Everything You Need to Know About the SylvanSport Go

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A sylvansport go being towed by a truck
Source: SylvanSport

These days, so many small campers and trailers can feel nearly identical. But those looking for a fresh, versatile, and affordable option should check out the SylvanSport Go.

It’s a unique pop-up camper that can change your travel life forever. So let’s take a closer look at it and all the amazing things it can do. 

About SylvanSport 

SylvanSport puts its mission simply as “to make outdoor adventure accessible.” Many know the company for its iconic Go pop-up camper and similar models.

However, it also produces a variety of rooftop tents, traditional travel trailers, and other camping and outdoor gear.

Over nearly two decades of operations, the company has focused on providing fun, innovative ways to allow people to experience nature with those they love. 

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Who Owns Sylvan Sport?

Tom Dempsey founded SylvanSport in 2004. He remains the company’s CEO. Dempsey got his design training and started creating pop-up campers for Coleman.

This familiarity led him to redesign the standard pop-up camper in the face of declining sales, helping spark a revival in the category.

Unlike many camper brands, SylvanSport remains an independent company instead of an imprint of a larger manufacturer. 

A sylvansport go pop-up camper
Source: SylvanSport

Where Are SylvanSport Trailers Manufactured?

SylvanSport proudly says that its products are produced in Brevard, N.C., which the company calls “the outdoor hub of the Southeast.”

The town is in the southwestern part of the state, near where the border meets with Georgia and South Carolina. It’s approximately 35 miles south of Asheville, N.C., or 120 miles west of Charlotte. 

Where SylvanSport Go manufactures its trailers is important for reasons more than just curiosity.

The company pledges that 80% of the materials used in the trailer come from within 100 miles of its headquarters. That helps support numerous local industries.

About the SylvanSport Go Camping Trailer

The SylvanSport Go is the unquestioned star of the company’s lineup. After all, it’s where SylvanSport got its start.

It’s easy to see why many love it so much when you consider some of the helpful and innovative features. 

SylvanSport Go Features

This unique trailer combines some of the best features of tent camping and RV life. Go campers are made of durable powder-coated aluminum, helping ensure they’ll stand up to whatever the outdoors throws at them for years to come.

In addition, they have cast aluminum wheels and Dexter Torsion Axles for a smooth ride, making towing easy on even new RVers.

Speaking of towing, you can pull the Go with just about anything, thanks to a base weight of 840 pounds.

The SylvanSport Go can be used in three distinct forms, each offering different benefits for lovers of the outdoors.

Equipment Rack 

When folded flat, the Go camper functions as a convenient equipment rack for bikes, kayaks, and more.

With the addition of a roof rack, owners can carry up to 165 pounds, enough for several different items. It’s also significantly easier to load than a traditional car roof rack due to its low, 53-inch height. 

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Tent Pod 

If you hate the time and hassle of setting up your tent when you get to the campsite, you’ll love the Go’s Tent Pod.

With just a few steps, your elevated, waterproof tent will transform from a fold-flat trailer to a spacious sleeping area for up to four people.

Different configurations also provide dining spaces and other uses. Plus, with 6-foot, 5-inch ceilings, all but the tallest folks will be able to move about comfortably. 

A sylvansport go pop-up camper
Source: SylvanSport

Gear Deck 

The final form of the SylvanSport Go is a gear deck, allowing you to tote just about anything simply and securely.

With the roof partially expanded, you can load coolers, boxes, four-wheelers, dirtbikes, and pretty much anything else smaller than 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide by 7 feet long.

When set up as a gear deck, the Go can carry as much as 810 pounds, ensuring you nearly never have to worry about weight. 

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SylvanSport Go Package Options

There’s the basic Go camper, but there’s also so much more available for those who want to upgrade. Here’s a look at the various options.


This is the standard Go model and the most affordable at $11,995. It includes everything you need to use the camper in its three primary forms: sleeping pads for your tent, a locking storage box, and a tailgate bungee.

This is a great entry-level version for anyone new to the pop-up camper world. 

GO Big Package

Make your Go a little more luxurious with the Go Big package. Starting at $12,995, it includes all of the features of the standard Go and a lot more.

This upgrade includes a spare tire, tent awning, rug set, upgraded mattresses, privacy curtains, and a camper cover to keep your rig safe.

These items can help make your Go a little homier if you plan to use it frequently. Plus, it’s a nearly $1,000 savings compared to buying the same equipment on your own. 

GO All Out Package 

Like the name says, this is the perfect upgrade package for those looking for a top-of-the-line Go and don’t mind spending a bit extra to get it.

The All Out package includes all the items from the two lower models. It also has a solar power kit, an expansion screen room, a camp kitchen, sleeping bags, and more.

At just $14,995, it’s an affordable way to get started with one of the more luxurious pop-up setups out there.

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A sylvansport go being towed by a truck
Source: SylvanSport

Where Can I Buy the SylvanSport Go?

The company makes it nice and easy – you can purchase the SylvanSport Go directly from them! This saves you the hassle (not to mention the extra cost) of going through a dealer.

Their convenient web store makes it easy to dial in the model you’d like and figure out any additional items you may need.

You may also be able to find a used Go on the secondary market, either buying directly from a current owner or finding one at a dealership.

However, like all other RVs and campers, it’s crucial to understand the condition of any used rig you’re buying, including through an inspection if necessary. 

Other Types of Gear Made By SylvanSport

While SylvanSport may be best known for its campers, it also offers a variety of quality camping equipment and accessories to upgrade your experience.

You can purchase many of the upgrades in the two higher-end models individually, along with additional bags, lighting, and more.

You can even grab a SylvanSport Go water bottle to show your love for your new camper out on the trail, in the office, and everywhere in between.

Get Going With the SylvanSport Go

Pop-up campers may not be the most common RV style these days, but they offer incredible benefits at affordable prices. And there’s no better example than the SylvanSport Go.

Opting for the trusty base model or splurge on the All Out upgrades? This versatile camper will help you transport all sorts of toys for your outdoor adventures and morph into a perfect place to rest. 

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