Who Makes Prevost RV?

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A Prevost RV outside by palm trees.

Prevost is a Canadian company that manufactures luxury RVs. Prevost RVs are known for being high-quality products backed by excellent customer service. If you want a top-of-the-line RV, then put Prevost at the top of your list.

The company has a variety of converter partners that help them build different types of RVs. Their premier conversion partners include Marathon Coach, Liberty Coach, Emerald Luxury Coaches, Millennium Luxury Coaches, and Featherlite Coach.

Let’s dive in and learn more about who makes Prevost RVs and why so many people who enjoy traveling in comfort and style choose them.

About Prevost Motorhomes

Prevost builds the platform, which converts into a luxury RV. It started 95 years, partners with several premier converter companies. These partners take a fully-integrated Prevost stainless steel chassis and turn it into the motorhome of your dreams.

Prevost is known for providing one of the industry’s strongest, safest, and most durable chassis. Their conversion partners add expertise to provide the design, attention to detail, and craftsmanship that makes Prevost RVs the most sought-after luxury motorhomes on the road.

A Prevost RV outside.
Source: Prevost RV

Who Makes Prevost Motorhomes?

Prevost Motorhomes are built by Prevost Car, a subsidiary of Volvo Bus Corporation. The Prevost Car company has made these motorhomes since the early 1990s.

The company’s history dates to 1924, when founder Eugene Prevost, a cabinet maker, built his first wooden coach body and mounted it on an REO truck chassis. In 1945, Prevost focused his business solely on making highway-worthy motorcoaches.

By the 1980s, Prevost had become the leader in high-end motorhome conversions. Volvo Bus Corporation acquired the company in 1995.

Where Are Prevost Motorhome Chassis Built?

Prevost Car has factories in Quebec, Canada, and Plattsburgh, New York. The company builds two chassis at these two locations. The H3-45 boasts sleek, modern sides, and the most storage out of any RV. The X3-45 has classic stainless ribbed sides and 89 inches of headroom.

The inside of a Prevost RV.
Source: Prevost RV

What Engine Do Prevost RVs Use?

The Prevost Motorhome engine is a Volvo D13 turbo-charged diesel engine. Its 500 horsepower and 1,850 ft-lb of torque provide plenty of power for a luxurious ride. 

It comes fully integrated with an Allison 400MH or B500 Series transmission. The Volvo D13 powertrain configuration is considered an industry-leading standard.

How Much Does a Prevost RV Cost? 

A Prevost RV can range from around $200,000 but typically costs closer to $300,000 or more. The level of luxury and features available can affect the final cost of a Prevost RV. For example, this used 2021 Prevost Class A RV with the H3-45 Marathon Coach costs over $2 million. While you can find many under half a million, they cover a wide range of prices.

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Why Are Prevost RVs So Expensive?

Prevost Motorhome is a high-end RV brand that offers luxury and features not found in other brands. The company has built these motorhomes for decades, so they have a lot of experience in manufacturing them.

Prevost also has a variety of converter partners who help design and build different types of motorhomes. These factors all contribute to the higher price tag.

The Prevost Motorhome Converter Partners

Prevost’s converter partners are the ones that will take the chassis that you choose and turn it into the luxury motorhome of your dreams. Its immaculate attention to detail and craftsmanship sets a Prevost RV apart from any other motorhome.

Marathon Coach

Marathon Coach is based in Coburg, Oregon, and has been in business since 1983. As the largest Prevost converter, Marathon has built over 1,300 Prevost coaches to date. Marathon Coach offers a variety of Prevost models, including the XLII, marathon’s flagship Prevost coach.

A Marathon Coach Prevost RV outside by the mountains.
Source: Prevost RV

Liberty Coach

Liberty Coach is based in North Liberty, Indiana, and finished its first coach in 1968. The company has been responsible for virtually every major engineering breakthrough since it completed its first Prevost conversion in 1979.

Known for its Prevost Elegant Lady coaches, Liberty builds 14-16 per year, with nearly all being custom orders.

Emerald Luxury Coaches

Emerald Luxury Coaches is based in Fort Worth, Texas, and has built Prevost motorhomes since 2004. Also, Emerald has various Prevost models, including the Emerald Elite and the Emerald Avantgarde.

Millennium Luxury Coaches

Millennium Luxury Coaches, based in Sanford, Florida, has built Prevost motorhomes since 2008. Additionally, Millennium offers a variety of models, including the Prevost Paradigm and Prevost H3-45 VIP.

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Featherlite Coaches

Featherlite Coaches, based in Indio, California, has built Prevost motorhomes since 2009. Additionally, Featherlite offers a variety of models, including the Prevost Featherlite and Prevost Serenity.

A bedroom inside a Prevost RV.
Source: Prevost RV

Is a Prevost RV Worth the Money? 

There is no simple answer to this question. Prevost RVs offer luxury and features not found in other RV brands. If you want a motorhome that provides a luxurious experience, then Prevost may be the right choice.

They are some of the most expensive RVs on the market, but they also offer the most features and luxury. If you need a high-end RV with all the bells and whistles, then a Prevost is worth consideration.

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