Best Camping Shovels for Every Type of Camper

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A hiker holds a tactical shovel as a car approaches on a dirt road.

Are you on the search for the best camping shovel? This is a helpful accessory on any camping trip. Whether you need to dig tent stakes out of the ground or get a vehicle unstuck from the sand, a shovel comes in handy. But what is the best option? 

This article provides the best camping shovels for every type of camper. From a simple folding shovel to a multifunctional set, all types of people can find use from one of these. Let’s dig in! 

What Is a Camping Shovel? 

A camping shovel is a strong, small shovel with an aggressive blade. It’s a multi-purpose tool that can cut into rocky terrain or soft ground. You should find a camping shovel small enough to transport and store.

For example, if you go backpacking for days on end, your shovel needs to fit into your pack. Or, if RVing, you might want one that can fit in a small space.

Tent campers set up camp and begin to start a fire using survival tools.

What Are Camping Shovels Used For? 

Camping shovels help with various tasks. One of the most common is to dig a toilet hole when backpacking or camping off-grid with no facilities. You may also need it for digging holes for tent stakes in rough terrain or digging a fire pit at a campsite.

Did You Know: Camping off-grid isn’t necessarily the same as boondocking. Here are 5 types of boondocking defined.

Camping shovels also come in handy for emergencies. If you get your RV or car stuck in sand or mud, you may want a shovel onboard. In addition, shovels with saw edges can cut rope, wood for a fire, and more.

What Is a Tactical Shovel? 

A tactical shovel is one of the best camping shovels because it has multiple purposes. It has a sharp side for cutting, and you can use it as a defensive weapon in an emergency. 

The shovel also often has a saw edge. You can also use it to break ice or glass and even open bottles. And, of course, you can use it to dig or trench too.

What Is a Survival Shovel? 

A survival shovel is essentially the same as a tactical shovel. You can use it for various outdoor situations, including digging holes, fire pits, and trenches to keep water away from your tent

It comes in handy when camping, for survival purposes such as knocking fruit off trees, moving rocks off a path, digging a latrine hole, or self-defense. Other uses include an ice pick or using it for search and rescue. Some people also use survival shovels for help when rock climbing.

Top down view of survival tools laid out on a table including a survival shovel and binoculars.

5 Best Camping Shovels for Every Type of Camper

Some people stay at campgrounds, others backpack, and some RV off-grid. A shovel can come in handy no matter what type of adventuring you do. So which one should you get? Here are the five best camping shovels.

#1 Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel 

Sahara Sailor Axe, 24-in-1 Survival Gear Equipment High Carbon Steel Camping Shovel with Hatchet and 4 Thicken Extent Handles, Storage Bag Included
  • Your Camping Companion: If you're a camper seeking for a collection of camping items to lighten the weight of your...
  • Compact Carrying Bag: We are aware that you worry about loosing the components. Sahara Sailor designed a compact bag...

The Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel comes with survival gear and equipment for camping and hiking. This is one of the best camping shovels because it’s a 24-in-1 compact survival tool.

It has a folding shovel, saw, hatchet, hoe, hexagonal wrench, knife, hunting spear, bottle opener, screwdriver, blade, compass, fire starter, whistle, and more. 

The reinforced shovel has heat-treated military solid carbon steel. It can survive nearly any situation without scratches or dents. And you can extend the handle for comfortable use no matter your height.

The hatchet is built of strong chromium and high carbon steel for chopping down trees and splitting wood. Additionally, the tool comes with a storage bag for easy transportation.

Pro Tip: Prepare for unexpected circumstances by learning how to create the best RV emergency kit.

#2 Tabor Tools Folding Shovel

TABOR TOOLS Folding Shovel - Portable Survival Spade for Camping Gear and Emergencies - Steel Rugged Edge Blade - Includes Carrying Pouch - Lightweight E-Tool with Military-Grade Durability. J35A
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. This super-compact e-tool is suitable for camping, hiking, adventure, garden, and other outdoor...
  • SERRATED EDGE DESIGN. The sharpened edge is for digging and the serrated saw edge cuts through roots, compost, mud,...

The Tabor Tools Folding Shovel is an 18” survival spade. It’s a hardened steel military-style entrenching mini shovel that you can use straight or at a 90-degree angle. The shovel only weighs 1.3 lbs and comes with a carrying pouch that you can loop to your belt or a backpack.

The shovel has a serrated edge for cutting through roots, compost, mud, snow, and more. And when you use it at its 90-degree angle, digging out roots or moving rocks becomes a lot easier. The tool is compact, mighty, and durable.

Shovel and axe stuck into a tree stump out in the woods with a hammock in the background.

#3 Gerber Gear Gorge Folding Shovel

Gerber Gear 22-41578N Gorge Folding Shovel, Black , 47.5 cm
  • Easy-to-use push button slide mechanism
  • Pick made for hard packed ground

The Gerber Gear Gorge Folding Shovel is fiberglass with an ergonomic grip. It only weighs 1.7 lbs, so you can easily take it camping and hiking. And it folds up into a Nylon carrying bag. 

The camping shovel is easy to use with a push-button slide mechanism that folds and unfolds it. It’s an excellent basic shovel for digging. And it also features a pick for packed dirt and a hammer at the base for putting in tent stakes.

#4 SOG Survival Shovel with Wood Saw Edge

SOG Entrenching Tool- 18.25 Inch Folding Survival Shovel with Wood Saw Edge and Tactical Shovel Carry Case- Black (F08-N)
  • 18.25 INCH FULL LENGTH, 24.5 OUNCES: Lightweight foldable outdoor, hunting, military shovel is versatile to get the job...
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: The multi-use shovel folds down to be barely bigger than your hand. 10 inches in length when...

The 18.25” SOG Survival Shovel has a wood saw edge and a pointed tip. It’s made of carbon steel and weighs 24.5 oz. The compact shovel folds down to about 10” into a carry case and takes up very little room on camping trips.

It has a rotating spade blade that you can adjust to act as a pick or hoe. This makes it a great tool for digging fire pits or burying waste. And it has a strong triangular handle that helps give you leverage when digging. Finally, you can fold it three ways for the most convenience. 

#5 Camping Shovel Multifunctional Sets

Survival Shovel Axe, BANORES Camping Shovel Multifunctional Sets 19.37-38.97inch Lengthened Handle and Thicken Anti-Rusting Head with Storage Pouch for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Emergency
  • Thicken & Lightweight Survival Shovel: Enlarged and thickened shovelhead, the size is 7.08x6.30 inch. The thickness is...
  • Tough Hiking Axe – 3CR13 stainless steel camping axe is a mix of chromium and carbon, making it ultra-strong and rust...

The Camping Shovel Multifunctional Sets have a shovel, axe, an extension handle, hoe, saw, bottle opener, whistle, ice piton, and compass. You can dig, saw, hammer, and pick with this stainless steel camping shovel set.

It has non-slip extension handles made of 7mm thick carbon steel. Therefore, it can withstand harsh conditions and wear and tear. When folded, it measures 9” long but extends to 40”. It’s also lightweight, and all of its components fit into a compact carry case.

Banores Multifunctional Shovel & Axe – Unboxing

Do I Need a Shovel for Camping? 

Any of the five camping shovels on our list is a quality option. We recommend a shovel for every camper. It seems that far too often, you realize how handy it might be when you don’t have it. 

It may surprise you how much use you can get from a camping shovel. Whether for emergencies on muddy roads, burying your fire, or cutting wood, having a camping shovel may become something you can’t leave without.

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