What Are the Best RV Propane Hoses?

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Two propance hoses connected to RV propane tanks with a red regulator on one

A successful camping trip is dependent upon several factors. The campsite should be comfortable and welcoming, the activities challenging and enjoyable, and the atmosphere relaxing.

But what happens when there’s no hot water for showers or dinner turns into sandwiches because the stove won’t work? Arguments may ensue if propane mishaps are the culprit.

Let’s make sure the gas is flowing, and there are no problems with the RV propane hose before you head out on that long-awaited camping trip.

What Is an RV Propane Hose?

Because propane gas can be corrosive, the hose between the propane tank and the appliance it is fueling needs several layers of material.

The interior layer of most RV propane hoses is a synthetic rubber called nitrile, while less expensive flexible hoses might use natural rubber. Nitrile is highly resistant to LP gas, and you can stretch it into various shapes.

The middle layer of an RV propane hose is most commonly polyester or stainless steel braiding.

The polyester is resistant to gas, but a stainless steel layer is more durable and is perfect for long-term use outdoors. It won’t crack, and animals can’t chew on it.

The exterior layer of the hose is sometimes PVC or, on more expensive hoses, another layer of stainless steel braiding.  

Does Propane Require a Special Hose?

An RV propane hose handles gas exchange in your RV and should never be confused with any other type of hose.

It deals with the effects of corrosion that the gas can have on the interior walls of the hose, whereas other hoses can leak and deteriorate over time.

When a propane hose ages, the materials in the exterior layer can become less supple and start to crack.

You may find that your lack of propane in the RV is due to cracked hoses and nothing more.

The top of a 20lb propane tank showing the connection valve.

Are All RV Propane Hoses the Same?

There are various options for every piece of equipment. You can say the same for RV propane hoses.

You can get one made of high-quality materials, like one with stainless steel and synthetic rubber layers. Or you can pay less and get a hose made with real rubber, polyester, and PVC layers that will most likely break down sooner than its more expensive counterpart.

Several fittings are involved in a propane setup, and they have male and female ends for tight connections.

They include Type 1 and POL fittings that attach the hose to the propane tank directly to the inverted flare and NPT fittings that connect the other end of the hose to the propane regulator.

For small appliances like propane camp stoves, there is even a quick-connect fitting that attaches directly to a small propane canister.

When replacing RV propane hoses, be sure to replace the proper fitting replacements, as well.

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How Long Do RV Propane Hoses Last?

RV Propane hoses with a stainless steel exterior layer are sturdy and can last up to 20 years.

However, many suggest that you should replace all other hoses every five years because rubber and PVC can break down and crack in the elements.

Close up of two stainless steel RV propane hose.

Best RV Propane Hoses

If you need to replace an RV propane hose, it is always wise to look at your existing setup first.

Some hoses have remaining labels. These can include parts numbers and can make finding their replacements relatively easy.

For all other hoses, photograph your setup, look through these suggested parts, and when in doubt, take your photograph to a local hardware store or propane supplier for more insight.

DOZYANT 12 feet Low-Pressure Propane System Quick-Connect Hose

DOZYANT 12 FT RV Propane Quick Connect Hose, RV Quick Connect Propane Hose, Quick Disconnect Propane Hose Extension - 1/4 Inch Safety Shutoff Valve & Male Full Flow Plug for LP Gas Low Pressure System
  • 1/4” RV quick connect hose with one end male and one end female with safety shutoff valve, Come with 1/4" NPT x Full...
  • Used for converting your grill to work with RV’s low pressure propane outlet

This RV propane hose works like a quick-connect water hose. It gives you a tight connection to enable the addition of an outdoor grill to your RV propane line.

With a handy shut-off valve, you won’t have to crawl under the RV to turn off the gas. You must have an outside gas valve on the recreational vehicle for this hose to be of use.

The fittings are of high quality, and the hose is rubber.

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DOZYANT 18 Feet Propane Quick Connect Extension Hose with Propane Elbow Adapter

DOZYANT 18 Feet Propane Quick Connect Extension Hose with Propane Elbow Adapter Convertion Fitting for Blackstone 17 Inch or 22 Inch Griddle, Connect to RV Trailer with Quick-Connect Kit
  • Two ways of installation: You can connect it directly to the Blackstone 17 inch / 22 inch Griddle. Or you can take off...
  • Propane Elbow Aadpter Fitting: The fitting converts your 17 inch and 22 inch Blackstone Grill to a 3/8'' male flare...

Some grills and griddles require an elbow fitting to attach propane hoses securely.

This Dozyant 18-foot hose comes with the elbow adapter, making it possible to hook up a 17-foot or 22-foot Blackstone griddle, along with several other models.

This, too, is a quick-connect hose with a flare fitting to attach to the griddle.

Because the hose connects on the other end to your RV’s exterior gas valve, you won’t need a regulator.

LONGADS 2 Packs 15 inch RV Propane Tank Hoses with Gauge

LONGADS 15 inch (Packs of 2) RV Propane Hoses with Gauge, Stainless Steel Braided Camper Tank Hose,Rv lp Gas Hoses Connector for Standard Two-Stage Regulator, 40Lb 250PSI, NPT /QCC1 Fittings
  • 1/4 inch ID 1/4 inch outer diameter,1/4" NPT stainless steel braided rv propane pigtail hose to 1/4" Female NPT.Please...
  • Installs quickly and easily tool-less attachment to propane tanks and regulator. Connects remote tank to high pressure...

As a replacement hose for propane tanks weighing up to 40 lbs, these Longads extend protection with a stainless steel braided exterior.

Two come per package to replace both tanks on a travel trailer with a two-stage regulator.

Each has a tank gauge level indicator that glows in the dark. The glowing indicator is handy on those cold nights when you want to see how much propane is left.

The RV propane hoses are dependable and long-lasting with brass fittings, measuring 15” long.

These Are the Best RV Propane Hoses

Propane makes camping trips more enjoyable, adding heat for cooking, hot water for showers, and warm air on chilly nights.

It makes sense to regularly maintain the system in your RV. Replace RV propane hoses before they become a problem.

Don’t miss out on a memorable trip by overlooking this detail. What do you use propane for the most on your adventures?

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