

Additionally, REV also produces ambulances, commercial buses, wheelchair-accessible vans, and fire equipment. This adds to their motto to build vehicles for life.

It has 18 manufacturing facilities and more than 7,400 employees across the country. The REV Group trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange, with annual revenue of over $1 billion. 

They are actually considered a subsidiary of American Industrial Partners, a financial services company that operates as a private equity company.

What Class Are Renegade Motorhomes?

Renegade RVs have the corner on the market for Super C Class motorhomes. Most have a Freightliner, Volvo, or Peterbilt chassis and highly customizable coaches. 

They have the base model, the Classic, moving up to the Valencia, Verona, and Renegade XL. They also build smaller Class C RVs, such as the Veracruz, Vienna, and Villagio models.

Regardless of the class, RVers will find that Renegade manufactures well-built rigs with residential-quality materials and construction techniques. Each motorhome has superior values in insulation and thick wooden floors and walls. They feature high-end finishes with solid hardwood cabinetry.

A RV Renegade Verona Super C Class Motorhome
Renegade Verona LE | Renegade RV | Image from RV Renegade Product Brochure

What Is a Toterhome?

Renegade RV is a popular manufacturer of massive motorhomes built on a semi-truck chassis, commonly known as toterhomes.

These custom creations can tow 20,000 lbs or more. This gives RVers and racing teams the opportunity to bring along all of their toys. 

Many toterhomes have several generators, huge water tanks, and the ability to live off-grid for long periods. This makes them popular with the boondocking crowds

And that’s a good thing because most toterhomes won’t fit in standard campgrounds. These beasts need wide open spaces for their campsites.

Pro Tip: If you’ve decided you want a rig to haul toys, find out if ATC Toy Haulers are any good.

What Is the Smallest Renegade Motorhome?

The race to become Renegade RV’s smallest recreational vehicle offering has ended in a tie. The Villagio and the Verona both measure 25’ long, weighing in at 11,050 lbs. 

Each has a tempting floorplan with a cab-over bed, dinette, full bath, and a separate queen bed. And Renegade does not scrimp on interior finishes either. 

Additionally, they have solid hardwood cabinets and residential-quality stainless steel appliances. Even the smallest Renegade RV is fit for a king or queen.

Take a tour of a 2022 Renegade Verona.

What Is the Largest Renegade Motorhome?

If you want to bring along all your outdoor ‘toys,’ consider a Renegade custom-designed toterhome. With power to spare, a toterhome can reach 40 to 60 ft long, with room for a race car, Razor, motorcycles, and people. 

And you can also fashion the interior living space to your specific needs for maximum comfort and minimum fuss. Outfit your RV with three or four air conditioners and a generator big enough to power them all. 

Additionally, you can also get fresh water tanks that hold enough to keep you off-grid for weeks. Renegade’s toterhomes have no limits to your design.

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What Features Set Renegade RVs Apart from Other Motorhomes?

Renegade has made a reputation for itself as a producer of superior quality construction. Additionally, their recreational vehicles have solid builds with residential wood materials and uncompromising techniques. You will also find each model has undergone meticulous creation to last you for many years.

Owners love the unending ability to customize Renegade RVs, as well. Designing a rig that meets your criteria is unique to this manufacturer, setting it apart from the masses. It gives owners features they wouldn’t find in any other brand.

Cruise the USA in Style

Renegade RV has built its reputation on producing quality “vehicles for life,” apparent in the attention to detail found in their motorhomes. Many prize their lineup of Class Cs and toterhomes. 

Additionally, you can get custom-designed and sturdy rigs for any kind of adventure. They can serve many purposes, including lugging around professional race car teams. They provide RVers with dependable and long-lasting rigs that give them years of camping adventures. 

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