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If you’ve walked through campers at an RV show or on a dealer lot, many mainline brands start to look the same. The floorplans aren’t unique, the interior decor is brown, and the cabinetry and materials are similar.

Particularly if you’re looking for a fifth wheel, you’ll find that although they have different brands printed on the front, many appear to be manufactured with the same construction.

But did you know you could get a wine cooler, a 3-stage water filter, a MORryde sliding tray, and a solar package all from the factory? If you’re looking for luxury and quality, it’s time to look at the Luxe Gold fifth-wheel lineup.

But you won’t find these units at an RV show or on dealer lots. They’re specially crafted for individual owners. Let’s look closer at this high-end manufacturer and the floorplans in the Luxe Gold line!

About Luxe

Luxe is one of the premier luxury fifth wheel and toy hauler manufacturers. Along with other high-end towable brands like DRV and Starcraft, Luxe takes pride in producing full-time ready units with residential finishes.

Luxe RVs aren’t delivered to dealer lots. These models are sold factory-direct. They are built for the individual owners. This means a Luxe doesn’t experience the same wear and tear as mainline brands that sit on dealer lots. You don’t have hundreds of people walking through your unit before ownership.

This process also allows owners to customize their space. If you want to replace a dresser with a slide-out vanity, you can. If you want to add on a solar package, you can. If you want a macerator toilet instead of a standard one, you can make that change, also. You’re not only getting top quality, but you’re also getting exactly what you want in a full-time ready rig.

What Makes Luxe Fifth Wheels Unique?

Luxe fifth wheels are built with the freshest materials possible. These products are bought when your RV is ordered and don’t sit in a warehouse. The units are also built for full-time use year-round.

Luxe fifth wheels have vacuum-bonded 3-inch composite side walls. Even the slide-out walls receive the same insulation.

Other features that make Luxe fifth wheels unique include hardwood cabinetry, an enclosed triple-insulated double radiant barrier flooring, hand-laid tile, insulated water lines, a 6-point auto leveling system, and stunning high-end full-body paint.

Interior shot of a Luxe fifth wheel with brown couches and cabinets.
Source: Luxe

What Types of RVs Does Luxe Manufacture?

Luxe produces high-quality fifth wheels and toy haulers. The Luxe Gold fifth wheels are smaller than the Elite series but still built with the same attention to detail and top construction.

There are four Luxe Gold floorplans and five Luxe Elite options. The Luxe Toy Hauler line offers five floorplans ranging from 45 feet 6 inches to over 48 feet long.

A Breakdown of Luxe Gold Fifth Wheels

The Luxe Gold fifth wheels are advertised as “a true full-time fifth wheel in a smaller Luxe package.” The builder tool allows owners to customize their unit upon choosing a floorplan. For example, the Luxe Gold 35GRS starts at $173,600.

But if you’d like to upgrade to a hickory finish, include a dishwasher, or add a generator, you have those options. Depending on the customizations and floorplan, your Luxe Gold fifth wheel will range from $173,000 to $223,000. Let’s look closer at each of the four floorplans.

Luxe Gold 35GRS

Length: 36 feet 9 inches
GVWR: 21,000 pounds
CCC: approximately 5,500 pounds
Sleeps: Three to four
MSRP: starting at $173,600

Features: The Luxe Gold 35GRS has the typical fifth wheel layout with a front bedroom and rear living area. The bedroom has a king bed, closet, and dresser. The adjacent bathroom provides easy access for owners and guests.

The kitchen/living space has theater seating, a sofa, a dinette, an entertainment center, a kitchen island, a pantry, and residential appliances. If you’re looking for the standard fifth wheel design but with top-quality finishes and construction, the Luxe Gold 35GRS is an ideal option. 

Luxe Gold 38GFB

Length: 39 feet 9 inches
GVWR: 21,000 pounds
CCC: approximately 5,100 pounds
Sleeps: Three to four
MSRP: $179,780

Features: The Luxe Gold 38GFB has a similar layout as the 35GRS but features a few changes. The kitchen has a half bath, perfect for RVers who like to entertain.

This unit also features a large ensuite. By having the half bath, guests don’t have to walk through the master bedroom to get to the bathroom. Instead, owners have a private spa-like retreat with a double vanity, huge closet, and washer and dryer hookups.

Luxe Gold 38GLS

Length: 39 feet 9 inches
GVWR: 21,000 pounds
CCC: approximately 4,800 pounds
Sleeps: Three to four
MSRP: $178,017

Features: The Luxe Gold 38GLS is the same length as the 38GFB but removes the rear ensuite. There’s a single bathroom in the center of the unit.

However, the stairs leading to the bathroom and bedroom are on the opposite side of the fifth wheel. Therefore, the bathroom is on the right rather than the left.

An additional wardrobe in the hallway provides plenty of storage for full-timers. The kitchen/living space is the same as the other units except for an added coffee bar adjacent to the kitchen island, providing additional countertop space.

Luxe Gold 41GMD

Length: 42 feet 11 inches
GVWR: 24,000 pounds
CCC: approximately 6,500 pounds
Sleeps: Five to six
MSRP: $197,490

Features: The longest of the Luxe Gold fifth wheels is the 41MD. Like the other models, the kitchen/living space is in the rear, and the master bedroom is in the front of the unit.

However, the Luxe Gold 41GMD features a mid-bunk room, ideal for traveling families or remote workers. This room has a sofa, a desk, washer and dryer hookups, and a closet.

In addition, the 41GMD offers a vanity slide option to replace the dresser at the foot of the bed in the front bedroom.

Who Is the Luxe Gold Fifth Wheel Good For?

The Luxe Gold fifth wheel line is ideal for full-timers who don’t mind spending more on quality. These models cost as much as a house in some U.S. markets. So they’re not affordable for many RVers.

Since these units are smaller than the Luxe Elite fifth wheel line, the Luxe Gold options are also better for couples who prefer a more manageable space. The GVWR is still the same – around 24,000 pounds – so owners still need a heavy-duty truck like a Ford F-450 to tow these fifth wheels. But they’re shorter than the Luxe Elite models.

Travel In Style With the Luxe Gold Fifth Wheel

Luxe is well known for its quality construction, attention to detail, and luxurious amenities. When you walk into a Luxe Gold fifth wheel, you feel like you’ve walked into a high-end apartment. It feels like a true home on wheels. A Luxe Gold fifth wheel will provide the comfort you need for full-time camping year-round if you can afford it.

Have you ever looked at the Luxe Gold fifth-wheel lineup? Would you consider one of these models?

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