Good Sam Roadside Assistance: Why it’s Important and What Makes it Unique

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If you’re on the RV adventure road, stuff happens. What will you do? Well, many mobile travelers invest in Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Part of the Good Sam camping club group of offerings, this roadside assistance plan may be a good option for peace of mind.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance Plans

Costs for Good Sam Roadside Assistance

The general price for the Good Sam Roadside Assistance standard plan for owned cars, trucks, SUVs, and one trailer is regularly $129.95.

The Platinum plan is normally $159.95 a year.

A Platinum Complete plan will cost you $239.95 annually for its complete coverage.

Covered Vehicles

As mentioned above, the different Good Sam roadside assistance plans have different types of vehicles covered. Depending on if you own your rig, lease/borrow, or rent, and if you have a motorized unit or a 5th wheel will all make your decisions more narrow on what type of coverage will be good.

All plans cover spouse and dependent children as well, and the Platinum plans cover boat and utility trailers as well as RVs.

RV using Good Sam Roadside Assistance to get help when broken down on the side of the road

Towing and Other Services

Numerous services that are common ailments are covered by the various plan types.

  • Distance
    • All plans offer unlimited towing to the nearest service center.
  • Emergency Fuel
    • If you run out of fuel or gas, the Good Sam Roadside will deliver it to you so you can be back on your way.
  • Battery jumpstart
    • If you lose power, the service will come to boost your battery.
  • Flat tires
    • A common occurrence on an RV and all plans will send out a tech to help with flat tires. The Platinum Complete plan replaces the tire and has additional tire and road hazard benefits which may be beneficial if you put on many miles or travel rough roads.
  • Locked out!
    • All plans cover a locksmith to come to get you back into your home on wheels. The Platinum plans even covers locksmith services for your home in some states.

When you hit the road in your RV, things are bound to happen. Good Sam Roadside Assistance can give you less to worry about and help when you need it.

  1. We’ve had Good Sam for many years and are quite pleased with the company. We’ve been towed once, flat tire once, and dead battery jump once.

  2. When we started talking about going full time, your site was one of the first we began to follow. We hit the road in mid May of this year and are enjoying our new life, minus the Covids everywhere. We started a blog, not doing video. Thanks for all the tips and tricks!

  3. Hey guys love following you guys .
    We have been an Good Sam members for the last 7 years . We have the roadside assistance for the last 6 years . I am up for renewal now and not to happy with their policy of rewarding new people that join for half price . While people that have been members pay double the price ? Mine lapsed 3 days ago and was told by them I am not considered a new member for 6 month. How about doing something for the members that have been loyal and have supported your company all these years . I will be shopping elsewhere for roadside assistance any suggestions ?

    Thanks Al

  4. We have three vehicles including motor home and have had Good Sam Platinum for 12 years.
    Have had fuel delivered once because of faulty gauge have been towed once from the side of the road at night in pouring rain and used mobile tech once all for RV.
    SUV towed once failed alternator
    The service has been very good whether we were in Canada or USA. We will continue to be good Sam clients in future.

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