Who Makes Sunray Campers?

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A Sunray Camper set up outside at a campsite

When you think of smaller travel trailers, you might consider a Casita or a Scamp. But if you’re not interested in a fiberglass, egg-shaped camper, you might want to venture to Sunset Park RV Manufacturing and explore their lineup of Sunray Camper units.

These models look vintage, but the vibrant colors and aluminum siding set them apart from other brands. Let’s look at why you might want to consider purchasing a Sunray Camper!

What Is a Sunray Camper? 

A Sunray Camper is a small, lightweight, vintage-looking travel trailer by Sunset Park RV Manufacturing.

They’re easy to tow, come in various colors, and have unique floorplans for smaller travel trailers. They have special packages, like the Solar Package to get off-grid or the Sports Package for off-roading.

There are six Sunray Camper models available.

The primary metal colors come in white, gray, red, black, blue, orange, and yellow, so you can blend in if you’d like or be the talk of the campground. The secondary metal colors come in gray, red, black, blue, yellow, and turquoise.

The interior decor colors include grotto, gray, red, or turquoise.

A Sunray Camper being towed for a getaway
Source: Sunset RV

Who Makes Sunray Campers?

Merle Schmucker founded Sunset Park RV Manufacturing in 2007. Two years prior, he started a construction company in Florida specializing in building multi-million-dollar homes.

However, Schmucker moved to Shipshewana, Indiana, to raise a family and used his architectural innovation and unique design to begin an RV manufacturing company.

Today, Sunset Park RV Manufacturing is a consistently growing independent manufacturer, focusing on building quality lightweight trailers at prices consumers can afford.

Where Are Sunray Campers Built?

The manufacturing facility remains in Shipshewana, Indiana. Factory tours are available for RVers interested in learning more about Sunray Campers and the construction process.

Dozens of dealers exist countrywide, from California to Maine. Sunset Park RV also has dealers throughout Canada.

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The Sunset Park RV Manufacturing Lineup 

Standard construction on all Sunray Camper models includes 5/8” one-piece floor decking, an entirely walkable 3/8” roof decking, residential insulated walls along the front and end, powder-coated steel chassis, and spring-leaf Dexter axles.

Standard amenities include a two-burner stove, refrigerator, microwave, outside shower, one 20-pound propane tank, and a Bluetooth radio.

Sunray Travel Trailer 

Number of Floorplans: 6
Length: 12’ to 16’2”
Dry Weight: 1,320-2,260 pounds 

With six floorplans, the Sunray travel trailers can come as an empty shell or with amenities like a cassette toilet, a sitting area, or a bed.

In the rear of the 109, 109E, and 129, you’ll find a stove, refrigerator, microwave, and sink.

The 139 and 139T models have an outdoor kitchen on the passenger side. The largest model, the 149, has everything inside the unit.

A vintage looking 149 Sunray Camper
Source: Sunset RV

Sun Lite Travel Trailer 

Number of Floorplans: 3
Length: 16’6” to 19’0”
Dry Weight: 2,480-2,920 pounds

The Sun Lite Camper lineup is longer and heavier than the Sunray lineup.

Still lightweight enough for smaller vehicles to tow safely, these travel trailers feature a rear entry door, a dinette, a sleeping area, a kitchen, an air conditioning unit, a furnace, and a bathroom with a toilet and shower.

All three floorplans have the bathroom and kitchen against the driver side wall, the dinette across from the kitchen on the passenger side wall, and the sleeping space in the front of the unit.

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A Sun Lite Sunray Camper being towed by a family for a trip
Source: Sunset RV

Rush Toy Hauler 

Number of Floorplans: 2
Length: 20’4” to 24’8”
Dry Weight: 3,200-4,240 pounds

A Rush toy hauler may be an ideal option if you don’t need too much space but still want to haul outdoor toys like an ATV or bicycles.

These units include marine-grade floor decking, an upgrade from the Sunray and Sun Lite travel trailers.

The 19FC floorplan is more open, allowing extra gear and equipment storage. A front bathroom and kitchen are still part of the floorplan.

The 24FB features a Murphy bed in the rear and a larger center space for dining and lounging. This is also the only unit with a shower in the bathroom.

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A rush Sunray Camper
Source: Sunset RV

How Much Does a Sunray Camper Cost?

You can generally find a new Sunray Camper for anywhere from $13,000-$30,000.

The price fluctuates because of the amenities and floorplans. On RV Trader, a 2022 Sunray 109 Sport is less than $14,000. A new 2022 Sunray 139 is less than $18,000. A new 2022 Sunray 149 is around $30,000.

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There’s More to Sunset Park RV Manufacturing Than the Sunray Camper

Sunset Park RV Manufacturing has found its niche producing smaller, lightweight, vintage-looking campers that owners love.

They’re straightforward to tow and have everything an outdoor enthusiast needs for a weekend camping trip.

Whether you want a smaller Sunray Camper with streaks of orange or a Rush toy hauler to carry your kayaks, Sunset Park RV Manufacturing has many options for RVers who want to get outside and enjoy nature.

Have you browsed the Sunset Park RV lineup? If so, which model is your favorite?

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