Front Living Fifth Wheels You Have to See

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The kitchen and living area of a Jayco front living fifth wheel

When looking for an RV, it’s hard to narrow your search due to the many options available to you.

Do you want a front living area? What about washer and dryer hookups? Do you need an outdoor kitchen? Is having a large bedroom or having a large living room more important?

All of these questions (and more) matter when picking out the right RV for your traveling needs.

If you’ve settled on a fifth wheel and want a large area where people can gather, you’ll want to look at these front living floorplans. They offer lots of space to hang out and play games with additional sleeping space if needed.

Here are some front living fifth wheels you have to see!

What Is a Front Living Fifth Wheel? 

RVs come in many floorplans among the different types.

You can get travel trailers with rear bunk houses, Class A motorhomes with luxurious spa bathrooms, and fifth wheels with lofts. Depending on your specific needs and travel style, you may prefer one type of floorplan over another.

Fifth wheels are towable RVs with a front cap extending over the truck’s bed.

These towables weigh the most and require trucks with a high towing and payload capacity. RVers who enjoy entertaining enjoy front living fifth wheels.

This might mean hosting friends or having a family game night. The living space, which usually includes at least three seating areas, sits in the front of the RV next to the front cap.

Pros of a Front Living Fifth Wheel 

The amount of seating you can get in a front living fifth wheel beats all other types of floor plans.

It usually has two couches that extend in slide-outs with the large entertainment center in the middle of the front cap.

Across from the entertainment center, you may have another sofa or set of reclining chairs. This means front living fifth wheels can easily have accommodations for 6 to 8 people.

This large living area creates a homey feel for RVers. Usually, an electric fireplace sits underneath the television, and storage cabinets and shelves fill the spaces on the side.

This setup works great for people who enjoy entertaining guests or have large families.

Finally, a front living fifth wheel creates a separate space for guests. The couches extend into sleeping sofas if the grandkids stay over for a weekend.

The RV’s bedroom sits in the rear, so it has more privacy. You have sleeping quarters in the front and the back, so everyone feels like they have a space to call their own.

This also works well for large families with teenagers. Older kids don’t always fit in bunk beds, so having the pull-out sofas creates a more comfortable sleeping area.

Cons of a Front Living Fifth Wheel 

Front living fifth wheels can make owners feel like they have a lot of space. As a result many RVers overpack.

This leads to overloading the cargo carrying capacity of the RV. This could mean filling the underneath storage bays with tools, fishing poles, camping chairs, and other gear.

Or, if you fill up the storage inside with books, gadgets, and kitchen items, you can easily add thousands of pounds to an RV.

Having a front living fifth wheel also means guests must walk up steps to reach the entertainment space. This can be hard for people with bad knees.

Guests don’t have to climb up the stairs when the master bedroom is in the front of the unit. But with a front living floor plan, they do.

Additionally, sometimes a front living fifth wheel means a smaller kitchen and bedroom.

Because of the large entertainment space, other room sizes get reduced to maintain an appropriate length and weight. This isn’t always the case, but it can happen with some models.

Finally, some front living fifth wheels feature a front windshield, which can offer amazing views when parked facing beautiful scenery. However, you must keep it clean since it’s the room’s focal point.

This can be hard because the front of the unit faces the wind and bugs as you travel. These front windshields can also easily crack, leading to expensive repairs.

Front Living Fifth Wheels You Have to See

If you like the front living floorplan, we have nine models you have to see. Each features this large front living space, but other aspects of the floor plan and design differ.

They also range in price and length to offer great options for all types of travelers.

Vanleigh Vilano 377FL

MSRP: $141,000
Length: 42’6”

The Vanleigh Vilano 377FL features a huge cargo carrying capacity of 2,900 pounds. With a GVWR of 18,500 pounds, you’ll definitely need a heavy-duty truck to tow this front living fifth wheel.

The kitchen features a half bath, a kitchen island, and residential appliances.

Steps also lead up to the master bedroom in the rear, equipped with a king bed and a rear bathroom with double vanity.

A Vanelgih Vilano 377FL front living fifth wheel parked outside
Source: Vanleigh RV

Keystone Montana 3761FL

MSRP: $136,433
Length: 41’0”

The Keystone Montana 3761FL features a half bath, kitchen island, and residential appliances in the kitchen. Steps also lead to the master bedroom in the rear.

It features a king bed and double vanity in the rear bathroom. It has a cargo carrying capacity of 2,455 pounds and a GVWR of 16,800 pounds.

