8 Best Class B RVs in 2022

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Interior image of the Pleasure Way RV

A Class B RV is on trend this year, and for a good reason. The small motorhomes are minimalistic, with everything you need for a road trip. Whether you take weekend camping trips or are preparing for long-term travel, a Class B can be an excellent option for a solo traveler or couple.

Here, we look at eight of the best Class B RVs on the market. Various brands make them, and each has unique features.

Let’s take an up-close look.

Picture of the Pleasure Way Class B RV at an RV show

What Is A Class B RV? 

A Class B RV is the smallest of all three types of motorhomes (Class A, B, and C RVs). Class B motorhomes are sometimes called camper vans since they’re on a van chassis. And most are built in manufactured vans such as a Dodge Ram Promaster, Ford Transit, or Mercedes Sprinter. 

What Is the Difference Between a Class B and Class C RV?

A Class B RV is built within an already manufactured van. In contrast, a Class C RV is on a van or truck chassis. In other words, when the Class C motorhome is in production, it starts with the chassis and cab, and then the “house” goes on top of the chassis. The interior wiring, plumbing, cabinetry, and other components get made first, and then the walls and roof are put on around it.

How Much Does a Class B RV Cost? 

Class B RVs may be among the smallest motorhomes on the market, but they can also be expensive. You can purchase a new Class B from $90,000 to over $200,000.

Part of the reason they’re so pricey is due to manufacturing. Since the camper shell is already there (the van), building the interior of such a small space can get complicated. It drives up the labor costs and detailing of Class B motorhomes.

A close up of a Class B RV out in the woods.

8 Best Class B RVs

Are you ready to take a look at some Class B RVs? Here are the best models on the market today.

1. Winnebago Solis

MSRP: Starting at $115,497

Length: The Solis 59P is 19 feet 9 inches long, and the 59PX is 21 feet long.

The Winnebago Solis is a camper van made for adventure. It comes in two versions, the Solis 59P and Solix 59PX. Each can sleep up to four people with a pop-up top that has a bed and a Murphy bed down below.

The 59PX has a little extra storage room with an extended wheelbase. Additionally, they have cassette toilets, a freshwater tank, and a grey water tank capacity of 20 gallons. The Solis is a Ram Promaster. 

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2. Thor Sequence

MSRP: Starting at $130,060

Length: 21 feet 1 inch

This Class B RV is built in a Ram Promaster with a gas engine. It comes in four different floor plans, and each has a 27-gallon freshwater tank, a 6-gallon to 13-gallon black water holding tank, and a 13-gallon to 20-gallon grey water tank. 

The Sequence 20L has two twin beds, and the 20K has a large sleeper sofa. Both have a wet bath in the rear of the van. The 20A and 20J models have a wet bath in the middle of the van with seating in the front and beds in the back. 

3. Roadtrek Zion

MSRP: Starting at $163,660

Length: 20 feet 9 inches

The Roadtrek Zion has a wet bath, kitchen, and captain’s chairs that swivel. It has three different options for bed configurations. That includes twin beds, a sleeper sofa, or a queen bed in the back with a single folding mattress that lays over the captain’s chairs.

The Zion is a Ram Promaster 3500 extended van. Its freshwater tank capacity is 37 gallons, the black tank holds 8.5 gallons, and the grey tank holds 14 gallons.

4. Pleasure-Way Plateau TS

MSRP: Starting at $172,185

Length: 22 feet 9 inches

The Pleasure-Way Plateau TS features an electric sofa in the back of the van that converts into a queen-sized bed. It also has a Lagun table and two ottomans for extra seating when the bed is in sofa mode. The wet bath has a sink, shower, and toilet, and the kitchen features an induction stovetop and ample counter space with modern finishings. The Plateau TS is housed in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 van chassis. 

Its freshwater tank holds 24 gallons, the grey water tank capacity is 35 gallons, and the black tank holds 12 gallons.

5. Coachmen Galleria

MSRP: Starting at $188,066

Length: 24 feet 3 inches

Coachmen’s Galleria Class B RV comes in four different floor plans. Each has a wet bath, galley, and optimum seating. Only the Galleria 24A has a fixed bed, while the other three have fold-out sofa beds.

The RV is a Mercedes 3500 extended Sprinter van. It has a large freshwater tank that holds 27 gallons. The gray water tank has a 22-gallon capacity, and the black tank can hold 19 gallons. 

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6. Winnebago Boldt

MSRP: Starting at $238,947

Length: 22 feet 11 inches

The Winnebago Boldt is an energy-efficient diesel Mercedes Sprinter camper van. Its freshwater tank holds 21 gallons. The gray tanks on its two-floor plans hold between 25 gallons to 26 gallons, and the black tank capacities are 16 gallons to 24 gallons. Each floor plan has a wet bath, kitchenette, storage, and ample seating. 

The Boldt 70BL can sleep up to three people with two twin beds and a lounge dinette that converts into a single bed. In contrast, the 70KL sleeps two with two twin beds. 

7. Airstream Atlas

MSRP: Starting at $276,106

Length: 24 feet 9 inches

The Airstream Atlas has a murphy bed on a slide-out. During the day, the bed transforms into a large couch with a table, and the captain’s chairs swivel to face the sofa for extra seating. The Atlas also features a full-size dry bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet.

In addition, it has a good size wardrobe and a small kitchenette. The RV is on a Mercedes Sprinter van chassis. It holds up to 20 gallons of freshwater, the gray tank capacity is 31 gallons, and the black tank holds 27 gallons.

8. Leisure Travel Vans Unity

MSRP: Starting at $159,715

Length: 25 feet 1 inch

Leisure Travel Vans Unity is a luxury Class B RV. It comes in five different floor plans, including a rear lounge, murphy bed, twin beds, and corner bed. Each has a full bathroom with a separate shower. The chassis is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500. The freshwater capacity is from 25.6 gallons to 35.6 gallons, depending on the model.

Additionally, the gray water tank holds 35 gallons, and the black tank holds 30.6 gallons.

Is a Class B RV Worth the Money? 

A Class B RV is an investment that’s worth it if you’re going to use it regularly. Since their price tag is on the higher end, it’s the type of RV that you’re likely to keep for many years. They’re great for being able to get into nearly any parking spot or campground. Plus, they’re easy to maneuver and backup. 

Which of the Class B RVs on the list are you most drawn to? If you purchase a Class B, we would love to hear what you end up with. Send us a note!

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