Who Owns SylvanSport?

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A man standing near his SylvanSport tent

If you enjoy outdoor adventures but struggle with carrying your gear or being comfortable, the SylvanSport line of campers might be for you.

You won’t need a big, sturdy truck to haul any of the rigs offered by SylvanSport. You can likely find one of their offerings to fit the vehicle you’re driving and start making memories with your loved ones.

Let’s dive into who owns SylvanSport, look at their lineup, and see which could best meet your needs. Let’s get started!

About SylvanSport 

The SylvanSport brand dates to 2004. The founder wanted to create one of the most innovative pop-up campers the RV industry has ever seen.

Since the first trailer, people have recognized the brand as one of the most creative and quality manufacturers of adventure trailers, outdoor gear, and camping accessories. SylvanSport likes to work and play hard, and its products show it. 

Who Owns SylvanSport? 

Tom Dempsey is the founder and CEO of SylvanSport. Dempsey has said he wants “to make access to the outdoors easier, more convenient, and more fun, so people have more time to enjoy themselves when they get there.”

He wants to see people getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors. The SylvanSport line of campers and trailers makes it more possible for individuals and families to enjoy outdoor activities.

Where Is SylvanSport Made?

SylvanSport is a brand that breaks the mold and isn’t in Northern Indiana. Its headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Brevard, North Carolina. Brevard has a reputation as “the outdoor hub of the Southeast.”

The people in this area enjoy getting outdoors and spending time with each other, something that SylvanSport products make easier. The company prides itself in making 70 to 80% of its GO and GO Easy lines within 70 miles of Western North Carolina.

A couple camping near their SylvanSport trailer
Courtesy of SylvanSport

The SylvanSport Lineup

When you look at its incredible lineup of offerings from SylvanSport, it’s easy to see that it has pride in its vision.

While some companies may talk about making excellent products, SylvanSport makes products that show it is more than talk.

GO Camping Trailer

MSRP: $11,995

Length: 6 feet 7 inches

Weight: 840 pounds

About: If you love tent camping and spending time outdoors, the GO Camping Trailer is one you should consider. It can fully expand and has sleeping space for up to four people.

It includes a spacious gear deck, equipment rack, and storage box. If you don’t believe that big things come in small packages, you haven’t seen this camping trailer.

SylvanSport packs a tremendous amount of value and potential into this model.

The GO Camping Trailer is one of the most versatile, comfortable, and durable trailers you can find in its class. You don’t have to buy a big fancy truck to tow this camper to the campground or remote area of the country.

Whether you want to bring boats, bikes, or other toys, you’ll have ample space and cargo capacity.

GO EASY Kayak Trailer 

MSRP: $2,295

Length: 10 feet

Weight: 235 pounds

About: If you’re looking for a quick way to hitch up and head out for an adventure, it doesn’t get any faster than the GO EASY kayak trailer.

Whether hauling it to a campground or the lake, this lightweight trailer can haul up to four boats or bikes. You can purchase an additional gear deck and storage box to store more supplies for your adventures.

The trailer uses Dexter torsion axles custom-tuned to near perfection. You’ll enjoy an incredibly smooth and quiet experience towing your toys on your travels.

The powder-coated steel and submersible LED lighting systems can withstand almost any condition. Combine the kayak trailer with the LOFT rooftop tent, and you’ll have the ultimate adventure trailer!

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A SylvanSport trailer and tent set up outside at night
Courtesy of SylvanSport

LOFT Rooftop Tent 

MSRP:  $2,795

Length: 6 feet 9 inches

Weight: 117 pounds

About: The LOFT rooftop tent is compact and can easily attach to almost any vehicle.

Once you arrive at your site, it only takes seconds to set it up, and within a matter of minutes, you’ll be crawling in and getting comfortable.

Whether you want to mount it to the roof of your vehicle or attach it to a kayak trailer, SylvanSport’s LOFT rooftop tent can be your home away from home during some exciting trips.

The tent features full-size doors on both sides and massive windows on the front and back. You’ll have plenty of visibility around your campsite to enjoy epic sunsets.

The tent comes with an anti-condensation mat, increasing the airflow and absorbing moisture to keep you and your tent dry. The tent folds in seconds into the molded, composite ABS shell.

VAST Adventure Travel Trailer

MSRP: $59,995

Length: 21 feet 7 inches

Weight: 3,800 pounds

About: The VAST Adventure is SylvanSport’s attempt to reset expectations regarding travel trailers. This game-changing travel trailer can help you bring everything with you and still be comfortable using your camper.

The designers created it to carry all the toys and gear you need during outdoor adventures.

The VAST maximizes storage space by including a side-mounted rack system. It allows you to store kayaks and other large objects on the rig’s side while traveling.

The interior space opens up, making it convenient to store bikes and other gear. However, walking into the unit, you’ll feel the difference between it and other travel trailers.

The aluminum frame and proprietary construction technology make this a solid camper. With double-capped corners, you won’t worry about water causing damage.

What Is SylvanSport’s Warranty?

SylvanSport stands behind everything that they make. One of the convenient things about purchasing from them is that if you experience any issues due to a manufacturer defect within the warranty, they’ll repair or replace it for free.

However, the warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the product and only in countries SylvanSport authorizes for retail sales.

Like most RV warranties, the SylvanSport warranty does not cover “damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use.”

Their towables come with a two-year coupler-to-bumper warranty for the original owner. Check the warranty section of their website or contact them if you have specific questions regarding coverage.

A SylvanSport trailer attached to an SUV by the mountains
Courtesy of SylvanSport

What Is SylvanSport’s Return Policy?

SylvanSport wants all owners to be satisfied with their purchase and understand that sometimes things don’t always work out.

Unlike many RV manufacturers, SylvanSport states they “will honor returns for orders placed directly through SylvanSport (excluding items noted as “final sale” or items received as a gifting promotion) within 30 days of the original purchase date for a full refund.”

It’s one of the advantages of working directly with the manufacturer when purchasing your rig.

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How to Order a SylvanSport Product 

If you’d like to purchase a SylvanSport product, you can visit one of the authorized dealerships near you.

However, while some manufacturers work with hundreds of dealers, SylvanSport has a select group of authorized dealerships.

If you don’t see a dealership near you, you can order your SylvanSport product online, and they’ll ship it to you.

You can save a few bucks by going to the manufacturing facilities and picking it up.

A SylvanSport trailer and tent set up outside
Courtesy of SylvanSport

Explore With Confidence in a SylvanSport 

SylvanSport offers exciting products we’d love to see more of in the RV community. Their products make it easier for people to enjoy the great outdoors and stay comfortable.

You won’t have to purchase a massive new vehicle to haul a camper to a campground. Experiencing and exploring the great outdoors should be the star of the show.

Which of the products on our list would work best for you?

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