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Tour guide who got the job from Coolworks as she explains the history of Zion National Park

Are you tired of clocking in and out at your boring job in the same boring place you’ve been for years? Does the idea of working in national parks like Acadia, Arches, and or even Yellowstone sound exciting? If so, you’re the target audience for the creators of CoolWorks. If you’re interested in working in exciting places, keep reading! Let’s get started!

What Is CoolWorks?

CoolWorks is a premier website that hosts job postings for jobs in unique locations in the country. Many of the jobs found on the CoolWorks website revolve around hospitality, guest services, and outdoor recreation. 

The idea for CoolWorks came about as its founder, Bill Berg, worked for a summer at Yellowstone National Park. He learned a tremendous amount from that job and knew that others might benefit but may not know where to look for such a job. He wanted to connect people with opportunities to live and work in environments like Yellowstone and the amazing parks all across the country.

The goal for CoolWorks is to connect talented people with employers looking for enthusiastic, energetic, and knowledgeable potential employees. CoolWorks proves that it’s possible to love what you do and not have to settle for a boring job.

Image of Coolworks job listings for beach jobs

How Do You Use CoolWorks?

Using the CoolWorks website is very easy and completely intuitive. You can search for jobs by season, location, job category, or even jobs that have an immediate need. You can browse through the various job postings until you find one that interests you. 

Each job posting will have its application and hiring process. You can typically find the contact information for the Human Resources department for each position. They’ll likely answer any specific questions you might have regarding the position.

image of how to apply for a job on CoolWorks

What Does a Seasonal Job Mean?

A seasonal job is a temporary one only for portions of the year. Many of these jobs revolve around agriculture or service industry-type jobs that have a huge need for workers during limited seasons of the year. 

For example, agricultural jobs typically hire seasonal workers during the harvest season for a particular crop. Seasonal jobs are also common in the tourism industry as many ski resorts and industries in popular tourist destinations have windows throughout the year where they get busy. 

Keep in Mind: Health insurance can be tricky as a seasonal employee and full-time RVer. This is how we found the best health insurance as full-time RVers.

Types of Jobs You Can Find on CoolWorks

CoolWorks offers a variety of seasonal jobs for anyone who likes the idea of their work scenery changing regularly. Let’s look at some of the jobs you’ll find on their website.

Jobs With RV Spaces

Currently, there are more than 100 jobs available with RV spaces. However, because these are seasonal jobs, the number of available positions is constantly changing.

Just because you’re in an RV doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be working RV-related jobs. There are jobs on CoolWorks in accounting, cooking, and various tourist adventuring categories. Bringing your RV from one job to the next can give you a bit of familiarity despite the changing landscapes out your window.

Pro Tip: Working from the road isn’t all rainbows and roses. Check out the top 5 regrets people have workamping that no one tells you.

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National Park Jobs

If you’re a lover of national parks, why visit them when you can work in them? If you’re lucky enough to land one of these jobs, you can work and play in areas people dream of visiting. You’ll wake up with stunning landscapes out your window and help guests have a memorable time while exploring the parks.

You can find work at national parks from Acadia National Park in Maine to Channel Islands National Park off the coast of California. It doesn’t have to feel like work when you work in a national park.

National Park jobs driving in Glacier National Park
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Seasonal Jobs

You’ll get to work and live in some of the most epic locations tourists are flocking to by taking a seasonal job. That means on your days off, you’re in a prime location to explore and adventure in a place people are paying tons of money to visit and experience. 

The changing of the seasons allows you to move to a new location and experience new adventures. You can travel with the seasons and enjoy idyllic weather all year round.

Seasonal job working at an aerial course from CoolWorks
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Cool Regions

The more you travel, the more you realize there are many incredible places you didn’t even know existed. You wouldn’t think to search for jobs there. You can find jobs at Cape Code, Mackinac Island, the Boundary Waters, and even the Black Hills.

You’ll get to live and work in some of the coolest locations around the country. You can relax, take in the landscapes, or spend your time adventuring on your days off. You may just find your next dream job in these cool regions on CoolWorks!

Cool region in the Black Hills of South Dakota full of Pinnacle rock formations

Jobs With Housing

Many of the jobs you find on CoolWorks will provide housing. If you want your housing included with your job, you can search the category of jobs with housing.

They can offer employer housing, family housing, pet-friendly housing, and many more options. If you need accommodations, there are plenty of jobs available for you!

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Find You Next Awesome Job With CoolWorks

Many of the jobs found on CoolWorks aren’t your typical nine-to-five jobs, and they provide unique opportunities. During your time off, you can explore and experience some of the most incredible locations our country has to offer. Getting into some of these unique locations can be a source of inspiration and help you learn things about yourself you didn’t know.

If you could pick any national park to work in, which one would it be?

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