The Best Mini Campers of 2022

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A NuCamp mini camper parked outside in the fall

Mini campers are gaining popularity due to their generally affordable prices, ease of towing, and all-around cuteness.

A mini camper is a camper that’ll get you the basics of dry camping while making even the most remote destination available.

Mini campers are a cinch to tow, and you can haul them with most vehicles.

In this post, we’ll discuss the basics of mini campers and unpack our list of the ten best mini campers for 2022. 

What Is Considered a Mini Camper? 

A mini, or ‘micro,’ camper is any camper weighing in at 500-3,000 pounds. You can tow them with a more extensive range of vehicles than typical travel trailers.

Manufacturers and custom builders all produce mini campers. They are budget-friendly, and you can find them in the $1,000-$30,000+ price range.

Mini campers generally won’t include amenities like a kitchen, sink, or bathroom because they’re basic campers that’ll keep you comfortably sheltered from the elements. Mini campers sometimes have more luxury camper benefits, like wet or dry bathrooms, outdoor kitchens, etc.

Benefits Of Buying a Mini Camper

The benefits of buying a mini camper are many. Anyone who has towed a large travel trailer will appreciate the flexibility and accessibility of a less-than 3,000-pound camper.

You’ll have access to tight spaces in national parks, forests, and other off-the-beaten-path destinations. Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the benefits of a mini camper: 

Easier to Tow 

You can tow mini campers by virtually any car.

They don’t have as many limitations regarding tow vehicles. This way, you can save money by using the vehicle you already own.

More Campsites to Choose From 

National parks like Joshua Tree feature epic campsites. However, they are often quite tight, sometimes limited to campers under 15 feet.

You could roll in with a mini camper rather than miss out on these sites.

Less Maintenance 

Because mini campers usually don’t feature state-of-the-art amenities, they are much easier to maintain.

You’ll have zero appliances to keep up with, less weight to throw around, and often no bathroom or water pipes to repair.

How Much Does a Mini Camper Cost in 2022? 

Mini campers can range from around $1,000 to over $50,000. The lower-priced units will be more DIY but are still generally high quality.

Mini campers in the $20k+ range will feature a broader array of amenities, and RV manufacturers will often build them. Mini camper costs depend on the amenities you’d like in your rig. 

Best Mini Campers Of 2022

These are our top 10 picks for mini campers of 2022. We chose these mini campers based on their affordability relative to amenities, overall look, and ease of towing. Let’s get started!

Happier Camper HC1 Trailer

Happier Camper is all about creating a limitless adventure for all. They feature a luxury line of mini-campers offering an array of amenities in a tiny space.

Special Features: Happier Camper’s Adaptiv™ technology allows you to choose from several custom floorplans to turn your camper into what you want it to be.

Cost: You could start a Happier Camper price at around $10-20k, but that would only get you a shell. To get a fully-equipped Happier Camper, you’d be looking in the $40-$70k price range, depending on the amenities you want. 

A Happier mini camper parked outside
Source: Happier Camper

Little Guy Mini Max

The Mini Max is a small camper that’s big on amenities. It’s also the ideal companion for most tiny SUVs and well-equipped crossovers.

Special Features: We love that the manufacturers make them in Pennsylvania. They feature a residential-style wet bath and sleep two to three people.

Cost: Starting at $39,000 and up to $79,000, depending on customizations.  

#3 Casita Heritage

This lightweight camper is ideal for larger families and solo travelers. Casita is a longstanding camper manufacturer that puts out some fantastic travel vehicles. 

Special Features: We like that this is one of the few mini-campers featuring a bath and a shower. Casita’s fiberglass design also leads to amazing durability and insulation. 

Cost: Starts at $26,694 and can go beyond $50,000 depending on add-ons and customizations. 

The bedroom area of a Casista Heritage mini camper
Source: Casita Travel Trailers

NuCamp Tagt XL

This uber-popular mini-camper is lightweight and easy to tow. It fits many of the comforts of home into a micro package.

Special Features: The T@G’s Stargazer Window is one of our favorite features of the T@G that we think makes it stand above the crowd. This and their solar options, deep sinks, and ample LP/battery storage are a few of the things that make the NuCamp one of our favorites.

Cost: T@G campers start around $20,000 and can increase to $60,000 if you deck yours out. 

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Winnebago Micro Minnie

As one of the most prominent mini campers on our list, this one packs a punch in a micro space. The Micro Minnie is just seven feet wide but has impressive features and spacious floorplans, so you can have all you want in a handy package.

Special Features: Big kitchens, cavernous storage, and outdoor speakers/TV make this camper an exceptional breed.

Cost: The Micro Winnie starts at $37,182 and moves to $55k+. 

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Kodiak Stealth Model 

Rustic Trail Teardrops make the Kodiak. Rustic Trail is a family-owned trailer manufacturer in the mountains of North Carolina.    

Special Features: The Kodiak Stealth Model is an off-road friendly rig that’ll allow you to boondock in style for extended periods. We love the air-conditioner and the customization options for the interior.  

Cost: Starting at $20,350, Kodiak Stealth pricing can run as high as $40,000. 

A Kodiak Stealth Model mini camper
Source: Rustic Trail

Sun-Ray 109 Mini Camper

Like a modern version of the teardrop, the Sun-Ray mini brings modern style and tech into the teardrop world.

Special Features: RVers will love how lightweight and maneuverable this trailer is. It allows you to boondock and explore rustic sites no matter how tight they may be.

Cost: Starting at $12,995 and going up to $20,000, the Sun-Ray is one of the most affordable on our list. 

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Aspen Classic Mini Camper

Part tent, part camper, this unique trailer will get you anywhere you want to go at an affordable price.

Special Features: This mini camper is a hardshell popup tent. You can tow it with any vehicle, even a motorcycle. There are very few mini campers that can make this claim.

Cost: Starting at $845, the Aspen can go up to $2,000, depending on the accessories.  

Scamp 13’ Standard Travel Trailers

Don’t let the ‘Standard’ name fool you. Scamps are some of the best mini campers on the market.

Special Features: Scamps feature sleek design, kitchens, bathrooms, and the support of a long-standing, family-run company. Scamps are also very customizable. They allow you to flex the features and price to your liking.

Cost: Scamps start at $15,000 and can list up to $30,000+ depending on options. 

Pro Tip: Before you purchase a Scamp mini camper, let’s see if Scamp Campers are worth the hype!

A product photo of a Scamp mini camper
Source: Scamp Trailers

Intech RV Flyer Chase

A combination of a mini camper and a tent, the Flyer Chase is one of the most versatile micro campers on the market. It allows you to easily tow with any vehicle while enjoying ample space, thanks to the attached tent.

Special Features: The trailer has an aluminum, fully-welded cage frame with an opening at the back that allows the attached tent to pop out. The result is a unique combination of trailer/tent that allows for max space and flexibility regarding your campsite location.

Cost: Starting at $13,174 and moving up to $18,000+, these are some of the most affordable rigs on the market. 

Is a Mini Camper Worth the Investment?

The short answer is yes! While these campers can be relatively more expensive than more spacious trailers on a feature-per-dollar front, their simplicity, flexibility, and customizability make them a worthy choice.

Anyone who wants to tow with a smaller vehicle and reach tighter destinations will appreciate a mini camper.

The market for mini campers and the companies manufacturing them are on the rise, so you won’t see a shortfall in support if you purchase a mini camper in the coming years. 

Which mini camper on our list would you prefer?

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