The Best RV Water Filter for Drinkable Freshwater

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When we were first researching the RV lifestyle, we were curious about what it would be like drinking water from the RV. Is it safe to drink from the tap? What additional precautions should we take? What accessories would we need, like an RV water filter?

Thankfully, we learned hooking up your RV to campground connections is really easy! However, each campground’s water quality differs. That’s when we learned having a water filter was an absolute must-have. While most new RVs come with a built-in water filter, it’s not enough for clean, crisp drinking water.

In this article, we’re going to go over which RV water filter we love and why.

Water spigot with a hose connected, missing a great RV water filter

What Is An RV Water Filter?

In the simplest of terms, a water filter uses various filter materials that “grab” substances out of the water that passes through it. As the water passes through the filter, clean water comes out. A water filter can reduce or remove:

  • Sediments
  • Bacteria
  • Chlorine
  • Salts
  • Minerals like magnesium and calcium
  • Ammonia
  • Heavy metals
  • Offensive odors

By taking these items out of the water, a filter keeps your RV’s pipes healthy, makes your water taste and smell better, and also protects you from bacteria that can be present in a stagnant tank.  So adding one to your RV equipment list is a definite must-have. See all of our recommendations for clean and crisp drinking H2O.

The Best: Clear2o Duel Canister System

We recently installed the Clear2o Duel Canister Water Filtration System and love it! This RV water filter is great for many reasons, which we’ll list below.

Clear2O® CDC200 Dual Canister Water Filtration System - Superior Filtration - Mountable & Built in Stand - Water Purification System - Built to Last Quality
  • Heavy duty RV dual canister premium with Dual stage filtration with gauges protects against sediment, sand, silt, rush...
  • Durable over-sized heavy-duty canisters are leak-proof buttress-style threading allowing for maximum water flow will...

Budget Friendly Options

We understand that not everyone can spring for the filtration system above. Thankfully, Clear2o offers a budget-friendly combo that is hard to beat. Their Inline Water Filter and new DirtGuard ensure you are still maintaining clean, drinkable water while not breaking the bank.

CLEAR2O® RV AND MARINE INLINE WATER FILTER - Ideal for RV and Marine Use, Reduces Odors, Bad Taste, Chlorine with One Micron Solid Carbon Block, (Green) - CRV2006
  • 1 MICRON filtration solid carbon block filter reduces harmful contaminants. SUPERIOR WATER FILTRATION proprietary solid...
  • Eliminates bad taste and odors. ELIMINATES the unpleasant sulfur taste and odor from campground water. Reduces Bad...
  • Eliminates Silt, Sand, Sediment, Rust & other Particulates.
  • Prefilter enhances the effectiveness of inline RV Filter.

Benefits and Features

There are many benefits and features to these three products, including:

Clear2o Dual Canister Water Filtration System

  • Heavy-duty RV canisters
  • Dual-stage filtration with gauges protects
  • Canisters are leak-proof
  • Buttress-style threading allowing for maximum water flow
  • Pressure gauges monitor pressure and provide visual status of filter status
  • Can be mounted on the exterior of your RV or staked for additional security

Inline Water Filter:

  • 1-micron filtration filter reduces contaminants
  • Durable wide body design with UV coating
  • Easy to install (no tools needed)
  • Ideal for RV drinking water and showering, cleaning, cooking, and rinsing
  • Up to 3- 6 months use per canister, depending on use and water quality

DirtGuard Pre-Filter:

  • 20-micron sediment filter
  • Eliminates silt, sand, sediment, rust, and other particulates
  • Prefilter enhances the effectiveness of the inline RV filter
  • Fits most Inline RV water filter brands
  • Backwashing extends filter life between changes

Final Thoughts on RV Water Filters

Personally, we love Clear2o products. We’re not the only ones though, the three products together average a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. In conclusion, having clean RV water doesn’t have to be complicated! If you’re ready to step up your entire water system, read The Best RV Accessories For Clean and Crisp Drinking Water.

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