What Are Super Single Tires?

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Red dually truck in a driveway with rear tires converted to super singles
Source: Facebook/James Cameron

Super single tires have become increasingly popular over the years. In fact, farmers have been using them for years to replace dual tires.

Fewer tires mean less maintenance.

Replacing two tires with one also reduces the chances of debris and rocks getting stuck in between the tires.

This isn’t just true for tractors. Also, owners of dually trucks have started replacing their rear wheels with super single tires. 

Let’s look at why they’re making this change and if they are in your future. Let’s dive in!

What Are Super Single Tires? 

Trucks with dual rear wheels, often called duallys, usually transport heavy loads.

Maybe it’s a truck camper or fifth wheel.

Maybe it’s construction equipment or lawnmowers.

Some dually owners install super single tires in place of their dual rear tires.

These are large, military-grade tires designed to withstand the same amount of weight (or more) as dual rear wheels.

Ford F-450 truck with dully wheels replaced with military style super single tires
Source: Facebook/Francois Lafontaine

Advantages of Super Single Tires 

So why would owners do this?

If you do a lot of overlanding and boondocking, you need tires that can easily maneuver on soft and rocky terrain.

In fact, the popular overlanding company Earthroamer vouches for the increased performance of super single tires.

Dual rear tires from the manufacturer are typically 6 inches wide, 10-ply, and 32 inches in diameter.

In contrast, super single tires are 12 inches wide, 22-ply, and 41 inches in diameter.

This increases the performance of the tire, making it better for off-road tracking.

Because military-grade tires also have a higher weight rating, drivers can transport even heavier loads safely, or rest assured that their super single tires can easily handle their typical loads.

Finally, driving a dually truck down the interstate when not towing can be a rough ride. Super single tires make the drive more comfortable.

And when a pesky rock gets between the two rear wheels, it can be very annoying for the driver while also damaging to not only one tire but two.

Super single tires eliminate this problem.

Source: Facebook/James Cameron

Disadvantages of Super Single Tires 

Two of the biggest disadvantages of installing super single tires are the cost and extensive modifications.

They usually lift the truck, so to get the tires to fit under the wheel wells, removing the rear block is often needed to lower the truck and create space from left to right in the wheel hub.

Additional fender modifications usually need to be made as well.

These modifications can cost $10,000 to $20,000. This doesn’t include the cost per tire.

Another disadvantage is the traction in rainy conditions. Dual rear tires tend to track better in those conditions.

So even though they perform better off-road, you’ll want to stick with a dually if you drive in consistently wet weather.

Finally, getting repairs done on them or finding a replacement tire can be difficult because they aren’t regularly stocked at local body shops.

Your hometown mechanic may not be able to help you if you get a flat or want help installing super singles on your vehicle.

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Front view of Ford truck converted to Super single tires
Source: Facebook/James Cameron

What Tire Size Are Super Single Tires?

Super single tires are found in sizes of 22.5 x 12.25, 22.5 x 13, and 22.5 x 14.

As mentioned earlier this makes them about 12 inches wide, 22-ply, and 41 inches in diameter. You can also find even wider tires at 13 inches and 14 inches.

Some manufacturers will call them wide tires, some ultra-wide, and others will call them super-wide tires.

What’s the Difference Between Double Tires and Super Single Tires? 

Dual rear tires installed on heavy-duty trucks are smaller than super single tires.

Because they replace these dual rear tires, they have to be able to handle the weight duallys carry.

So a single tire is replacing two tires. This means the single tire is much stronger, larger, and wider than one of the dual tires.

How Much Does A Super Single Tire Cost? 

Super single tires prices vary but they fall in the range of $800 to $2500 each including updating the wheel.

As with all things tire and wheel related, the prices vary depending on the manufacturer and your specific requirements but here are some general price ranges.

The updated aluminum wheel rims will fall in the price range of $300 – $700. Then you will need to spend another $400 – $1500 for the tire.

Are Super Single Tires Better for Fuel Economy?

A U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) study released recently revealed super single truck tires deliver 1 to 2 percent better fuel economy than duals due to decreased rolling resistance.

If you plan to do a lot of traveling, it will add up.

But installing super singles just to save on fuel isn’t the best idea.

Make sure the other benefits improve your transportation needs, too.

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Are Super Singles Less Weight Than Dual Tires? 

According to Robert Palmer, director of market sales engineering at Bridgestone, “Aluminum wheels can deliver significant weight savings when used in all wheel positions. If a customer needs additional weight savings, installing a wide base tire in place of duals could be a good option.”

This matters when figuring up payload, especially for big rigs.

For example, fleets that transport heavy goods will switch to super single tires to increase payload capacity.

Red Ram truck with ultra wide super single tires on his dually truck
Source: Facebook/James Cameron

Can I Turn My Dually Into a Single Wheel? 

Yes. You can replace your dual rear wheels with super single tires.

However, know that it will require extensive modifications. It’s not an easy process done in a day.

For example, one owner of a King Ranch dually replaced his tires with 14-in super single tires.

But the body shop technician explained how difficult the process was and how many steps it took to get the final product ready for the road.

Another owner wanted two fewer tires to maintain and all of the advantages of super single tires, so he replaced the dual tires on his F-450 with military-grade super singles.

The entire process took several months and was very expensive.

Super Single tires on a ram 4500 truck with a truck camper loaded on it
Source: Facebook/Jon Voldberg

One Tire Could Be Better Than Two  

Although installing super single tires on your truck is costly and lengthy, it might still be worth it if you go off-road often.

They’ll wear out quicker than dual rear wheels, but if you need to benefit from increased performance on various terrains and don’t want to have to maintain four rear wheels, upgrading may be your best option. 

So as you think about your needs, are super single tires in your future?

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