Are Squaredrop Campers Better Than Teardrop Campers?

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Are you looking for a small travel trailer that isn’t a teardrop? If so, take a look at squaredrop campers. Squaredrop campers offer all the benefits of a tiny camper, but they are usually more rugged and better for off-roading.

They are growing in popularity, but are they better than teardrop campers? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Squaredrop Camper? 

A squaredrop camper is similar to a teardrop, except it doesn’t have the typical rounded frame. Rather than having a large front area that slopes down towards the back, a squaredrop camper has a boxy shape. 

Nevertheless, you can tow these lightweight campers with almost any vehicle. Therefore, depending on the size and layout, you can enjoy even more space in a squaredrop — without adding the extra weight. 

What Are the Benefits of a Squaredrop Camper?

One of the biggest benefits of a squaredrop camper is its shape. Because it doesn’t slope down in the back, you’ll naturally have more sleeping room, storage, and space. 

And this doesn’t necessarily mean you sacrifice the kitchen. Many squaredrop campers have kitchens ingeniously installed in either the sides or back of the rig. 

Additionally, companies tend to market squaredrop campers towards adventure-seekers and those with vehicles they can take just about anywhere. Because of this, they usually have a lifted frame with rugged wheels and a durable exterior. In other words, you can expect quality.

Lastly, squaredrop campers have a contemporary look with flat surfaces and straight lines. Many people prefer this style over the classic teardrop. Of course, this all comes down to personal preference. 

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What Are the Benefits of a Teardrop Trailer? 

Teardrop campers have an aerodynamic design. Their sloping shape allows air to flow around them with little resistance as you drive. This helps with gas mileage, and it’s why teardrops have remained popular throughout the years. 

Moreover, most teardrops have a kitchen area. They typically have a hatch in the back that you can lift to reveal a stovetop, small refrigerator or cooler, storage space, and even a pull-out table. These kitchens seamlessly built into the teardrop shape appeals to many. 

Can You Make a Squaredrop Camper?

If you have a budget in mind, you might wonder if you can build your own. The answer to this question is: absolutely. In fact, you can DIY a squaredrop camper much easier than a teardrop because of its shape. 

You won’t have to worry about creating a complicated frame since you just need to build a box. However, make sure you start with a good-quality trailer as your base.  

The Best Squaredrop Campers

Are you still not sure if a squaredrop camper is for you? Below are a few incredible trailers to consider when dreaming about all your future adventures. 

1. 2022 6×8 Rugged Rhino

Image courtesy of Tiny Camper Company

Are you looking for a small-yet-robust off-roading camper? If so, explore the Rugged Rhino. This little beast weighs only 1,090 lbs dry and comes with an indestructible Rhino lining with a warranty. 

Additionally, it has powder-coated Jeep fenders, 15” wheels, and beautiful hardwood floors. And this small and easy-to-tow squaredrop has a small kitchen area in the back.

2. Smidge Dram Squaredrop Camper

Image courtesy of Smidge Teardrop Campers

The Smidge Dram is another squaredrop camper that comes with all the bells and whistles and an easy towing experience. At just over 1,800 lbs, you can easily tow it with a crossover or SUV. And it even comes with a full kitchen in the back. 

Like the Rugged Rhino, the Smidge Dram doesn’t lack in quality, either. It has a European birch plywood interior, a 170W solar panel and controller, alloy wheels, off-road tires, and a seamless fiberglass roof.  

3. Mammoth Overland 

Are you ready for one of the coolest squaredrop trailers you’ll ever see? The Mammoth Overland sits low tows easily over all different kinds of terrain. 

Believe it or not, it comes with a 21-gallon water tank, on-demand hot water, a shower, and a full kitchen in the back. You truly won’t need anything extra in this little rig.

Are Squaredrop Campers Better Than Teardrop Campers?

Whether or not you choose a squaredrop camper over a teardrop depends on your personal preferences and camping style. If you enjoy venturing off the beaten path, you definitely might prefer a squaredrop. 

Like we mentioned before, they’re built with adventurers in mind. Nevertheless, many people love the aerodynamic shape of the classic teardrop trailer. And not everyone wants to traverse challenging landscapes. Really, the choice is up to you.

What would you choose: a squaredrop or a teardrop? Let us know in the comments below.

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