Is Good Sam RV Insurance Right For You?

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If you’re researching RV insurance, you’re going to hear the name “Good Sam” quite often. If you didn’t know Good Sam is a camping club, where a membership entitles you to a variety of discounts, guides, and assistance. More importantly, Good Sam offers specialty RV insurance.

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Why Speciality RV Insurance?

You need insurance on your RV to protect against damage, theft, and liability. Liability insurance is almost always offered in your vehicle insurance if your trailer hits someone/something else while towing. However, if your trailer isn’t connected and something happens, you will need additional liability and comprehensive coverage. Otherwise, you have to pay out of pocket which can devastate your camping dreams and even bankrupt you.

Good Sam Insurance offers numerous coverage types, including basic coverage, RV specific coverage, and Mexico insurance. Let’s review each option:

  • Basic Coverage: This coverage type will have limits and deductibles, like an auto policy. You have the option for additional coverage which will cover accessories, and personal property kept in the RV such as clothing and outdoor equipment. 
  • RV Specific Coverage: This is for specific incidences and equipment not covered by your auto policy. 
  • Mexico Coverage: is advised if you plan to drive your RV or travel trailer to Mexico. Most insurance companies do not cover you out of the United States. Mexico requires additional insurance for physical damage, collision, vandalism, and theft. Depending on your primary coverage, you can purchase an additional add on for the duration of your trip.
  • RV types covered by Good Sam Insurance include motorized RVs Class A, Class B, Class C motorhomes, 5th wheels, travel trailers, Airstreams, campers, bus conversions, and toy haulers.
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Good Sam even offers auto coverage, and coverage for motorcycles, boats, and your home or renters as well! If you bundle difference coverage options, you can get a lower overall rate.

Above all, Good Sam RV insurance will cover RVs that you live in full time, which many policies do not. They also offer Good Sam Roadside Assistance for RVs as well!

Insurance Discounts

Good Sam uses a network of insurance providers with various options to get the coverage you need. In other words, they offer coverage specific to your rig, your state, how much you travel, and to where. Additionally, Good Sam will adjust your policies to the level of financial risk you are willing to take on deductibles.

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The cost varies for Good Sam RV Insurance, but protecting your investment and your financial wellbeing in case of accident or damage is important. You can call or get a quote online to see what your cost would be. Additionally, there are multiple ways to save with Good Sam Insurance, including:

  • Storage Options: if you store your RV for part of the year, it is at lower risk for collisions. Your agent can help you decide if there are savings available to you with limited driving.
  • Disappearing Deductible: For each year of safe driving, your risk goes down, so your rates can go down too!
  • Multi-vehicle Discount: If you have multiple vehicles, adding all the policies together gets you a better price.
  • Paid-In-Full Discount: If you pay your full premium upfront, Good Sam gives you a discount vs. paying in installments.
  • Safe Driver Discount: This discount applies if you are a good driver and do not have any accidents or tickets on your driving record.
  • Anti-Theft Discount: This discount comes into play if your RV or tow vehicle has any type of security features.
  • Low Mileage Discount: This is helpful, similar to the storage discount, if your RV isn’t on the road as much. You have less risk of being in an accident, which can lower your rate.

Good Sam Insurance Customer Service

Good Sam has a reputation for great customer service in the RV community. Their representatives have skills to answer your questions and can guide you to the correct Good Sam insurance policy for your RV. Even if you’re new to the RV world!

In conclusion, every RVer should have specialized RV insurance to protect your rig. If you want to learn everything a Good Sam membership can get you, check out Think Good Sam Club is Worthless? Here’s Why You’re Wrong.

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  1. we got RV insurance thru our current Car insurance – wananesa! and fairly cheap. – found you guys thru #drivinandvibin

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