Are Fiberglass Campers Better Than Other RVs?

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A truck towing a fiberglass camper

If you don’t want to invest in a big, bulky RV, you may want to consider a fiberglass camper.

With their aerodynamic construction, lightweight footprint, and seemingly endless life span, these travel trailers can get you on the road to a campsite.

From simple utilitarian campers to luxurious fifth wheels, you’ll surely find one model to suit your camping needs and fuel budget.

So, if a durable, lightweight travel trailer interests you, we discovered the benefits of these strong yet maneuverable campers!

What Is a Fiberglass Camper? 

Fiberglass is a plastic compound reinforced with glass fibers, giving it strength without the heavy weight of wood.

RVs using fiberglass benefit from the material’s lightweight and seamless construction.

Fiberglass campers are made from molds of all shapes and sizes. Most don’t have sharp corners. That means a trailer made of fiberglass usually has a more rounded shape, making it more streamlined.

Are Fiberglass Travel Trailers Better? 

Fiberglass campers have many benefits over their aluminum counterparts. They are lightweight but still strong. And because of their curved corners, fiberglass campers are more aerodynamic, which may save you more fuel costs.

These travel trailers and motor coaches are usually more durable than metal-framed RVs. With a gel coating, a fiberglass rig will remain cleaner and shinier. 

One huge advantage to owning a fiberglass camper is that they are molded and don’t have seams. There will be no worries about leaks or the mold that comes with them.

When well maintained, these RVs will retain their value much better than other products.

Which Campers Are Made of Fiberglass? 

Looking at the top-selling brands of fiberglass campers, we have concluded that dependable, high-quality rigs well represent this niche in the RV market.

Just take a look at the lineup below for the best fiberglass products available today!

Casita Travel Trailers

Building fiberglass campers since 1983, Casita Travel Trailers manufactures high-quality RVs one at a time in a small production facility in Rice, Texas.

Their rigs are well-known and easily recognizable on the road as they become increasingly popular.

You can upgrade each Casita from the Standard floorplan. The upgrade comes with a double bed, dinette, kitchen area, and bunk option to a Deluxe plan.

This plan replaces the bunk with a wet shower and toilet.

A Casita Travel trailer fiberglass camper parked outside
Source: Casita Travel Trailers

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Oliver Travel Trailers

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line luxury travel trailer, Oliver has you covered. Known as the high-end fiberglass camper king, this small family-owned company began creating trailers in 2007.

It aims to build the “best superior quality camper trailer on the market.” They’ve done so by manufacturing travel trailers with double fiberglass hulls that will last a lifetime.


This small Canadian company has been building fiberglass trailers since 2002.

It started with lightweight models that measured only 12 feet and 14 feet long. Today they have five models.

That even includes a fiberglass fifth wheel and ranges from 17 feet to 22 feet long.

Two models have additional floorplans, adding a wet bath or a platform bed. We think you will see more Escapes on American roads soon!

View of the bedroom in an escape fiberglass camper
Source: Escape Trailers

Scamp Trailers 

Scamp Trailers have been producing fiberglass campers longer than anyone in the RV industry.

The company built 500 travel trailers in its first year, 1975. It has continued to grow with more interest in lightweight, durable trailers.

They offer 13-foot and 16-foot trailers, along with a 19-foot fifth wheel.

Additionally, all models have upgradable options like adding a wet bath. With their 13-foot model, which weighs only 1,500 pounds, Scamp has cornered the market on small ultralight travel trailers.

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NuCamp produces the popular line of teardrop campers. In fact, it’s the largest producer of teardrops in the world, with a lineup of four different models.

RVers can marvel at the mini teardrop trailers, which are just under 14 feet long from hitch to end. The teardrop campers are 15 feet long but allow you to stand up inside.

There are also the clamshell campers, which put your kitchen outdoors, and the full-on TAB 400, a 19-foot long travel trailer. 

A truck towing a NuCamp fiberglass camper

How Long Does a Fiberglass Camper Last? 

Fiberglass campers should last a minimum of 10 years, but with good maintenance, their lives can be extended to 20 years and beyond.

With a gel coat over the exterior, graphics still look new, and the trailers are extremely easy to keep clean and in good working order. 

Do Fiberglass Trailers Leak? 

Fiberglass is a strong intertwined material that’s a barrier to moisture and an insulator.

As most travel trailers are constructed by molds, there may be no seams or one where two shells meet. So, there’s little to no way for water to get into a fiberglass camper.

How Do You Clean a Fiberglass Camper? 

Much like washing a car, you can clean a fiberglass camper with one cup of liquid laundry detergent mixed with one gallon of water.

Wash the camper with this mixture using soft cloths or a soft brush.

Once you’ve rinsed it and allowed it to dry, use a product that includes methyl ethyl ketone to remove any grease or road grime that didn’t come off in the washing.

Then apply an RV wax, buffing it with a cloth or a soft buffer to restore shine to the vehicle.

Keep in Mind: Clean your RV like a pro with some of our favorite RV Cleaning Products!

A truck towing a fiberglass camper

How Do You Protect Fiberglass From the Sun? 

You can restore the gel coat on a fiberglass camper by applying a product like Gel Gloss or a boat product called Total Boat Gel Coat.

The gel coat is applied like wax and then buffed, leaving behind a protectant against UV rays.

Consider a Fiberglass Camper for Your Next Rig

A fiberglass camper can be a decent investment, as you will have a dependable and sturdy trailer in your camping portfolio.

And at a time with fuel prices may limit the amount of travel some RVers can accomplish, owning a lightweight, aerodynamic home on wheels may allow you to visit your favorite campsites without worry.

If you have never considered a fiberglass travel trailer, now may be the time to take a look at them.

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