Top 5 Luxury RVs You Wish You Could Afford

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The RVs on this list will blow your mind! More like luxurious homes than RVs, these luxury rigs will make your jaw drop, and your wallet tremble. From companies that build for the ultra-rich and famous to well-known names in the RV industry, here are the top 5 luxury RVs you wish you could afford.

Anderson Mobile Estates

The name implies it all: Anderson Mobile Estates… these are truly mobile estates. These luxury RVs are seriously out of this world! This luxury fifth wheel trailer company creates custom-built luxury coaches – whatever you can dream up, they can custom build. Including the finest woods, the finest marble – in one coach, they even installed 14 TVs!

The Anderson family has been working with the top 1% for over three decades. They’ve worked with celebrities like Will Smith, Vin Diesel, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Whitney Houston, and so many more – creating luxury coaches that will truly blow your mind.

Anderson Mobile Estates holds a patent on a 2-story expandable trailer making these luxury RVs truly feel like mansions on wheels. Anderson Mobile Estates boast RVs with 1,200 sqft of space, multiple stories, master bedrooms, rooftop decks, and more. These top-of-the-line mansions on wheels come in at a price tag of around 2 million dollars.

eleMMent Palazzo Superior by Marchi Mobile

The eleMMent Palazzo Superior by Marchi Mobile looks like a futuristic rocket-ship style motorhome from the outside. On the inside, this luxury RV looks nothing like a traditional motorhome. Palazzo means Palace in Italian, and this motorhome truly is a palace on wheels.

The exterior of the Palazzo Superior is made of carbon fiber with a panoramic helicopter-inspired windshield. The interior features 2-inch thick walls for insulation in even the most extreme temperatures – imagine going off-grid in this thing! The large master bedroom features a king-sized bed truly fit for a king… the mattress is manufactured by the same company that supplies the British Royal Family.

Perhaps the coolest feature of all is the Sky Lounge – an automatic lift system rises out of the top of the coach to create a walled-in rooftop deck! An exterior stairwell leads up to the Sky Lounge – which has integrated furniture and even heated floors. Mind = blown. Could you see yourself in this luxurious home on wheels? A cool 3 million dollars and it could be yours!

Newmar King Aire 4553

This luxury RV comes in at just under 1 million dollars from a brand known for high-end motorhomes. This motor coach features all the amenities that you’d expect in a luxury motorhome and more. The cockpit of this coach features premium leather driver and passenger seats with massage, heat and cool functionality, a tri-view camera system for a 360-degree view while driving, and lane departure warning and collision monitoring, just to name a few. 

The living area of this luxury RV is customizable to suit your tastes using the highest quality leathers and fixtures – you’d expect no less in an RV called King Aire. This RV, which Newmar refers to as the jewel in Newmar’s crown, is truly fit for a king. It would fit in perfectly at any of our top luxury RV resorts.

Foretravel ih-45

The ih-45 is an amazingly luxurious coach by Foretravel. Each ih-45 is carefully designed by licensed designers and constructed carefully – paying meticulous attention to every beautiful detail.

This luxury RV comes in at around the 1.4 million dollar price tag and it’s not hard to see why! Built on a Spartan Chassis, the exterior of the ih-45 is beautiful, sleek, and luxurious. With tons of exterior storage and a towing capacity of 20k pounds, you can bring everything you own in this RV. 

On the interior, the ih-45 has custom laminate cabinetry, pocket doors, electric floor heat, granite countertops, a dishwasher, a luxury king bed, tons of storage, and so much more. 

Prevost H3-45 VIP

The 2.5 million dollar Prevost H3-45 VIP by Marathon Coach is seriously an RV of luxury. Marathon Coaches build high-quality luxury motorhomes on Prevost Chassis’, and the H3-45 VIP is a marvel. These coaches are custom built and feature beautiful design, all the way down to the patterns on the floor. The H3-45 VIP has the most storage space of any of the Prevost coaches and the power to carry it all. 

The exterior of this coach features a 50 inch TV and 8-foot awnings for a luxurious outdoor living experience. The interior features a beautiful design, high-quality fixtures and furniture, and a comfortable and safe driving experience including 360-degree view exterior driving cameras. 

These RVs are huge, luxurious, and expensive! Traveling in any of these mansions on wheels would be an awesome experience – just imagine watching the sunset from your Sky Lounge!

  1. I would buy a Solutude if I could afford anything!
    We have a Toyhauler now, but I would rather have a Solitude and be a full-timer!

  2. At Ashton’s income level, spending that kind of money for a super high end trailer is akin to a “average” person, buying an “average” RV. The same can be said for most others buying $1M plus RV’s. I live fairly close to where Marathon Coaches were built in the 70’s -90’s. They go for about $1M plus back then. They didn’t have much inventory sitting around on the lot and had plenty of custom orders for a lot higher $$$. Conversely I have several high income / net worth clients that if you saw them on the street or campground; you’d wonder how they can afford a small modest RV.

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