A Breakdown of the Jayco Jay Flight SLX

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interior of a jay flight travel trailer

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX is a lightweight and relatively inexpensive travel trailer. While it may not be ideal for full-time travelers, it’s an outstanding option for recreational campers.

If Jayco knows how to do anything well, it’s create rigs that are convenient and easy to use. Luckily, all the Jayco Jay Flight SLX series campers check these two boxes.

Today, we’ll dive and break down this lineup of travel trailers from Jayco. Could one of these rigs be your next camper?

Let’s find out!

About Jayco

Jayco is a familiar and popular name for RV manufacturers in America. They’ve been cranking out quality rigs since Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager created the company in 1968. While they started with pop-up campers, they’ve expanded to include travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheels, and all classes of motorhomes.

Unfortunately, Lloyd Bontrager passed away as a result of a plane crash in 1985. This resulted in his wife taking over as the chairman of the board at Jayco. His two boys, Wilbur and Derald, joined to provide leadership as soon as possible. Today, Derald Bontrager serves as the president and CEO of this massive company.

Despite the Bontragers remaining in leadership, Thor Industries purchased the company in July 2016 for $576 million. This was just after Jayco celebrated manufacturing its one-millionth RV in April. They currently produce approximately 50,000 RVs each year.

About the Jayco Jay Flight SLX

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX is a compact and lightweight travel trailer. It is ideal for pulling with a medium-sized truck and is perfect for recreational camping.

Additionally, all of the models in this lineup are 30’4″ or less. As a result, you’ll be able to fit them into more spaces, especially if you’re planning to stay in state or national parks.

Across this lineup, Jayco uses their Magnum Truss roofing system, with galvanized steel wheel wells and an integrated A-frame.

This creates a solid base for the rig to sit on and absorb the shock as you travel down the road.

Jayco has over half a century of experience, so they’ve got making RVs down to a science.

Where Is the Jayco Jay Flight SLX Made?

Jayco manufactures the Jay Flight SLX at their Middlebury, Indiana, location. They’re approximately 20 minutes from Elkhart, allowing them easy access to other top names in the industry.

This ensures they have a steady stream of parts and supplies to keep their manufacturing plants running smoothly.

Additionally, if you’re familiar with northern Indiana, you know it has a large Amish population.

As a result, approximately a third of their employees are Amish. They have decades of experience in the industry and take tremendous pride in creating some of the best quality products.

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX Lineup

As we mentioned, the Jayco Jay Flight SLX has several options. Jayco does a fantastic job catering to various demographics with each layout option. This is mainly because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for campers.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 154BH

MSRP: $24,309
Sleeps: 4
Length: 18’0”
Weight: 2,690 lbs.

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX 154BH is the smallest in the entire lineup. At 18’0″, it’s three feet shorter than the next largest option.

However, don’t let its small stature deceive you; the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 154BH still offers plenty.

When you walk in the door, a tiny dinette is on your right with overhead storage.

The sink and stovetop are directly in front of you, with two bunk beds at the rear.

To save on space, the bathroom features a toilet and tub, so you’ll have to use the kitchen sink to wash your hands.

While it may be tiny, the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 154BH is an excellent option for families looking for an adventure.

You don’t need a massive rig if you’ll spend most of your time exploring the great outdoors.

Jayco Eagle 174BH

MSRP: $25,142
Sleeps: 5
Length: 21’8”
Weight: 3,140 lbs.

The next step up is the Jayco Eagle 174BH, which has a queen bed directly in front of you when you enter and bunk beds towards the back.

With almost four feet of additional space, Jayco can slide in a horizontal dinette that feels natural.

You’ll have more room to spread out and relax while enjoying your camper.

Another great feature of the Jayco Eagle 174BH is the large storage compartment at the front of the rig.

You’ll have room to store gear and equipment you’ll need during your trips.

It’ll be waiting for you as you set up and take down your camper.

Jayco Eagle 183RB

MSRP: $26,498
Sleeps: 4
Length: 21’1”
Weight: 3,375 lbs.

If you do not need a bunk, the Jayco Eagle 183RB is a quality option.

It features a designated sleeping space with a queen bed.

It’s also the first in the lineup to offer a slide-out, which houses the dinette in this unit.

This opens up the floor plan and creates a roomier and more open concept.

