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Tall carport installed over a large fifth wheel
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When you’re not using your RV, you’ll need a place to store it. A DIY RV carport can help you save money if you have the space for it. The more money you can save, the more money you’ll have to spend on future camping adventures.

Today, we’re sharing with you all about RV carports and why a DIY RV carport might be your next home project. Let’s get started!

The Benefits Of Using a Carport for Your RV

You’ll need a place to store your RV when you’re not using it. Paying for a spot to store your rig at a storage facility can cost hundreds of dollars every month. Not only are the financial benefits worth considering, but a carport can also provide some security for your RV. We’ve heard horror stories of other users damaging RVs at storage facilities. 

If you have the space to store your rig at home, you don’t want your RV sitting out in the sun. The sun and other weather elements can increase the wear and tear on your trailer. The sealant that protects your windows and roof can develop cracks and begin to peel. Keeping your RV covered is the best way to store it. However, covered storage spots can be more expensive and difficult to find. This is especially true in areas where RVing is a popular recreational activity.

It’s often perfectly legal to build your carport. However, you may need to acquire a building permit. Permit requirements will vary depending on where you live. It would be best to start researching weeks or months before you plan to install a DIY RV carport. 

Give yourself time to gather the necessary information or adjust the land. You want the entire installation process to be smooth. Rushing through the process can cause issues and cost you money.

How Tall Does An RV Carport Need to Be?

The height of a DIY RV carport will depend on the height of your actual RV. For a majority of RVs, a 12’ carport will be sufficient. This allows for various RV sizes and offers a decent amount of space for roof maintenance.

If you’re towing a large motorhome or fifth wheel, you’ll likely need an RV carport closer to 16’ tall. Large RVs are no more elevated than 13’6”, but you want enough room to climb up on the roof when necessary. 

A finished diy rv carport.

How to Measure for Your Carport

To measure your carport, you will need your RV’s dimensions and how you plan to use it. Are you simply looking for a place to park your RV when you’re not using it? Or are you planning to open your slides and use your RV occasionally or even full-time when it sits under the carport?

You’ll need to consider the width of your RV with the slides open when measuring for your carport. If you want extra space for seating or a table under the carport, make sure you factor that into your measurements. You don’t want to spend a chunk of change on a carport that you don’t like in the end.

Choosing Your Build Location

The best place to put your RV carport will depend on your unique situation. It would help if you had a level and flat surface to place it, but you also want to consider any electrical connections or sewer hookups that you might want to use with your RV. 

When selecting the spot for your DIY RV carport, you also want to consider how easy it will be to access. You don’t want to put it in a location that will make parking your rig challenging. If you already have a spot where you park, it could be a location that needs a bit of preparation to make it an excellent site.

Preparing the Ground

Whether making a DIY RV carport or hiring a professional, you’ll need to prepare the ground. You’ll need a flat and level spot to place your RV carport. If the soil is unlevel, you’ll need heavy machinery to move some dirt.

Many RV owners lay a gravel base or pour a concrete slab to create a solid surface for their rig to sit. This provides a foundation for your RV carport and makes it easy to level your RV if you choose to use it while it’s in your carport.

DIY Options for Your RV Carport

If you want to save a few bucks and go the DIY route for your RV carport, it’s possible. Here are a few options for you to consider for your DIY RV carport. Let’s take a look!

Buy A Kit

If you have the tools and a couple of extra hands, you may be able to save a tremendous amount of money on the installation. It may cost you a couple of pizzas and a case or two of your favorite beverage, but it’s a much cheaper option.

You can buy generic or prefabricated DIY RV carport kits that are relatively simple to install. It’s a good idea to read through any instructions or tools lists in advance to have everything you might need.

Use PVC Piping

If you have a smaller camper, PVC piping can be an excellent material for your DIY RV carport. PVC pipe is lightweight and readily available at most home improvement stores. You can also find many different connectors to get the exact shape you need for your carport.

PVC piping may be a great option, but you’ll want to ensure it’s secure. It’s very lightweight, and once you place the roof on top, the wind can catch the carport and send it flying. Make sure you anchor the posts to avoid any wind-related issues.

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Build With Solid Wood

While some of the other options were portable, using solid wood is more permanent. You’ll need to use sturdy pieces of wood as the pillar supports, and they’ll anchor into the ground with cement.

These are solid structures that are more resistant to the elements and can last for decades.  These structures take a bit more technical skill but are great options if you have building experience.

A finished diy rv carport made of wood.

How Much Can You Save By DIYing Your RV Carport?

A DIY RV carport is a significant investment to keep your RV in good condition for years to come. Going the DIY route can save you thousands of dollars in delivery and installation. It can be worth it if you have the skills, tools, and time to do it yourself. However, it’s not the simplest of tasks and will require at least an extra set of hands or two. 

Do you want an RV carport for storing your rig?

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