Everything You Need to Know About Lower Antelope Canyon

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View of lower antelope canyon

Antelope Canyon is famous for its beauty and wondrous natural shapes.

National Geographic highlighted the spot when they featured an image of the canyon on the cover of their magazine.

Due to the fame of lower and upper Antelope Canyon, visitors should understand that this won’t be a solo tour. If you explore the canyon, you will do it with other people.

Though the upper Antelope Canyon has been the most popular over the years, there is plenty to explore in the lower canyon.

Read through a few questions and answers to discover what’s ahead when you tour lower Antelope Canyon. Let’s get started! 

Where Is Lower Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon is off Highway 98 in Page, Arizona. The area surrounding the canyon is Navajo Indian land.

Accessing the upper and lower parts of Antelope Canyon requires going through the Navajo people. 

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Lower Antelope Canyon vs. Upper Antelope Canyon

The upper and lower portions of Antelope Canyon are very different places. In the past, upper Antelope Canyon was the most sought-after by photographers for its gorgeous lighting.

The upper canyon is an A-shaped slot canyon, with streams of light shining boldly through narrow openings in the top of the rock.

The lighting for taking pictures is perfect in the upper canyon. 

However, recently the lower V-shaped canyon has also caught fire with photographers and tourists.

Touring the lower portion is less expensive than traveling the upper part, but you’re not missing out on the beauty.

The lower canyon’s lighting pours into the area, showing off the variegated colors of the rock walls.

View of lower antelope canyon

Which Is Nicer: Upper Or Lower Antelope Canyon?

Choosing which portion of the massive canyon is “nicer” than the other has everything to do with personal preference. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Some people enjoy the upper canyon for the dramatic effect the light has when it’s pouring over the sloping rock formations.

The upper canyon is also a little easier a hike for those who don’t want to exert themselves as much. 

If you explore the lower Antelope Canyon, you’ll have quite a trek ahead. You’ll squeeze through tight spaces, climb ladders and rocks, and trek through an uneven sandy floor with small boulders.

Guides in the lower canyon will show you where the good angles are if you’re trying to catch some breathtaking pictures. 

The upper antelope canyon, an easier hike than the lower antelope canyon

Can You Go to Lower Antelope Canyon Without a Tour?

Because the canyon is on the Navajo ground, the Navajo people control the area. Tours are necessary to visit the lower canyon.

You must book a tour through one of the touring companies near the canyon entrance to legally explore the area. 

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Tour Companies Approved to Give Lower Antelope Canyon Tours 

Ken’s Tours

Ken’s Tours offers three price points for touring the canyon. An introductory tour of the lower Antelope Canyon is $50 for adults and $30 for kids.

You can get a deluxe tour for $130, including a Navajo meal and some storytelling alongside the canyon tour.

The combination pack is $155, and it offers a tour of the lower canyon, a scenic horseback ride, and a two-hour boat excursion on Lake Powell.

A man taking a photo of his friends inside the lower antelope canyon
Source: @kenstours

Dixie’s Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

Dixie’s offers a different opportunity for adventure. The tour of the lower canyon is the same price as Ken’s, $50 for adults and $30 for kids.

They also offer a Let’s Cruise Tour that costs $340. The Let’s Cruise Tour is an eight-hour touring experience.

They drive you to three exploratory locations on the Navajo land. They feed you snacks and drinks, and you also get a meal. 

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What Is the Best Month to Visit? 

The best time to visit depends on what you hope to get out of your canyon exploration.

If you want the best lighting and don’t mind the crowds, summertime is the best time to see the canyon.

If you wish for fewer people and more time to soak in the sights, visiting between November and March is best. 

What Is the Best Time of Day to Go to Lower Antelope Canyon?

Lower Antelope Canyon is V-shaped. Its unique shape makes the lighting good no matter the time of day.

You’ll have good picture lighting for the lower canyon as long as it is sunny.

How Difficult Is the Lower Canyon to Hike?

The difficulty of the lower Antelope Canyon hike isn’t like climbing Everest, but you’ll need to dress comfortably in the right shoes.

The lower canyon may not be the right choice for your visit if you have mobility issues.

The trek involves climbing alongside hiking, and the floor is sand.

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View of the lower antelope canyon from outside

Is the Lower Canyon Worth Visiting?

Lower Antelope Canyon is worth visiting. You mustn’t forget that this place is trendy.

You likely won’t find the time when you can explore without people around, but don’t let the crowds ruin your joy. It’s truly a magnificent and magical place.

Ensure you book your tour well in advance to claim your spot.

When are you thinking of planning your next western adventure? 

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