Are Casita Campers Any Good?

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A Casitas Camper being towed in front of a winery vineyard by an SUV with a canoe on the roof.

You may have heard of a Casita camper, sometimes called a Casita travel trailer, but are they any good? Finding the right camper to fit your unique set of needs as you travel can be a challenge. Traveling with kids, traveling single, and traveling with a partner all demand a different layout of provisions.  

It’s essential to find a camper that suits your needs. To achieve this goal, you’ll need to take the time to do a little research for yourself. Start your educational journey here, and find out whether a Casita camper could meet your needs today.  

What is a Casita Camper? 

Casita travel trailers have been on the road for nearly 40 years. The business started up in 1983 and is still going strong today. The fact that they’re still in business speaks to the reliability of their design and the company’s ability to serve the buyer. 

A Casita camper is a 17’ single axle travel trailer. The fiberglass molding used to shell up the Casita camper adds durability and longevity to your purchase. All Casita travel trailers are in the small range in size, but you do get quite a bit of bang for your buck. Let’s explore a little further. 

About Casita Campers

There are five different models of Casita travel trailers, and they come with a flexible floorplan. Deluxe models all come equipped with a wet bath, and the bed arrangement is also malleable. You can opt for a king-size bed, a double bed, or two twin-sized sleeping areas.  

Casita campers also have decent-sized holding tanks for such a small design. Casita travel trailers come with a 16 or 23-gallon freshwater tank, a 32-gallon gray water tank, and a 15-gallon black water tank, so you have more leeway when you want to travel off the beaten path.  

When you purchase a Casita camper, you get a four cubic foot refrigerator equipped with a small freezer, a stovetop, and a small sink. There are also a lot of different storage spaces worked into the design, so you don’t have to worry about securing all of your kitchen supplies.  

Are Casita Campers Any Good?

You would have to answer that question definitively for yourself, but most reviews you’ll find on Casita campers say that you’re good to go. The most crucial element to consider when purchasing a Casita camper is your range of needs. 

The Casita travel trailer could be the best-built unit on the road, but it may not be the best for you. Fitting the needs of the people who intend to use the camper makes all the difference. 

The key is to do your homework before you start spending your hard-earned dough. Know what your options are and what you are looking to find in a camper before you start making a serious purchase plan.  

Do Casitas Have Bathrooms? 

The answer to the question is yes and no. Casita standard design campers don’t come with a restroom. Buyers can choose to forego a bathroom for more space or a twin bunk bed setup, which could be more suitable when traveling with kids. 

If you purchase a deluxe design Casita camper, you get a wet bath with a sink, shower, and toilet combination. It’s a clean design that’s simple to maintain. The trade-off is a staunch decision to make in some situations, but it isn’t easy to find absolutely everything when you’re working with such a compact space.  

What is the Lightest Casita Trailer?

The Casita website lists all travel trailers as 2,480 lb dry weight. A smaller 6-cylinder SUV can tow the trailers, so you don’t need to have a massive vehicle to move them. However, you always want to check your vehicle’s tow rating before hooking anything up to the hitch.  

The smallness of Casita campers is part of what makes them so great. You can fit your Casita camper and your vehicle into a small camping space, giving you the freedom to set up shop in a dispersed camping situation. If you have a standard RV, you won’t have the maneuverability of a small travel trailer. 

How Much Does a Casita Travel Trailer Cost? 

Casitas won’t cost you a fortune. The trailers have a base cost of around $26,000, and the resale value is good. The resale value of a Casita travel trailer stays relatively good because of a sharp rise in camping trends. There’s no way to tell how the market will fare in the future, but for now, Casita campers are a pretty smart buy.  

Is a Casita Camper Worth it? 

Overall, Casita makes a pretty solid camper. Ultimately, what you need in a trailer will decide whether or not a Casita camper is the best buy for you. If you’re shopping small, need a lightweight option, prefer a wet bath, and have a vehicle rated to tow around 3,000 lbs, then you’re in luck! Choose your favorite Casita travel trailer floorplan, and start planning your next adventure now!

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