Is the #1 Selling Travel Trailer Even the Best?

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A couple in front of their travel trailer.

Travel trailers are one of the go-to options for people looking to get outdoors and still have some of the comforts of home.

They work great for a weekend getaway to a local campground or a cross-country road trip. When investing in a travel trailer, you don’t want to buy just any rig. You want the best.

So is the top-selling travel trailer the best? Today, we’re taking a close look at the number one selling travel trailer and seeing if it’s worth considering. Let’s get started.

What Is a Travel Trailer?

You’ve likely seen a travel trailer if you spend time on highways or in campgrounds. Due to the various sizes and their lower price tags, travel trailers are the most popular type of RV. They first came on the scene in the early 1950s and have grown in popularity in recent years as more individuals and families want to get outdoors.

These trailers attach to the vehicle’s bumper, which means you can tow them with trucks, vans, or other capable cars. Because of how they connect to the tow vehicle, many refer to them as “bumper pull” trailers. Some owners specially designed hitch systems to help with weight distribution to create a smoother towing experience.

You’ll find travel trailers ranging from 13’ to 40’ long with practically an infinite number of floorplans. Some of these rigs have multiple bathrooms and bedrooms for housing up to 10 people. The solid walls provide increased security and insulation from the weather conditions compared to pop-up trailers with canvas sides.

What Is the #1 Selling Travel Trailer? 

Jayco’s Jay Flight is the number one selling travel trailer and has been for more than a decade. The versatility of the product line makes it an excellent option for a variety of people and camping styles. Whether you enjoy camping in campgrounds or boondocking, you have many options to consider. It’s an excellent choice for a couple or the largest families.  

A Jayco Flight travel trailer.
Source: Jayco

About the Jayco Jay Flight

Jayco has made RVs since the 1960s and introduced the Jay Flight in 2001. Prices start at $40,664, but you get the benefits of Jayco’s superior construction and beloved features in all of their units. 

Recently, Jayco has upgraded the interior and began including some of the most sought-after smart technologies into their RVs.

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The variety of floorplans leads many to choose Jayco’s Jay Flight travel trailer. They have plenty of family-friendly options that provide generous room for everyone. Whether you need to sleep four or 14, you can find a Jay Flight floor plan for you.

Jayco appears to target families with the Jay Flight lineup. A majority of their layouts in this line include bunk beds. However, they’ve got non-bunk options too. 

However, the Jay Flight lineup doesn’t offer a floorplan with multiple bathrooms. A single bathroom for a rig that sleeps 14 will frequently result in a long line, especially in the morning and before bed.

An inside look of a Jayco Flight travel trailer kitchen.
Source: Jayco


Jayco has decades of experience. They’ve honed in and nearly perfected the art of making high-quality RVs. One example of this is their use of the Magnum Truss roof system, one of the strongest RV roofs.

This process involves using screws instead of staples, 7” header beams, and upgraded nail plates and components for added stability. However, the roof isn’t the only spot where you can see Jayco’s quality construction.

Using galvanized steel wheel wells protects the rig should you experience a tire blowout. A tire blowout can do thousands of dollars in damage to your travel trailer, so the added reinforcement can help minimize the damages. 

Speaking of wheels, while some competitors use sub-par tires on their rigs, the Jay Flight line uses nothing but high-quality and American-made Goodyear tires. A high-quality set of shoes can provide a much smoother and worry-free towing experience.


When you look at the Jay Flight line’s features, you can see that Jayco has been listening to its customers. You’ll find some of the most popular options that customers value in an RV. Items like an outdoor shower, power awnings, and a power tongue jack all come standard. 

However, you can also upgrade to multiple air conditioning units, solar power packages, and upgraded seating and bed sizes. The Jay Flight line has evolved into one of the most capable travel trailers available.

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The bedroom inside a Jayco Flight travel trailer.
Source: Jayco

Are Jayco Travel Trailers Well-Built?

Jayco travel trailers, like all RVs, aren’t perfect. However, Jayco has a reputation for being well-built. The company uses high-quality materials during construction and decades of experience to create some of the most well-built RVs. 

Their solid build starts from the ground up using custom frames instead of cookie-cutter ones outsourced to larger companies.

What Is the Most Reliable Brand of Travel Trailer?

Due to its reliability, Airstream remains one of the most iconic and sought-after travel trailers. These rigs use an aluminum body, which helps avoid the typical problems many owners experience as their RVs age. 

Airstream even claims that approximately 70% of all the Airstreams built remain on the road today. If that doesn’t give you some assurance when buying a trailer, we’re not sure what else could.

Two beer cans in a camper cookie in front of a Jay flight travel trailer.

Do Travel Trailers Hold Their Value? 

Because travel trailers are often in high demand, they do a decent job holding their value. According to NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association), RVs are typically worth 60% of their original value after five years. 

So if you spend $40,000 on an RV in 2022, you can expect it to be worth around $24,000 come 2027. However, it’s important to remember that it could be worth exponentially less if you fail to do routine maintenance or repairs.

People typically don’t buy a travel trailer as a financial investment. However, they can serve as a great investment in making memories with your loved ones. Instead of seeing it as a financial loss, focus on the lifetime of memories and experiences you’ll create. 

Is Jayco the Best Travel Trailer? You Tell Us 

The Jayco brand has grown tremendously over the years. They’ve listened to the demands of their customers and take tremendous pride in their products. 

While not all that choose Jayco are happy campers, they’ve got an extensive record of satisfied customers. Many happy campers will likely consider a Jayco RV as their next rig. 

So what do you think? Is Jayco the best travel trailer?

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