How To Find Big Rig RV Parks The Easy Way

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The biggest concern we had when buying our 42-foot fifth wheel was finding an RV park that could fit this big rig.

So, what is considered a big rig? It’s common to refer to any RV with a length of over 40 feet as a big rig.

Early on into our journey, we stumbled upon an app that makes it simple to filter out all the campgrounds that don’t explicitly state they can accommodate big rigs.

Sometimes that can eliminate all the campgrounds in an area though so we use Google Maps to look at all of the campgrounds in an area.

National Parks were high on our must-see list but we discovered that the majority of them are not big rig friendly. State parks are similar but offer more options.

That being said, over the last year of full-time RV living we have never had an issue with our big rig fitting in a campground. 

Easy button and computer keyboard

The Easy Button – Allstays

Allstays should be the first stop on your search for a big rig campground. It is available as a website or iPhone app called Allstays Camp and RV.

We have both because I love the app so much. It has a database of over 30,000 campgrounds across the US. The number of campgrounds isn’t what makes Allstays a must-have though.

The advanced filtering feature of Allstays allows you to display only the campgrounds that accept big rigs.

That’s not all though, you can add any of the other filters to narrow down even further. For example, you can narrow your search down to big rig RV resorts with 50 amp full-hookup pull-throughs.

This makes finding campgrounds so much easier!

Man holding cell phone looking at Google Maps

Google Maps

The problem with filtering is sometimes it can eliminate all the options!

We don’t have crazy requirements for an RV resort but sometimes when we add our normal filters, there are no options where we want to stay.

If removing filters doesn’t reveal any campgrounds that we want to stay at we move onto our next tool for uncovering big rig RV resorts.

Google Maps! Google has an enormous database of businesses across the world.

We will normally just search “RV parks near …….” on Google Maps. It will typically return RV campgrounds that weren’t even displayed on Allstays. 

The main issue with this method is that you need to check each website and ensure that they have the space for a big rig.

If they don’t clearly specify the site dimensions on their website then you will need to call them to see if they have a site that can fit your RV.

This is a time-consuming way to find campgrounds that will accommodate big rigs BUT we have been able to find some cool little parks that have space and availability this way.

View of the mountains in Grand Teton National Park

National & State Parks

National and State parks have some of the best campgrounds in the USA.

You have access to the grand vistas, massive redwood forests, and beautiful beaches right outside your door.

The downside is that the majority of these campgrounds were built before RVs were so large.

In 2016, calculated that only 7% of national parks have space for big rigs 41+ feet long.

The popularity of these amazing destinations also means that even if you are able to fit your RV in the campground you will be facing some steep competition for the sites.

You may have better luck finding sites big rig friendly state parks. We have stayed in a few state parks across the US and the sites always have had plenty of room for our big RV.

We did always have issues navigating to the site though with roads being smaller and campground loops being tighter.

If you were not able to reserve one of the few sites available at a national park campground that could fit your big rig, don’t worry.

There are many campgrounds with big rig sites available just outside of most national parks. You may or may not have the beauty right outside your door but a quick drive to see the most beautiful places in the USA is not bad.

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