Where Can You Find the Lowest Gas Prices in USA

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Gas prices have dipped in the last few weeks, but it’s anyone’s guess how long the trend will continue.

Many travelers had to change their travel plans over the previous months due to the gas prices.

If you’re still traveling, you may want to check out the states with the lowest gas prices in the USA.

We’ll gladly take any sort of relief at the pump, especially when filling up our monstrous truck.

Today, we’ll share where you can find the best gas prices in the United States. We’ll also share a few useful tips for improving your fuel economy.

Let’s get started. 

What Determines the Price of Gas?

A handful of factors go into the prices of a gallon of gas in the USA.

The largest piece of the puzzle is the price of crude oil. This accounts for nearly 70% of the cost per gallon.

However, you also have to consider taxes, distribution and marketing costs, and the cost of refining the oil into usable gasoline.

The price of crude oil fluctuates constantly based on supply and demand for a given market.

Some states have higher taxes or require more distribution and marketing costs.

This is why you’ll see a huge difference in gas prices when traveling between states.

For example, the neighboring states of Indiana and Illinois have very different gas taxes.

The gasoline tax in Illinois is 38 cents per gallon.

However, Indiana’s sits at almost double at 62.4 cents per gallon.

This can result in a drastically different price at the pump.

Where Can You Find the Lowest Gas Prices in the USA?

If you want to find the lowest gas prices, try using apps like GasBuddy. It’s a powerful resource that allows users to report the pump prices as they change.

Even in moderately populated areas, enough users update the app regularly. You can find the GasBuddy app for Apple and Android devices.

You can also zoom out to get a broader perspective of the gas prices around the USA. However, it might anger you to discover you have to pay more than neighboring states at the pump.

Don’t blame us if you want to pack your bags and move.

Another great resource for diesel owners is the Open Roads Discount Fuel Card by TSD Logistics.

This fuel card can get you crazy discounts on diesel depending on the location and time of year.

We have saved $1 per gallon on some fuel-ups.

Which U.S. State Has the Cheapest Gas?

If you’re tired of paying premium prices at the pump, consider moving to one of the states with the best fuel prices.

Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Tennessee normally have the cheapest gas prices in the USA.

This is largely due to their lower state taxes and access to fuel from refineries. 

Pro Tip: Understanding RV gas mileage will help you estimate how much you’ll spend on fuel! Here is everything you’ve ever wanted to know on RV Gas Mileage!

What Is the Average Price of Gas in the USA?

The current average price for a gallon of unleaded gas in the USA just dipped below $4 for the first time in a long time.

As of this writing, the average price is $3.99 per gallon.

As we all know, the prices we see at the pump can change very quickly.

Depending on where you live, you could pay significantly more or less than the average of the rest of the country.

If you have to pay more, keep your fingers crossed that the prices continue to drop.

A person filling up their car at one of the lowest priced gas stations in the usa

Driving Tips to Improve Miles Per Gallon

You can still do some things to improve your fuel efficiency. You may not live in a state with the lowest gas prices in the USA, but you can still save on gas.

Let’s look at a few driving tips you can keep in mind to save some miles per gallon.

Slow Down

Your speed can reduce your fuel economy by 15% to 30%, and aggressive driving in stop-and-go conditions can make it closer to 40%.

We’re not economists, but that’s wasting a lot of money.

Back off that gas pedal; you’ll be a safer driver and save fuel.

You may arrive a minute or two later, but it’ll be worth it.

An RV being towed by a truck after getting gas at one of the lowest priced gas stations in the usa

Lighten Your Load

The heavier your vehicle, the harder your engine and various components have to work.

Removing any unnecessary weight can help lighten the load for your car and allow it to use less fuel.

We’re not suggesting families leave anyone behind during a road trip.

However, we encourage you to stop carrying donation items in your trunk for months.

These add weight to your vehicle, and you can burn more fuel than necessary. 

Keep in Mind: The weight of your camper matters! Do you know how much your camper weighs?

Check Your Tires

Make it a habit to regularly check your tire pressure. If you drive around with underinflated tires, you reduce your fuel economy.

Research shows that you can increase fuel economy by 3% by having your tires inflated properly.

So if your vehicle gets 30 miles per gallon, you add approximately 1 MPG.

It may not seem like much, but every little bit helps. 

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A person checking their tire pressure to reduce fuel usage and to secure the lowest gas prices in usa

Reduce Your Fuel Bill By Searching Out the Lowest Prices

There’s no excuse for paying more at the pump than necessary.

If you want to find the lowest gas prices in the USA, use the GasBuddy app or the Open Roads Discount Diesel Fuel Card.

They can help you save a tremendous amount of money on fuel.

You should also put some tips we’ve shared into action to make the most of your fuel savings.

There’s no use in wasting fuel savings with bad driving habits.

Make the most of your fuel and enjoy stopping at gas stations less often.

Unless an electric car is in your future, you’ll need to visit the gas pumps regularly for the foreseeable future.

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