Surprise Medical Emergencies Protected By Good Sam Travel Assist

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Sometimes life throws us a curveball, even when we are enjoying a trip in our RV. If you or a member of your family falls ill or suffers an injury, your travel plans can get too chaotic in a hurry. That’s when it’s great to have a plan in place to take care of your transportation challenges, and Good Sam provides just the service you’ll need with their Good Sam Travel Assist.

What is Good Sam Travel Assist

When medical emergencies happen away from home, Good Sam Travel Assist will take care of your transportation needs. With this travel policy, you won’t need to worry about getting your RV or family home if someone is injured or ill and ends up in a hospital while traveling. If your pet needs to be sent home, Good Sam will even take care of that! Emergency medical transport or transportation to another facility are also covered.

The Good Sam Travel Assist plan does not take the place of medical insurance, roadside assistance, RV insurance, or travel insurance, but it is a crucial tool to have available when an injury or illness occurs on the road. It’s a dependable tool to have in your travel ‘portfolio.’

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Plan Cost

Good Sam Travel Assist Overview

Plan coverage is associated with the number of people covered. Still, everyone included in the policy will receive emergency medical transportation and medical monitoring when needed, transport home, their RV and other vehicles returned home, and, if covered, their pet returned home or boarded. If medical prescriptions or glasses are left at home, replacement assistance is offered on the road, as well.

Medical Assistance

Find yourself or a covered family member struck with an illness, injury, or medical emergency while you are RVing? Good Sam Travel Assist will see that you get medical transportation. This could come in the form of an ambulance ride or transport from one medical facility to another, as dictated by a doctor. And to make sure you are getting appropriate medical attention, a medical expert will monitor your care.

Ambulance driving down the road in a busy city. good sam travel assist will help you get to the hospital in an emergency.

RV Care & Driving Back

With this membership, you won’t have to worry about getting your RV or tow vehicle home if you end up stuck in the hospital while on the road. Good Sam will see that they are driven home for you.

Family Care with Good Sam Travel Assist

If your family needs to return home during your medical emergency, Good Sam will escort them back to their residence. In addition, translation services are offered, if required, along with medical referrals, records and insurance transfers, and medical updates. If you are traveling alone, a family member can even be brought to your side while being treated.

Pet Care

With pet coverage, your dog or cat can be escorted home or boarded at a nearby facility while you recover. In addition, if you require groomers, veterinarians, or other pet-related amenities, Good Sam Travel Assist offers pet concierge services.

Cat in a cage with an open door being pet by a woman's hand. good sam travel assist will help transport your pet in an emergency.

Other Travel Services

Along with medical emergency services, if the unthinkable occurs on an RV trip, Good Sam Travel Assist will return the deceased remains.

Pros & Cons

Above all Good Sam offers to set your mind at rest with their Travel Assist policy, helping with transportation of people, vehicles, and even pets. But keep in mind that this does not take the place of your medical insurance or travel insurance policies. 

In conclusion, do not substitute this plan for those necessary items in your travel itinerary, as Travel Assist is best used as an ancillary product to give you peace of mind.

  1. No one wants to think about emergencies until they happen – good information.
    Having a health care directive is also important – folks may leave them at home but if you don’t want emergency measures taken to save your life – one has to let someone know.
    Simple forms –
    Types of Advance Directives
    The living will. …
    Durable power of attorney for health care/Medical power of attorney. …
    POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) …
    Do not resuscitate (DNR) orders. …
    Organ and tissue donation.

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