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The kitchen area of a Keystone Montana 3761FL front living fifth wheel
Source: Keystone RV

KZ Durango Gold G387FLF

MSRP: $153,000
Length: 41’11”

The KZ Durango Gold G387FLF has a huge cargo carrying capacity of 2,910 pounds but only has a GVWR of 16,200 pounds. The biggest difference between this unit and the Vilano is the placement of the washer and dryer hookups.

Those two units had hookups in the bedroom. But the Durango has the hookups in the pantry in the kitchen.

Another key difference is you have the option of replacing the free-standing dinette with a full-timer’s desk.

This is great for RVers who work on the road.

CrossRoads Cruiser 3841FL

MSRP: $114,000
Length: 42’0”

The CrossRoads Cruiser 3841FL has a different design than other units on this list. Instead of a kitchen island, the Cruiser has an L-shaped countertop with bar stools.

The sink sits off to the side with a wine bar underneath. The living space is also flipped, with the entertainment center backing up to the kitchen.

The theatre seating is positioned in the front cap underneath the windshield. The master bedroom has a king bed and a double vanity in the rear bathroom.

The entertainment center of the CrossRoads Crusier 3841FL front living fifth wheel

Forest River Arctic Wolf 3990SUITE

MSRP: $93,000
Length: 43’2″

Forest River’s Arctic Wolf 3990SUITE has a loft space above the rear master bedroom. The loft fits two 38 by 72-inch bunk bed mattresses, storage space, and a TV hookup.

The kitchen is similar to the Durango, with the washer and dryer hookups in the pantry.

This unit doesn’t have the rear bathroom common with these front living fifth-wheel floorplans. Instead, the bathroom sits between the kitchen and bedroom and is much smaller than the other models.

Jayco North Point 382FLRB

MSRP: $140,000
Length: 44′

The Jayco North Point 382FLRB features the half bath in the kitchen, kitchen island, and residential appliances that many of the other models also have.

Like the Cruiser, the North Point has the entertainment center against the kitchen instead of the front cap.

The master bedroom has a queen bed, and the rear bathroom has a large L-shaped vanity with double sinks and a walk-in shower. It has a cargo carrying capacity of 2,450 pounds and a GVWR of 16,995 pounds.

Alliance RV Paradigm 385FL

MSRP: $126,000
Length: 41’4″

The Alliance RV Paradigm 385FL uniquely has steps leading to the master bedroom located on the driver’s side of the unit. And the half bath in the kitchen sits against the passenger side.

The king bed slide-out pushes from the passenger side rather than the driver’s side.

The rear bathroom only has one sink, but underneath you have a huge basement pull-out tray for lots of storage. In addition, the kitchen island has a dishwasher prep.

Pro Tip: If you want to learn more about this new RV manufacturer, then read Who Owns Alliance RV?

Heartland Bighorn 3950FL

MSRP: $141,000
Length: 43’10”

With a cargo carrying capacity of only 2,214 pounds, the Heartland Bighorn 3950FL doesn’t offer as many storage opportunities as other units.

But the luxury kitchen with three surface workspaces and a spa bathroom with a marble-like shower and teak wood seat makes up for the limited cargo capacity.

The Bighorn comes with a half bathroom, Amish-crafted 100% hardwood cabinetry, and a king bed in the master bedroom.

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Heartland Landmark Lafayette

MSRP: $200,000
Length: 43’10”

A second Heartland unit with a front living space is the Landmark Lafayette.

It’s the most expensive option on the list and comes with a 2,697-pound cargo carrying capacity and GVWR of 18,000 pounds.

The master bedroom features a power tilting king bed and oversized walk-in closets. Like the Bighorn, the Lafayette has a spa bathroom with a marble-like shower and teak wood seat.

The kitchen features a residential-size farmhouse stainless steel sink with a butcher-block cutting board sink cover.

A spa bathroom inside a Heartland Landmark Lafayette front living fifth wheel

Live in Luxury With a Front Living Fifth Wheel

Whether you want to stay under $100,000 or are willing to spend up to $200,000, you can find some great options for luxurious living.

With these front living fifth wheels, you’ll have ample room to spread out as a family or entertain guests.

Play a game of charades or set up a taco bar to watch a big boxing match. Front living fifth wheels give you all the space you need.

Which model caught your eye?

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  1. Nice write-up. We have a 2020 Keystone Montana 3761FL and just love it. We’ve had several travel trailers and in 2020 moved to a 5th wheel. We are extremely happy with then Montana 3761FL. No regrets at all. Will it be our last camper? Ha ha! Probably not 🙂

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