How to sign-up for Harvest Hosts

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Harvest Hosts is an amazing camping membership that is unlike all others. Membership will provide you with access to stay at farms, museums, wineries, and breweries.

How much does each night cost? $0.

The basic membership gives you access to over 800+ wineries, farms, breweries, and museums. The golf addition adds another 300+ golf courses that bring your total to over 1000+ locations around the US where you stay for free.

Follow the steps below to get signed up today.

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Step 1: Go To URL

Go to Harvest Hosts

Step 2: Scroll Down

Scroll down to the bottom and click “Purchase your Harvest Hosts membership”

Step 3: Complete Form

Complete the form with your name and other basic information

Step 4: Complete Billing

Complete your billing information

Step 5: Complete Purchase

Click the box to agree to the terms of service and the code of conduct. Then click “Complete Purchase”

Step 6: Success

Success! Check your e-mail for further instructions from Harvest Hosts.


You may also be prompted with a bonus screen showing off Harvest Hosts latest offer. When we purchased, there was a bonus to add their new golf package for only $20! We clicked the “one-click upgrade” and doubled the places we could stay in.

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  1. I enjoy your YouTube videos. A shy introvert who enjoys meeting people over a beer? You’re doing WAY better than my wife. She mostly refuses to meet just about anybody. She married an BIG extrovert. Go figure! LOL!

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