It may only be a few extra square feet, but you’ll appreciate it.

The bathroom is also horizontal along the back wall.

This also creates more room and frees up space for a full bathroom, including a sink to wash your hands.

This is an excellent option for couples not planning to take kids or guests regularly during their trips.

However, the dinette easily converts into a sleeping space when you do.

Jayco Eagle 184BS

MSRP: $27,255
Sleeps: 6
Length: 21’7”
Weight: 3,350 lbs.

The Jayco Eagle 184BS is the first model with bunk beds and a slide-out.

However, with the addition of the bunks, Jayco had to sacrifice room somewhere.

As a result, the bathroom returns to only offering a toilet and shower.

You’ll need to use the kitchen sink to wash your hands.

However, it offers a designated queen-sleeping space at the front of the rig, including a sliding partition.

This provides a little privacy for mom, dad, or whoever sleeps in this area.

This is a fantastic option for those with a few kids, as the dinette becomes an additional sleeping area. 

Jayco Eagle 195RB

MSRP: $25,976
Sleeps: 4
Length: 21’10”
Weight: 3,015 lbs.

Jayco outdid itself with the Jayco Eagle 195RB.

They packed almost everything you could imagine into the 21’10” of this camper.

However, as a result, it can feel overwhelming.

When you enter the rig at the rear, you’re greeted by a wardrobe closet and immediate access to the bathroom.

As you turn the corner to the right, you walk through a hallway-like space created by the dinette and kitchen area.

At the front of the unit, you’ll find the bedroom space with a sliding partition.

This is an ideal option for a couple or a solo traveler.

While Jayco boasts that it can sleep four, it would be tight and likely only be possible if you had young kids.

Jayco Eagle 210QB

MSRP: $27,906
Sleeps: 6
Length: 25’8”
Weight: 4,195 lbs.

The Jayco Eagle 210QB is a rear-living floor plan with a jack knife sofa on the opposite side of the dinette.

Both convert into sleeping spaces, which allow this unit to sleep six.

The kitchen and bathroom areas are all relatively close, making this 25’8″ camper feel tight.

However, you get the benefit of a queen bed at the front of this unit, and the main sleeping area feels relatively spacious.

Jayco Eagle 260BH

MSRP: $27,906
Sleeps: 10
Length: 29’5”
Weight: 4,580 lbs.

The Jayco Eagle 260BH is the perfect rig for those who want to stay under the magic 30’ number of many state and national parks.

It features double bunks at the rear next to the full bath.

However, when you enter the rig, you’re immediately greeted by the theater seating and dinette.

With no slides, this almost 30’ RV feels tighter and less spacious than other options.

The main bedroom features a queen bed with dual wardrobes on each side.

While we would have loved to see Jayco add a slideout to increase the floor space in this unit, it’s not always necessary.

With no slide, you can access the entire rig without extending any slides.

This can make it easy to access your kitchen or bathroom on those long travel days.

Jayco Eagle 261BHS

MSRP: $33,906
Sleeps: 10
Length: 30’4”
Weight: 5,825 lbs.

The Jayco Eagle 261BHS is the largest rig in the lineup, with a bunkhouse. It features double bunks and a full bath.

This is the perfect upgrade from the 260BH as it features a large slideout to move the jack knife sofa and dinette out.

While it may only create a few feet, it’s a noticeable difference.

The additional space allows Jayco to have an entrance on both sides of the queen bed in the main living area.

Jayco Eagle 262RLS

MSRP: $33,906
Sleeps: 6
Length: 30’4”
Weight: 5,995 lbs.

The Jayco Eagle 262RLS offers two entrances, one at the rear and one out of the bedroom at the front of the unit.

The larger slideout is a welcome addition as it opens the inside and creates plenty of floor space.

We love the rear dinette and the view you’d enjoy from the massive rear window as you enjoy your coffee.

The main dinette is built into the slide and provides plenty of room for a full meal.

While counter space is lacking in this model, Jayco still does a fantastic job of using all available space. 

Which Jayco Jay Flight SLX Will Help You Soar?

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX series is a fantastic option for recreational campers. Is it the best option if you’re planning to full time? Absolutely not.

However, it’s an incredibly popular option since most RV owners aren’t looking to live on the road. If you look around the campground, there’s a chance you’ll see a Jay Flight SLX or two.

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